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  1. 1995 520H Loses Power Uphill

    I changed the oil and filter yesterday and it seemed to help some but power loss is still there going uphill. When I picked up the filter I spoke with the local Toro guy and he said changing the filter was a good start. He said if that doesn't work then there is a plate inside the pump that is worn out. He said that they are noted to wear out after some time. I asked if it was a major job to change it and he said yes. The plate name started with a W but I can't remember what he called it. Anyone have any experience at changing that plate. I am a good mechanic but not sure if it is worth trying to fix.
  2. My 1995 520H is losing power when going uphill. I have to push the hydro lever forward to get up some hills that it normally went up without issue. If I'm on a hill and use reverse it seems to work fine. It has been in the 90s here temp wise but it worked before without issue in that heat. Tranny oil is nice and clean but I don't know when the filter was changed last. I purchased it a year ago. Also the drive belt is almost touching top to the bottom under the tension pulley. I was told to make sure the motor was all the way forward on the frame but I do not see any slots in which to move it. I replaced the drive belt, idler pulley and tension spring a few months ago.
  3. 1995 520H Drive belt

    Yes, that looks exactly like it. I purchased an 83" belt from Tractor supply. That idler pulley does a lot of jumping up and down even as the tractor is just idling.
  4. I just replaced the idler pulley, the spring and the transmission drive belt on my 1995 520H M# 73501. The original belt had a large split in it and was making all kinds of noise. Once I replaced these parts the tractor was very quiet. Now I have noticed it getting noisy again and I have found that the belt at the idler pulley is rubbing on the top of the belt that is free. The part number for the belt is 83" belt but why is it allowing the belt to rub together as they pass the idler pulley? I put the belt back on the same way that it came off.
  5. Thank you sir I appreciate the manual. that is exactly what I needed.
  6. Can anyone tell me what the length of the belt is on a 1995 520H 48" mower deck. I cannot read the model number of the deck on my mower because it is torn off.
  7. 1995 520H

    My model number tag on the deck is torn right at the number so I can't read it. The deck measures a total of 50" across so would it be a 48" cutting width.
  8. 1995 520H

    Where can I locate a parts diagram for the 48" mower deck? This would be a model# 73501
  9. 520H Tranny Woes

    Ok, I found that the issue to my problem was the machining of the shifter plate. It had a very sharp point on the corner between neutral and reverse. It would go into reverse just fine but when coming out of reverse it would catch. I gently filed the corner and gave it a little lubrication and it is shifting fine now. Almost too easy but it does not drift out of gear. I also saw some threads about the downhill speed up with the hydro trannys. I just wanted to say that mine will speed up slightly but nothing like it used to. I feel that replacing the cam and shifter plate has removed a lot of slop out of the mechanism so it doesn't allow it to speed up as much. I used to grab the hydro lever when I was going to go downhill so that it did not speed up so much and I no longer have to do that. The old cam had flat spots worn on it so it would allow the plate to drift into a higher speed .
  10. After replacing the shifter plate and the cam on my 520H I seem to have an issue. I was told it may take a while to break-in the plate but my issue is getting worse. I have acquired a catch or hang up spot when coming back to neutral from reverse. This week it actually got stuck and kept me going in reverse after I pushed the hydro shifter to neutral. I remove the plate from the lower dash and saddle last night and worked the shifter. It is definitely catching somewhere but I don't see where. Is there a bushing behind the dash for the shifter lever? It seems to be binding somewhere when it comes back to neutral. It even catches when I press the brake pedal to go into neutral. When I press the brake to get past the catch it about throws me over the wheel. Anyone had a similar problem?
  11. 1995 520H

    Yesterday I replaced the taillights on the 520H and checked through some more of the wiring. I did not find any other issues. I mowed last nught for an hour or so and the gauges and lights were still working when I parked it????
  12. 1995 520H

    I had problems with the tractor drifting when it was in neutral. I found that the adjustment cam eccentric was worn in several places so I replaced the cam and the plate that it travels in. I jacked it up after installing the new parts and set the neutral position and the problem was solved. The only issue I have now is that shifting forward on the hand lever is difficult. If I loosen the nut and washer on the plate it will shift easier but then of course the hand lever will slowly slip down slowing the speed. I looked at it last night and when shifting the cam seems to drag hard on one side of the shifting plate. Is there something in the tranny shifting assembly that requires being greased? I don't think that greasing the plate and cam will do anything as it will probably wear away quickly. Anyone have any insight?
  13. 1995 520H

    So I got a new voltage regulator and installed it. The voltage is correct now but the fuse still blows. I was looking at it yesterday for a few minutes and found a break in that wire below the hour meter. It had been rubbing somewhere and had some burn on it and it was down to a few strands. I cut the wire and spliced it with a butt connector. I put a new fuse in and went out mowing and it was good for about a half hour and it blew again. I notice that the terminals on the backs of the gauges are dirty so I will remove them this weekend and clean them. I will also remove the seat pan and battery to see if I can locate any more issue with the wires.
  14. 1995 520H

    The battery measured 12.6 volts. When I started it again last evening it blew the fuse. After it was running I put another fuse in and as soon as I got on it the fuse had already blown. Could it possibly be the ignition switch that is causing the problem? I also found that the seat switch has been bypassed with a jumper but that doesn't seem to be an issue. I will be installing a new voltage regulator today but I don't feel that is causing the fuse to blow.
  15. 1995 520H

    I went out and put my light tester across the fuse block terminals and it blew the bulb out. I put a 20 amp fuse in it and started it and everything worked. The voltage gauge was reading 12 volts at half speed and 16 at full speed. I did not have time to stay and restart it again but I will try it in a while.