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  1. D-180 wheel horse

    1975 d-180 wheel horse, pto, 3 point hitch, tire chains, and 56 inch snow blade. located in knox pa. asking 1500 obo.
  2. D-180 won't go in reverse

    Got it working now, the pistons behind the swash plate was messed up
  3. D-180 won't go in reverse

    Pull drive motor to clean screen filter as well and now nothing works, help
  4. D-180 won't go in reverse

    Changed filter and it is working better, so now I will change the oil and filter again after a few hours of running it. It did sit outside for 6 years and didnt have the filter and oil changed in 9 years or more.
  5. D-180 won't go in reverse

    Well adjusted the linkages, didn't help. Then I undid the linkages and pushed the transmission lever all the way back, still goes slowly. Any other suggestions?
  6. D-180 won't go in reverse

    Ok, gonna try that this evening or tomorrow. Thank you.
  7. My 74 d-180 automatic works fine except for reverse. When put in reverse I have to throttle all the way up and then it backs up as slow as a snail. What do i need to do to fix this? Please help.
  8. Rebuilding a hydro pump from a D

    Is the pump what could be causing me to have no reverse? Goes forward fine, rear and mid lift work fine. But to back up in have to throttle all the way up to go backwards as slow as a snail.