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  1. what regulator?

    Thanks again!
  2. what regulator?

    Hello all; I have an 876 wheel horse and need to know the correct regulator to get. I believe my starter, gen has an internal ground. Thanks for the help!
  3. WANTED: 876 brake parts

    Looking for left brake pedal,brake rod,brake cam, and spring with associated hardware to fit 876. Please give me a price when replying. Thank You! Oneshort
  4. which ones ?

    Calling all experts; Which horses had the same hydrostatic transmissions as the 876? Thanks
  5. 876 pump spring

    thanks Sarge; I"ll give them a shout! oneshort
  6. hello all; i need a new spring for my 876 hydrostatic radial axial piston pump. where should i look for one ? thanks. oneshort
  7. just went through the pump on my 876. had bad scoring on the valve plate and pump face. resurfaced both and added some spring shims and am wanting to check pump pressure and am not sure how or where to do it . any advice appreciated. thanks oneshort
  8. 876 help please

    first, thanks everyone for the replies on the starter amps thread. now ,the 876 i recently got has been radically neglected ,patched,modified, etc. so i would like to know on the 876 owners manual wiring diagram i have, what gauge each wire is on the diagram since most of mine were missing. also, what and where is the most reasonable replacement ignition switch for the battery, coil ignition on this tractor? thanks in advance. oneshort
  9. 876 starter question

    hello all; just wondering how many amps the starter pulls when cranking the 8hp kohler thanks
  10. thanks again; just ordered one from him!
  11. I recently got an 876 and some linkages have been modified. mine has no parking brake handle and the parts diagram i have does not show one. Your tractor is one year later and hydro and has it. Did mine not come with it?
  12. Hello All; my 876 has the pulse type fuel pump and the original diaphragm is missing. does anyone know the thickness of this diaphragm. i can buy material on ebay from 1/64th inch to about 1/16th inch. im sure it was pretty thin. thanks oneshort
  13. fuel pump

    Thanks Guys!
  14. fuel pump

    Hello All; My 876 has the pulse operated pump and i would like to know if the two flat, round wafers are supposed to be hard or soft. If soft can i use diaphragm material to make new ones? thanks ! oneshort
  15. Hello All. I have a 1966 876 with automatic drive and would like to know what other year models and model numbers use the same 3100077 sundstrand transmission as mine? Thanks oneshort