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  1. Solved run away tractor problem

    Thanks where is the best place to get them? I need a plastics guide that goes over the tensioner slide also
  2. Solved run away tractor problem

    Okay got my blades off and greased my spindles. The blade are 14" long and each one had a different number I have a round center hole of 3/4" and a nut size of 1 1/8" 1) 106077 2) 746 3) 789
  3. Solved run away tractor problem

    Thanks for all your help you guys are highly appreciated. We get a break on the rain until noon. So I will go out and pull a blade and get some pictures. I would like some help identify the spindle also. I think they are K type. What actual 42" deck was supplied with the 1989 312-8? Also the C-120 1975 42" deck which I think I have. What is the best place to buy parts for the above deck and tractor?
  4. Solved run away tractor problem

    Thanks for the great manual. Thanks for the blade info I hit a tarp last year and sucked it in the blade might be bent. Can I still purchase the double d blade anymore?
  5. Solved run away tractor problem

    Thanks so much for the great nanual. I think I have spindle with a d shape not two holes on each side. I will pull the blades and try to get the part number of the spindle. I think that the gym I bought it from built he deck for me from spare parts. He had a fresh bead of red silicon around the base of each spindle. We have a few days of rain when it stops I will get some pictures. Should all three blades be all mounted pointing in the same direction? Thanks
  6. Solved run away tractor problem

    Thanks is it important that I replace the brake assembly on the PTO? I have the yellow foamy type of gorilla glue will that work. Thanks for the link do they sell blades for a 42" cut c120 deck 5-1011
  7. Hi all Happy Spring Last year I posted about my tractor running off with me 40% of the time that I would go down my very steep hill in the back yard. Yesterday I changed my drive belt and found out that the 82" belt was a 1/2" wide instead of 5/8" and it had cracks in the side every 1/8" I'm sure that this was the problem. While removing the old belt I found a L shaped bracket above he pto with a break pad see below. I have a 89 312-8 can I buy one of these and what is it called? I have a new brake lining to install also what adhesive should I use? Thanks
  8. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    Okay thanks
  9. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    No I will be going down the bank in 2nd gear low range and all of the sudden it will brake loose and just run off with me. It use to be only once in a while now every time. I have to do a brake job on wife car today so Monday I will look at the belt.
  10. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    That was a great post I needed that. I will just remove the old belt and lay it over the new one and take a picture for you. I will use some Emory cloth and get some spirits. You guys really know your stuff. I was on Craig's list looking for a cheap horse so I could swap the drive. Thanks so much. Can I post a picture
  11. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    Ok I just mowed a few days ago it was really scary running down a 45 degree bank with the brake smashed and still rolling toward the chicken house. If the belt is okay can I clean the belt and pulleys while still on the machine? After cleaning would the fan belt spray help. Thank how do you put a new belt on without adjustment
  12. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    Man is that a good idea thanks so much. I thought I had a bad tranny. I drained the tan colored fluid out this spring and installed a new boot. Can that drive belt be adjusted somewhere? I have a spare
  13. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    Hi I have a 1989 312-8 that runs away on hills in low range 2 nd gear all the time. In first gear not yet what should I do
  14. Removing 23 x 10.5 x 12

    Thanks Todd lot of good info on that post.
  15. This was alot of work. I bought a pair wide rims 7 7/8" wide 13" od and a 2" offset here is what it took to take them off. I am installing a set of Tru Power what kind of paint can i use, for the inside and out? I want an off white like WH uses. I will sand blast and clean before painting. Should i use a primer first on the inside? Cant submit pictures what is wrong?