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  1. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    Okay thanks
  2. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    No I will be going down the bank in 2nd gear low range and all of the sudden it will brake loose and just run off with me. It use to be only once in a while now every time. I have to do a brake job on wife car today so Monday I will look at the belt.
  3. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    That was a great post I needed that. I will just remove the old belt and lay it over the new one and take a picture for you. I will use some Emory cloth and get some spirits. You guys really know your stuff. I was on Craig's list looking for a cheap horse so I could swap the drive. Thanks so much. Can I post a picture
  4. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    Ok I just mowed a few days ago it was really scary running down a 45 degree bank with the brake smashed and still rolling toward the chicken house. If the belt is okay can I clean the belt and pulleys while still on the machine? After cleaning would the fan belt spray help. Thank how do you put a new belt on without adjustment
  5. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    Man is that a good idea thanks so much. I thought I had a bad tranny. I drained the tan colored fluid out this spring and installed a new boot. Can that drive belt be adjusted somewhere? I have a spare
  6. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    Hi I have a 1989 312-8 that runs away on hills in low range 2 nd gear all the time. In first gear not yet what should I do
  7. Removing 23 x 10.5 x 12

    Thanks Todd lot of good info on that post.
  8. This was alot of work. I bought a pair wide rims 7 7/8" wide 13" od and a 2" offset here is what it took to take them off. I am installing a set of Tru Power what kind of paint can i use, for the inside and out? I want an off white like WH uses. I will sand blast and clean before painting. Should i use a primer first on the inside? Cant submit pictures what is wrong?
  9. 42" Deck Belt Routing

    Thanks Ed and Dave, Great pics, looks like my old deck i think mine is a 5-1011 1975 I did put a flat pulley on and i have the twist between the deck and the mule. I also have the belt on the inside pulley of the PTO. I will send some pics tonight. Today I will be trying to install my new Tru Power lugs and my V61 on the front. I am having a rough time breaking the bead on those old rear wheels.
  10. Good Spring to all, Well i just completed my first Spring mowing with my new 42" deck. I sold my 37" and bagger system a few months ago. The 42" deck does a much better job and is a better fit with my bigger front, tires and spindles. I had 1/4" clearance with the 37" deck. My question is why do I still need the flat pulley on the mule drive? I still have a twist in the belt between the deck pulley and the mule drive. I thought that I could use two V's on the mule. I checked my trans axle fluid and it looked tan colored did water get in? What do you guys use for replacement? This is a 89 312-8? I am looking for front wheel weight or the kind that you hang on the front. Did wheel horse sell an attachment for the front to hang weights on? Thanks Happy Mowing
  11. 48" Snow Blade for my 312-8

    Thank you all very much.
  12. Hi All, Will this blade fit the 400 series tractors with the attach-a-matic? 1989 312-8 Serial Numbers.docx Ser # 0648BC01 Model # 4199
  13. Armstrong Super Turf 22 x 9.00 -12”

    THANKS I just placed the order at Millers in the spring i will have two v61 8" on the front and two tru power 10.5 - 23 on the back of a 89 312-8 and a 42" deck with no front tire rubbing issues. I have 850.00 saved up for a C-160 auto with a lift this will be a fun winter and spring, remember i am retired now and can play every day. TUJ Should I put duct tape on the inside of the rim? I want to sand blast and paint but my wheel weights will hide the paint job.
  14. Hi Guys, I have a new plan and need help. I just bought two Carlisle Tru Power Lawn & Garden Tire - 23X10.50-12 tires from Amazon for 103.00 each and free shipping. I have some 8 1/2 " rims to mount them on and will use the for mowing. I have the above 22 x 9.00 -12 on the tractor now with 65 pound wheel weight and chains for snow removal using my 48" blade. I have a slow leak in one of the 22" rears and want to put tubes in them. I can only find tubes for 23" http://www.millertire.com/products/lawn-garden-tires/23x-8-50-12/23x8-50-10-50-8-tube-tr-13/ will these work ? If i break the bead on one side and lift the tire above the rim can I get the tube in that way? I have a HF tire changer but cant seem to break the bead on my old 23 x 10.5 -23
  15. PTO Belt install on a 37 inch deck

    Just sold my 37" deck, belt and bagger system put on two two new idlers a month ago all for 290.00 Very nice wheel horse lover. I have a 42" deck an old 5-1011 for spring. Now I can install my 42" snow blade and chains. Need help installing tubes in my 23 x 10.5 tires.