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  1. Wheel horse / Toro

    Was toro really in competition with Wheel Horse? Did they have a Garden tractor before they bought Wheel Horse? It seems like Wheel Horse completed their lineup.
  2. Changing Mower Blades

    I want to know this too! Can someone reply to Tuna from 2013?
  3. traded my bucket truck earlier

    I bought a bucket truck 3 years ago, and it is going to be hard to give up. No more ladders for me. I love what you got for it though.
  4. I am trying to find all of the zerk fittings on my C-101, and two spots have me puzzled. The center spindle on the mower deck does not have a zerk. I looked at some images online, and I couldn't find a wheel horse mower deck with a clear zerk on the center spindle. Is it missine a zerk or is there another way to grease this part? A while ago, someone suggested greasing the steering column and shaft joints. I have been looking at it, and I can't find any zerks. How do I grease this? Is it necessary? Thanks in advance! Clark
  5. Kohler vs. Tecumseh

    I was recently offered a Sears St/16 at a fair price. I really like 70s era wheel horses, and the cast iron Kohler engines. If this Sears tractor had a Kohler, I would have already said yes! But... It has a 16hp Tecumseh. I don't even know if there are rebuild kits for this engine. Are these large Tecumsehs decent engines? How do they compare to the Kohlers that Wheel Horse was using during the same era? http://www.tractordata.com/lawn-tractors/001/3/9/1398-sears-st16.html
  6. Stuck in the Mud? What NOT to Do!

    That was scary. Thankful that I never would have thought of trying that.
  7. What should I pay ?

    3k would be a decent price. At 5k you can occasionally find a diesel yanmar or Kubota. I love Wheel horse's, but at 5k I would get a Kubota and save up $500 to get a nice c-series Wheel hHorse. I think the kubota would be a more functional with a front loader, and it would retain value better.
  8. Big Show idea?

    The fear of liability is often more dangerous than accidents. It's a bad habit to kill an idea with the fear of liability before the idea is flushed out and the risk is assessed. What activity is being proposed? What is the safest way to do that activity and still achieve the goal?
  9. Sears FF20

    That is super clean.
  10. New here and need some info

    Is there a way to bid online or it is just live bids?
  11. Rural Past Times.

    This is a great post! What are those tracked machines called? What were they for?
  12. I am visiting the in-laws in the Hudson Valley. This weekend there is a Garden Tractor show in Grahmsville. Will there be any members showing? I would love to say hi. Thanks.
  13. As Close as I've Gotten

    Great Deal!
  14. Kicking a D250

    I thought the price was pretty good, and I hope to get an answer about running condition today. I also am considering buying a coil ($30) if it doesn't run, and seeing if it can be made to run before purchase. What else should I be checking? This is a 1976, and people complaing about the transaxle. Is there a way to see fi fluids were changed?
  15. Kicking a D250

    My favorite Wheel Horses are the C series, but there is an opportunity for me to get a D250 with a few issues. I hope to see it this week, and I wanted some advice about kicking the tires. It comes with a front blade, wheel weights, nice tires, and a rear pto driven mower. It has a bad hydraulic hose and a bad coil. It is a 1976. If this was priced around 600, what would you need to know to check to see if it was a good buy?