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  1. Hi y'all, I can't figure out what bolt or hardware to use to connect the carburetor to the engine block on my C 81. Does anyone have input? What size of bolt, and does it get lock washers or washers or what? I simply can't find it in any drawing. With thanks, Rustyred
  2. Fuel pump rebuild - is this the right kit?? Pictures.

    Thanks gentlemen. Thank you for taking the time for these responses. They were very educational.
  3. Hi guys. Last week I got great input about rebuilding an original fuel pump on my Kohler K181. I was directed to a supplier who sent me what I thought to be the correct kit to do the job. However, it includes parts that the original didn't have! Additional springs, gaskets, little black rubber pieces. The two little valves also look different although they are the same diameter... One of you must be able to look at my picture and explain. I want to put it together this weekend if I can. With many thanks, Rustyred
  4. Keep Original Fuel Pump - Or replace with plastic??

    Thanks for the input folks. I'll check out the suggested website and try to choose the right kit to rebuild the original. I am including a picture of the pump itself in case it would change anyone's advice but I think it adds up. Thanks again, Rustyred
  5. JPWH, Yes, it has a blank plate. If the light kit you have fits a 1979 C-81 I'm interested for sure. (sorry for the ignorance - still learning the game here) Rustyred
  6. Hi folks, I want to plow snow with my 1979 C-81 but it has no headlights!! Is it possible to add headlights and if so what do you recommend? 1) I assume I could bolt some sort of plastic ones on the side of the hood? Which ones would you recommend? 2) Has anyone ever installed any inside the hood somehow to make it look nice? Any help is needed! Thanks, Rustyred
  7. Hi folks, our work continues rebuilding our 1979 C-81. We are currently reassembling our 8 HP Kohler engine. We just popped apart the aluminium fuel pump and found it to be in bad shape. We could clean it up but the diaphragm looks very worn out. So my question: Should I fix up this original fuel pump? (Is it even possible to find parts?) Or do I replace it with a plastic one? We are trying to restore whatever we can to keep it as original as possible but we need it to work well! Thanks for the advice! Rustyred
  8. Paint carburator or no paint?

    What do any of you think of the $20 carburetors for sale on Amazon. My original one is pretty banged up.
  9. Paint carburator or no paint?

    Both great input. Good to know I have a couple options. Is the Eastwood paint a certain color made by wheel horse or Kohler or what are you referring to?
  10. Hello, I'm repainting both tractor and Kohler engine. 1979 C-81. My question is can you paint a carburetor? Currently it is kind of half painted with a very light coat over some of it. I don't want mine to look half baked. Can I paint or is it okay to leave no paint on? Thank you again for your needed advice. Rustyred
  11. New Governor Gear or is this one ok?

    Thanks for your input. A new one is on the way.
  12. Hi all, Here is a picture of the governor gear I pulled out of my Kohler K181. What do you think? Is it good enough to go back in or not? Thanks, Rustyred
  13. Best K181 Rebuild kit?

    So I've checked out the rebuild kits. Considering that my piston and connecting rod look to be in great shape, is there any reason I should pay more and replace them vs. buying the kit which has the gaskets and rings only?
  14. Best K181 Rebuild kit?

    Hi all, I have a K181 engine all taken apart and I have a machinist cleaning up the valves and giving the cylinder a little hone. (it was in great condition) Where is the best place to get a rebuild kit to put it back together? It doesn't need a new head - or valves - or connecting rod. Also, how do I know which kit to buy? There seems to be different sizes of pistons. The measurement on diameter of mine is still well within Kohler's listed tolerance. Thanks again for your support. Rustyred
  15. K181 hone cylinder or leave it?

    Ok. Measurements have been taken. We took them at the top the metal and the bottom of the area that Rings run in. We took eight measurements at each level and averaged them. All the measurements were at the factory minimum. They have not even worn down toward the max limit. There is no light leaking through the Rings and cylinder. Still, the cylinder is smooth as glass. What would you do? just leave it given that the diameters are at factory spec? Or put any other type of surface on it? Like honing? Secondly, given that the measurements are what they are what do you bother replacing the Rings? Or just leave them after cleaning?