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  1. 520h rear axle

    I'm looking for a rear axle for my 520h. Anyone have one?
  2. I'm looking for a rear axle for my 520h. Anybody have one? I have a loader on the tractor and this is the second time I broke the axle. I would consider a complete rear end.
  3. 1991 520h snaped rear drive axle

    Thanks for the information. I am going to stick with the dual tires. I deflated the outer ones a bit, so I wont stress the axle unnecessarily. Even with the bucket low on a grade it feels safer. Plus it looks good!! ha. I will be on the lookout for more axles. My machine is a '91 and the loader was factory installed. From what I was told, this had not happened before my encounter so if I'm good for another 25 years I'd be happy. Where can a hold one of those HD axles?
  4. 1991 520h snaped rear drive axle

    I was able to get the cover off without removing the 2 lines that go to the oil filter. I did take the brakes off though, you will need a wheel puller for the brake drum. You should be able to cut the long axle but u will need to grind a slot for the 2 screws that lock it to the hub. I have an air powered cutting wheel from Harbor Freight. That will cut that axle. Its cheap. I paid $77 for the axle from that dude. Anything else let me know. I am happy to help if I can.
  5. 1991 520h snaped rear drive axle

    There was a guy that responded to me on this forum that may have it. daveoman@windstream.net I know he has the long axle on the "passenger" side. It took me about 3 hours to remove mine. I will get the part tomorrow so I'm amped to get it back together. The nice thing is that you don't have to remove the entire rear end. Just take off the bolts and open the rear. The drive wheel is the short axle and its 10 1/8" long. The long shaft is 13 1/8". Good luck! One more thing. If you leave the bucket on and weight it enough it lifts the back end and its real easy to work on. You can block the back end after its up. Just do it safe.
  6. 1991 520h snaped rear drive axle

    That's great. I will email you tonight. Thanks You can see it was already cracked 1/2 way. There is a dull half and a clean break. No telling how long it was like that. You can see it was already cracked 1/2 way. Wallfish. Is that a 520 with a backhoe? That's badass. Not stock equipment?
  7. 1991 520h snaped rear drive axle

    Sure does. I was thinkin that may have toured it. It broke at the key.
  8. My 520h has a kwik way loader which works nice. I just lended it to a friend and he brought it back with a snapped rear axle. If someone could point me to one or both I'd appreciate it.