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  1. Have a 36" rear discharge that needs the drive pulley and most likely a spindle. Do have anything?  Model 5-0621-9

  2. Looking for dash plate and either throttle shaft or entire carburetor for my K321S, Type 6010B, 14H.P. Kohler engine and 1971 GT14 Automatic tractor. Do you have either one or know who I may contact?

    1. A-Z Tractor

      A-Z Tractor

      I don't have a dash plate for the GT14. As for the carb I have some carbs here but they all have play in the throttle shaft. I want to rebuild them and make good ones out of them but I am to busy this time of the year to do that. I understand that there is a guy on red square that remakes a lot of the plastic dash parts.  I didn't buy anything from him and not sure what his name is but remember others talking about it. If you need anything else or have more questions feel free to email me at aztractor255@gmail.com or call me at 1-717-821-2542

  3. I have a original 704 that came in. It runs good, has good paint and I have attachments if you want them. The engine has been replaced it has a K181 instead of a K161. If you are interested email me at aztractor255@gmail.com or you can call me at 1-717-821-2542. I can deliver to the big show in June if paid for by June 22nd.
  4. Looking for a hood or something that would work for a 1979 C-121 tractor...Model # 91-12K802

    1. A-Z Tractor

      A-Z Tractor

      I see you are looking for a hood for your c-121. I have hoods here they sell for $40. If you are coming to the Wheel Horse show in June I can bring it to the show and you can pickup there if it is paid for by June 22nd. Email me at aztractor255@gmail.com or call me at 1-717-821-2542

  5. This is some of the tractors and items that just came in in the last weeks that can be picked up at the show if paid by June 22nd. Also if you need any mower decks, snow blowers, snow blades, or tractors if they are paid for by June 22nd I can bring them to the show and they can be picked up there. I will have a large selection of attachments at the show and parts. The rototiller comes with all parts to attach to tractor $800 SOLD The charger 10 with the 42" RD deck is $800 The PTO set up on the D series tractor is $150 The D180 and 18 Automatic are for parts if you need anything email me or the complete tractor is for sale. The 523DXI tractor has motor problems and is for parts if you need any XI parts I have that one and have parted a 520XI The 1988 520-H pictured with the bagger on the back is a clean good running tractor hour meter shows just over 2000 hrs asking $1000 (tractor only) The Peco bagging system on the 520-H tractor has a later model replacement engine and is priced at $350 The 3pt hitch on the D series is $400 and I have 2 of them. The 1267 is restored and in good condition $800 The rear rims and tires on the D tractor ag tread are holding air but do have dried cracks in the rubber $50 each rim and tire. 1964 704 Wheel Horse came from a one owner, has original paint (has been touched up), good running condition, the motor was replaced at one time it is a K181 not the original K161 asking $600. The 753 is the tractor with the dual wheels. This has the silvertown ag tires and the wheel horse dual wheel spacer kit. The tractor doesn't have any spark but good compression. The fuel tank mounting holes are broken and some one installed a body nut to fix it. Asking $800 with the duals and $500 with just a set of single turf tires. The GT1100 runs and drives but the front tires are flat has a good seat selling for $250 The 657 runs and drive has the 520-H wide rims and 23x10.50-12 turf tires on them. With the wide rims I am asking $700 and $600 with regular rims and tires.
  6. Hello I am A-Z Tractor and I have an electric lift like what you are looking for. The lift is tested and in good working order. I am asking $150 plus shipping or pick it up at the big show. You can email me at aztractor255@gmail.com
  7. If you still have the kohler parts bring them to the big show and I would be interested in looking it over. I do wheel horse salvage and I also sell a lot of K series parts. I have to see what all part numbers you have before I can say that I could give your asking price. If you have a lot of K 90 or 91 engine parts that is what I would be most interested in. You can email me at aztractor255@gmail.com
  8. If you didn't get what you need I would have the parts on the shelf. Email me at aztractor255@gmail.com
  9. If you didn't find the pulleys yet I have 4 on the shelf ready to ship for $10 each plus shipping they are salvage pulleys. If interested email me at aztractor255@gmail.com
  10. Hello I do wheel horse salvage and I have a complete A-90 of the same model that you have here. As far as I know the transmission is good. I would sell the transmission for $150 plus shipping. If you are interested I will get the tractor in the shop and remove the transmission. My email is aztractor255@gmail.com
  11. I would have some interest in the tractors that your are listing. I am located in PA. Are you planning on going to the big wheel horse show in PA? If you are I would be on your way there. If you aren't planning on going to the show I might consider making the trip if the price on the tractors was right for it making it worth my trip. If you could email me pictures of the tiller and the snowblower so I can see what condition they are in. My email address is aztractor255@gmail.com . I am a wheel horse salvage yard but I also buy and sell wheel horse tractors and attachments. I am a vendor here on red square A-Z Tractor
  12. Hello I have them used for $40 each. I do wheel horse salvage. You can email me at aztractor255@gmail.com
  13. I have a coupler from a D. See pictures attached. The spline is good on half of the coupler and the other half it looks to be wore off. I can't remember which end the shaft goes in. If this is a part that will work for you I have it listed at $30 plus shipping. You can email me at aztractor255@gmail.com or you can call me at 1-717-821-2542
  14. Hello I do wheel horse salvage. I would have 48" decks in that style here they sell for $200 each. I am located in PA. I can ship but that would be expensive. Are you coming to the big wheel horse show in PA? If so I will be there and could bring it along. Just from my experience the one deck that Dhodge sent a picture of should be a 48" the one with the square style belt guard.
  15. I have a K91 that runs in good condition for sale at $250. I can ship the engine also if that is what you would want to do. The shipping is additional to the cost of the engine. If you are interested email me at aztractor255@gmail.com or you can call me at 1-717-821-2542. I accept paypal or credit card. Also you can check out my website at a-ztractor.com