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  1. Good Quality LED Lightbar for 520 Snow Cab

    Rigid industries imo is the way to go. Pricey, but a quality product. I use they’re dually flood on my jeep, and dually side shooters on truck.
  2. NGK or Champion?

    Well, went with Autolite for my local parts store didn’t stock ngk, and only other offering was champion. Thanks for all the input keep it coming!
  3. NGK or Champion?

    Sorry, misleading last post. Most those aren’t convenient and the ones that are have the vp in cans. Closest one in mass has the c9 at pump which is $12/gal or so. That’s what I purchased last time but the price hurts! thanks though
  4. NGK or Champion?

    I have, nothing in ri or mass. It does however display retailers of vp fuels I believe
  5. NGK or Champion?

    I’ve only seen ethanol free at pumps in nh. You mention that to anyone station around here and they look at you like you’re crazy and it doesn’t exist. I’ve recently started purchasing VP fuel to use in my small engines. Pricey, yes! But if it saves me time and headaches down the road it maybe worth the cost
  6. NGK or Champion?

    I love all the interesting banter here. I simply made a comment on anti seize as it seems oem’s don’t know what it is and never use it....on anything. But also something g learned here, as some of you had stated that some plug manufacturers use coating on their threads to facilitate removal. All good info, never was aware but I guess also never considered researching it as well
  7. NGK or Champion?

    Don’t all oem’s use anti seize????
  8. "Big Changes Ahead"

    Interesting read, scary! however I do not feel bad for the insurance companies!!!
  9. A good opportunity to get underneath that new rig and give it a fluid film treatment. Pneumatic spray kits can be had on the bay for reasonable prices, most auto parts stores seem to have fluid Film on the shelf these days. I use an elec paint sprayer which “works” fine, but air would be best
  10. NGK or Champion?

    So perhaps a dumb question, does gapping remain the same regardless of spark plug brand used? Just askin...
  11. NGK or Champion?

    Ha, great thanks. I guess I could have gone to their website too
  12. NGK or Champion?

    Maybe I’m not doing a proper internet search here, I’m finding ngk b6l but feel there should be something more to the number.
  13. NGK or Champion?

    Looking to confirm plug type and gap for k341....also seems to me that most people prefer ngk over champion? Any input on plug preference? thanks fellas j-
  14. Engine block heater question

    What’s the cost of cover?
  15. Kohler Block Heaters, Any good Ideas?

    I also plan to do condenser and check points this weekend, we’ll see how that goes....