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  1. Engine Backfire

    I have a 76 C-160. I have adjusted the carb so it runs/idles well, but I can't get it to stop backfiring when I shut it off. Any suggestions? Steve
  2. C-160 Steering Wheel

    I just acquired a C-160 and the steering wheel is broken. The bolt holding it on is pretty beat up and rusted. Any advice on how to get it out without completely destroying it? I figured I'd ask before i had at it. I've include a pic. Thanks, Steve Attached Image
  3. C-160 Snowblower

    I am the proud new owner of a '75 C-160. With the exception of a couple minor issues, the thing runs great. I got a complete plow and parts of a snowblower (really just the single stage part). I want to get a complete blower, but am unsure of what model to look for that will fit this tractor. Any advice? I am also looking for some parts and will list them on a separate forum, but here they are: Shifter Boot Steering Wheel Thanks Steve