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  1. Hello fellow wheel horse freaks! I'm looking to buy a transmission dipstick tube, approximately 8 inches long. Thank you!
  2. 1986 308-8

    Okay. I was going to say this was freaky if you were in NY. I grew up on Sylvan Lake Road and fished Sylvan Lake for most of my life.
  3. 1986 308-8

    Ya know, until you guys said some thing about the lack of ads, I hadn't noticed. Now I see, and I must say, this site is nice for a lot of reasons, one being no annoying advertising!!!!
  4. 1986 308-8

    Sylvan Lake WH, as in Sylvan Lake Road in Beekman NY?
  5. 1986 308-8

    I wish I could post more pics. I jeep getting blocked saying I can only upload a photo that's 1.1mb. So far, none of my photos exceed this.
  6. 1986 308-8

    Everything I glass beaded and prepped yesterday got 3 coats of Transtar self etching primer. I haven't made the metal repair yet, but wanted to protect the parts so they got sprayed.
  7. 1986 308-8

    Unfortunately I lost all of my before photos because my phone decided to act up. Here are some pieces that are headed to the glass beader. The overall condition of the tractor wasn't bad, but I'd like it to look showroom new when I'm done. Glass beading completed and surface prep applied. I have some repairs to make as some cracking was seen during glass beading. Self etching primer is the next step.
  8. Heres a little back story to my 1986 308-8 that I'm restoring. In 1986, when I was 6 years old, my Grandfather bought this tractor brand new from Reardon Briggs Power Equipment in Pleasant Valley, NY. It's a fairly basic model with a 37" side discharge deck and a Kohler engine. Shortly after he bought the mower, he passed away due to a heart attack. The mower was given to my father and we used it until this past July to mow our property. It's never let us down! My father gave me the tractor because I wanted to restore it. Pictures will be coming soon. Stay tuned!
  9. Wanted: transmission fill tube.

    I'll get a measurement this morning. It's a nylon piece and pretty long! The fill tube, I mean!
  10. Hello again, It seems I'm having trouble putting this in the classifieds section, but I'm looking for a trans fill tube for a 1986 308-8 I decided to have a severe attack of clumsiness and broke mine Any help would be great!

    Mine has a gasket. I did a search on partstree then used that part number on ebay. I found one.

    Old topic I know, but do you know the transmission gasket part number?
  13. Steering shaft

    Thank you. It was installed correctly, but had an issue where the steering shaft had a lot of play. Also, the shaft cover would never stay in place and over time, the dash decal got torn up and the inside of the cover got destroyed. I'll be looking for some more pics of the bushings and clips that keep the steering shaft centered. Thanks for the quick responses, you guys are great!
  14. If you can put $25 into my Paypal account, I will immediately send the parts in the pics to you. 

    My Paypal account name is my email address, which is:


    1. Jays308-8


      I'll do that in the morning. Thank you.

    2. Jays308-8


      Thanks for the parts! They're perfect! 

      Do you have any transaxle dipstick tubes? I need one that's about 8" long.

  15. Steering shaft

    The cover and bushings are exactly what I'm looking for. It seems that the shaft was taken apart at one time and put back together incorrectly. If you would have an exploded view of the assembly, that would be great. Otherwise I could look at a diagram on partstree. PM me with the price you want for the parts. Thank you!