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  1. Love the lights. Put a smile or a shark's moth on the grill!
  2. 1974 B-80 vs C-Series

    So the only cost savings they probably did on the 74 b80 was to eliminate the hi-low option? That what it looks like to me. A 8hp C would be the same except for the hi-low.
  3. 1974 B-80 vs C-Series

    I have been looking at a 1974 B-80. It has an 8hp horizontal Kohler and the Tach-o-matic. Is it compatible with all attachments? Is the transmission different? Tractor Data says that it has 6 speeds instead of 8. Is there something lower quality about this partical B series tractor?
  4. Shooting the big 50!!!

  5. Unicorn Horns?

    Oh no! I am going to pm you some questions.
  6. Unicorn Horns?

    Great. Thank you! I hope to report back.
  7. Unicorn Horns?

    I have a meetup with a guy that claims to have 6-8 wheel horse attachments. He isn't sure what he has, and they are all deep in a shed. Even with this problem, he quoted me a price of about 100 each, and I know one of them is a WH tiller. I am going in kind of blind, and I hope to keep a few pieces and pass along the rest. What are some rare things I should be looking for? He owned C-series tractors, so I doubt there are slot hitch attachments. I think they will be in rough shape.
  8. Can someone identify this cart

    I like the simplicity of it.
  9. Whats my d160 worth?

    That looks great! I have been disappointed that the d-series tractors don't command more money as collectables. I think their price is driven more by utility. If you have a working tractor with three point, tiller, disc, and plow.... I would ask $2500ish. I think that is a good number for any hobby farmer that wants a tractor to work a few acres. I look forward to hearing what other people say.
  10. Four WH Questions

    1. When I install the mower deck (attach-o-matic), does the lift pin go into the oblong hole or the circle hole? I put it in the oblong hole, and I don't think it is working correctly. 2. Why isn't there a zerk for the mule drive? Does the mule drive need greased? 3.. What is the best grease gun? Is there one that you can verify grease is flowing? 4. My smaller mowing deck has the same length blades as my larger mowing deck. Is there an advantage to the smaller deck? Perhaps the smaller deck should mulch better? Thank you!
  11. Help! First time buyer C-121

    I have seen that one on CL too. I think you are looking at the correct era of WH tractor to maximize value. That tractor has the most available attachments, and I think the C series w/ Kohler motors are probably the most all round dependable.
  12. Need help with price...

    I think KC9KAS has good prices, but I would consider those "retail" prices. As a group buy, I would offer much less. Maybe start around $750 and max out at $950?
  13. Remember the Allis-Chalmers G?

    I have been looking into the Gs for a few months. Have you seen the Flying Beet mods? https://www.uaf.edu/files/snre/MP_10_04.pdf
  14. How much is in this picture?

    I need to make this guy an offer, but I don't know where to start. He wants more than $700, but I am not sure how to make the deal work for both of us. If some of the attachments could be sold for a decent price, that could seal the deal. Do you think think this is a 1973 with the tach-o-matic system?