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  1. New Governor Gear or is this one ok?

    Thanks for your input. A new one is on the way.
  2. Hi all, Here is a picture of the governor gear I pulled out of my Kohler K181. What do you think? Is it good enough to go back in or not? Thanks, Rustyred
  3. Best K181 Rebuild kit?

    So I've checked out the rebuild kits. Considering that my piston and connecting rod look to be in great shape, is there any reason I should pay more and replace them vs. buying the kit which has the gaskets and rings only?
  4. Best K181 Rebuild kit?

    Hi all, I have a K181 engine all taken apart and I have a machinist cleaning up the valves and giving the cylinder a little hone. (it was in great condition) Where is the best place to get a rebuild kit to put it back together? It doesn't need a new head - or valves - or connecting rod. Also, how do I know which kit to buy? There seems to be different sizes of pistons. The measurement on diameter of mine is still well within Kohler's listed tolerance. Thanks again for your support. Rustyred
  5. K181 hone cylinder or leave it?

    Ok. Measurements have been taken. We took them at the top the metal and the bottom of the area that Rings run in. We took eight measurements at each level and averaged them. All the measurements were at the factory minimum. They have not even worn down toward the max limit. There is no light leaking through the Rings and cylinder. Still, the cylinder is smooth as glass. What would you do? just leave it given that the diameters are at factory spec? Or put any other type of surface on it? Like honing? Secondly, given that the measurements are what they are what do you bother replacing the Rings? Or just leave them after cleaning?
  6. K181 hone cylinder or leave it?

    Okay thanks for your advice. I have a very precise digital caliper. Would that work for measuring the cylinder? Or is there a special tool for getting further down inside the cylinder?
  7. K181 hone cylinder or leave it?

    Hi all, Simple question. We have just taken apart our Kohler 8 horsepower k181s engine. The cylinder looks beautiful with no scratches, it's shiny, and smooth as glass. I have heard that it's good if there are some fine horizontal scratchings from honing in the cylinder to allow for oil to pass the piston rings for good lubrication. However, if the cylinder is as smooth and perfect looking as the one I have would you hone it or would you not? Thanks for your advice. Rustyred
  8. Hi folks, Please see the attached picture. We are putting our C-81 back together and we have two issues with the clutch return spring. First, is the routing of the spring which is pictured below correct? Should it really be hooked into that little hole on top of the footrest? Second, when I ordered a new spring it looks completely different - see second picture. Does this mean the former owner installed an incorrect spring or is my new spring incorrect? Thanks guys for your continued assistance. Rustyred
  9. Another question as we overhaul error C-81. We are overhauling the engine mount and have the four isolation mounts sitting in front of us. They seem to be in functional shape. On one of them however, the bushing which is molded into the rubber slides in and out of the rubber. (See attached) Is this a problem? The metal bushing is not sloppy in the rubber but it does slide in and out. What do I need of you say? With thanks, Rustyred and sons.
  10. Hello gentlemen, What is an S. T. Bolt? What is a Whizlock bolt? I am putting sheet metal housing back on my C-81 mainframe and the bolts which connect the housing to the frame are supposed to be S T bolts. What is different about this bolt than any other? The whizlock bolt is supposed to be used for connecting the dashboard to the sheet metal. But I don't know what that type of bolt is. Any help??? Thanks, rustyred
  11. Thank you for taking the time to put these pictures together. The gears I have have a slight bevel on one side. It's not big but it's there.
  12. Here's a question for the transmission Pros. When installing the axle gears on to the axle, which direction should the leveled edge of the gear face? Should it face the snap ring or the other direction? It is of course then held in with the snap ring. Thank you for the help.
  13. Is a 244 trailer good for work?

    What specs would I look for, for a C-81 tractor? I'm talking about cubic feet, axle size, etc. Any inputon what it could handle? 10 Hp kohler.
  14. Is a 244 trailer good for work?

    Seriously? It's not a wheel horse?
  15. The overhaul of our C-81 is looking promising with good progress and plenty of help from Red Square. Now my question is a trailer: Is a Wheel Horse 244 a good work trailer? Or is it best restored for a collectors item? We intend to get a lot of yard work done! The trailer below is being offered for $250.00.