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  1. I have a side mount sickle bar on a 1277 tractor. When I first used it I fit a hidden steel post that stopped the thing dead. Not long after the shaft broke in the wobble box. I have since had that welded and also bought a second unit. So I now have two sickle bars. My question is this. When I get this back into operation is there a need to control the speed of the cutting bar? if so, how is this accomplished as the drive is off the engine. I am hoping that speed was not a part of the original failure. Any suggestion?
  2. Looking for the Shaft support assembly with pulleys etc. for a side mount sickle bar. I have a complete unit except this part. Can use either the SMS050 or SMS-42-A model units. Can be contacted directly at Billygoat5248@aol.com Thanks
  3. Thanks guys. Very helpful. Next I will post a question on my Sickle bar. I have one complete and one that is about 3/4 complete.
  4. My 1277 tractor has a Kohler engine but the ID tags are missing. Any idea how to determine what HP this is? Also what is the spark plug gap setting?
  5. Thanks. Let me get back to you. I am most interested in the Lens but I will look over the casting. I am traveling till Thursday so I will let you know when I get back home.
  6. Looking for front and rear lights for a T1277 tractor. Nice condition used or after market if they exist.
  7. I would be interested if you can detail the condition of the internal components of the drive box. I have a sickle bar with a broken Shaft-Weldment. If yours is the same an dor if you would happen to have a spare one (which I doubt anyone has) I would look to purchase.
  8. I am in need of the Shaft-Weldment part for a Haben sickle bar mower. It is the part that drives the blade bare and is connected to the wobble gear.If anyone has one I would be happy to purchase. Or if anyone can direct me to a possible source I would appreciate it. I live in Stow Ohio and can make a pick up if with 100 miles.
  9. Nick.  I see you are from Stow.  So am I and I might need help machining a part for a wheel horse sickle bar.  My name is Jay. 

    1. Nick32579


      Sure I can help out.  And hi Jay nice to meet you!

    2. JayB


      Maybe we can meet up sometime.  I am gone for a week and will be working to figure out how to repair this part or create a new one.  I will touch base next week.  Or you can jump over to my email billygoat5248@aol.com.  Thanks.