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  1. 604 stick shift assembly

    I;m not sure I really need this since the replies I'm getting in other parts of the forum indicate that the one I have is like it's supposed to be and after welding it back, it seems to be working OK. Thanks
  2. Stick shift assembly needed

    sorry it took so long to get back here..... I don't always get on my computer every day. So I took the shifter to a welding shop ( I really need to buy a small welder for my shop) and he welded the lever back together. It snapped off right where it comes out of the transmission collar. an easy fix actually. I made a dog screw and put it back in and my wife actually used it today to harrow our pasture for planting grass seed. I had driven it and it did seem to work just fine. So.... if the collar is supposed to be welded to the shifter rod,.... what is the purpose of the roll pin? To hold the collar in place until it gets welded? I will have to get photos but it may be a few days.
  3. 604 stick shift assembly

    I'm looking for the stick shift assembly in working condition for a Wheel Horse 604 tractor. I believe the transmission is #5046 and the part number is 5632. Mine works but just barely because someone welded it and it broke the other day at the collar and I had to have it welded again. I'm looking for a shifter that is complete, and in working condition. If you happen to have one laying around.... I could sure use it. Thanks Herb
  4. I have a Wheel Horse 604. As far as I can determine, it's a 1964 year model with the 5046 transmission. My problem is with the stick shift. I think it's part number 5632 Assembly stick shift. I inherited the tractor a while back and my father in law had it before that. He may or may not have done some work on it. IDK. It sat for 6 years in a shed before I got it. Anyway, someone welded the bottom of the stick shift collar (the round part where the dog point screw goes into) to the stick shift so that it doesn't float like it needs to do. It can be shifted but not smoothly. Just a few days ago the stick shift broke off and I had it repaired by more welding so that we can at least drive the tractor and use it. SO.... where is a good place to find repair parts? I'd love to find the correct shifter assembly, buy it, and install it so I can have the tractor shifting like it is supposed to do. I'd also love to start doing a rebuild on the tractor since there are more issues that really could be fixed with the right parts. Missing choke cable, brake is lacking, belt is not the right one, etc.... Ultimate goal would be to have this machine restored to as close to new as possible. When I google search I don't seem to be able to find anything useful as far as parts. Any help, guidance, recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Herb
  5. Stick shift issues (solved)

    Well... I got the issue solved. My father in law had rigged it up and did it the wrong way which created the issues I was dealing with. As a result, the 1/4 20 threads were shot. I was given this tractor when we bought the farm, by my mother in law who had kept it in her garage. So, today, I went to the farm and checked to be sure the 1/4 20 was wallowed out and it was. I have a bunch of taps so I went to Lowes and bought a 5/16 x 18 stainless allen head bold and a nut. I went to my house and used the grinder to grind down the threads on the end of the bolt which was a 1.5" bolt. I had to remove the sheared off bolt in the shifter which only took about 10 minutes. A dremel tool, a diamond tip bit and a small flathead screw driver and waaa laaaa... it was out. I checked the end of the bolt to be sure it was the right size and taper. When I thought it was about right, I carried it to the farm where I keep the 604. I used my 5/16 x 18 tap and carefully plugged the hole with a paper napkin to keep metal filings from getting int he transmission. Then I carefully tapped the hole to the size needed. Since the hole was wallowed out, the tap went in nicely and cut new clean threads. When I thought it was deep enough, I removed it and inserted the new bolt and nut. They went in nicely and the nut had sufficient clearance to turn to tighten against the case. I backed it out and inserted the shift lever and then the bolt. Everything tightened up nicely and a few minutes later, I was firing up the beast and checking how it shifts. Needless to say, it works like it is supposed to work now. Thanks for the advice. I have also bolted some metal electrical support stock to the front end, and made a bumper out of some pressure treated 2x6. It's purpose is to hold additional weight to keep the front wheels on the ground when plowing. In the first pic, I had rigged up the seat, but since then, I have fixed the seat properly. It has a back rest that goes with it but I see no real purpose in having it on there at this point. So it's in my shop collecting dust. I may reinstall it later.
  6. Stick shift issues (solved)

    Now that makes sense. I will have a look at obtaining one of those. I may need to tap the hole slightly larger since my FIL had rigged it up to the condition it's in. I will check the hole and threads tomorrow and get the right things.
  7. I inherited a 604 model tractor which I needed to get working. It had set idle for quite a few years. I have it running nicely now but have a reoccuring issue with the stick shift on the transmission. It's a 4 speed tractor.... 3 forward gears and one reverse. The transmission seems solid and works well. My problem is with the shifter itself. It has come out a number of times. When I got the tractor, the shifter was held in with a bolt through the side of the transmission case and into the shifter. It sheared off and I had the hole welded and retapped. I installed a new bolt but it has sheared off today. So I find myself back at the beginning.... drilling it out, for sure, more carefully this time, and having to replace the bolt. I'm thinking there has to be a better way, or perhaps even the right way to hold the shifter in place. I don't want to be doing this every few weeks. Anyone got some ideas or perhaps even an exploded diagram showing the right way to secure the shifter so it doesn't fall out, doesn't shear bolts, and works like it's supposed to?