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  1. Moving to Jonesville vargina soon

    My bad my spelling was off I just came back from there. It is so beautiful down there.
  2. Moving to Jonesville vargina soon

    Anyone know of some pulls close to Jonesville vargina? I know it's at the end of the season but I am looking forward to next year. I want to let the horse lose in vargina.
  3. Very light front end pulling

    Fast88pu I like your pull. I wish they had more pulls like you pulled. No grading just hook up and leter run. Hey everyone I'm going to be moving to Jonesville vargina soon. Where are the pulls at.
  4. Very light front end pulling

    This is what it started out like
  5. Very light front end pulling

    Most of the time I'm pulling on clay. My hitch is at 13 inches and hook point is 6 inches from the rear end. Thanks guys for the input And the shed chain is 36 inches long and hooked at the very bottom of the skid plate. It weighs around 5000 and it pulls like a tank. I'm hoping to get her dialed in to walk over the cubs. Before I built the new hitch she wasnt far off from the cubs.
  6. Very light front end pulling

    I built a new hitch for my stock 14 hp 414-8. And I put 25 pounds on the front bracket and it hangs four feet out from my front and all it wants to do is ride the wheelie bars. How much more weight should I put on the front. I run the 1000 pound and 1050 classes.