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  1. Thanks. Let me get back to you. I am most interested in the Lens but I will look over the casting. I am traveling till Thursday so I will let you know when I get back home.
  2. Looking for front and rear lights for a T1277 tractor. Nice condition used or after market if they exist.
  3. I would be interested if you can detail the condition of the internal components of the drive box. I have a sickle bar with a broken Shaft-Weldment. If yours is the same an dor if you would happen to have a spare one (which I doubt anyone has) I would look to purchase.
  4. I am in need of the Shaft-Weldment part for a Haben sickle bar mower. It is the part that drives the blade bare and is connected to the wobble gear.If anyone has one I would be happy to purchase. Or if anyone can direct me to a possible source I would appreciate it. I live in Stow Ohio and can make a pick up if with 100 miles.
  5. Nick.  I see you are from Stow.  So am I and I might need help machining a part for a wheel horse sickle bar.  My name is Jay. 

    1. Nick32579


      Sure I can help out.  And hi Jay nice to meet you!

    2. JayB


      Maybe we can meet up sometime.  I am gone for a week and will be working to figure out how to repair this part or create a new one.  I will touch base next week.  Or you can jump over to my email billygoat5248@aol.com.  Thanks.