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  1. Front and rear Wheel Horse Wheel weights

    Are front weights still available?
  2. For those wanting an air cooled diesel to repower with

    Needs a small turbo!
  3. rewiring 73' C series help

    Any other input here on using led's? Pfrederi suggested wiring directly from battery, is this the solution to prevent lights from fluttering when running! thanks fellas for the help
  4. Enclosed trailer flooring options

    Your 1/2ton should be good for 8-10k depending on gearing assuming it has the 5.3l i just putchased an all aluminum trailer trailer made by proline trailers in NH. Nicest trailer I've ever seen. It's not a horse hauler though for I'm a contractor and it be used for such. Anyhow I had asked the dealer when picking it up about treating the underside and they indicated it not being necessary. Whether or not that true, but they and I are in the snow/salt belt. If I were to treat the underside I'd likely use Fluid Film. sorry no pics of trailer
  5. trailer repaint

    Prepping properly is the most important step I'd use ruatoleum self etching primer and your favorite wheel horse red selection. I often use rustoleum truck bed liner over primer on hard use surfaces then topcoat with color. Leaves a nice mildly abrasive surface which should be more durable than just finish coat. I've done this on all my body armor for my jeep. I'd recommend this process for the inside of trailer!!
  6. New sneakers

    i have 50# cast iron weights you maybe able to see in the background of first pic, just need to get them painted black to match wheels
  7. rewiring 73' C series help

    Depends what close is....headlight wire runs along underside of frame, rear runs straight back by hydro shift to under the seat pan
  8. Do we have any vendors on red square that make a front weight bracket compatible with the quick attach system. I have a 73 16h hydro. When moving my trailers around I get some wheel lift and would like at add a weight bracket. Prob get some suitcase weights, alternatively I have a couple pcs of 3" solid cold rolled steel I could try to incorporate into the front weight thanks j-
  9. rewiring 73' C series help

    That's not a bad idea, i suppose I could bypass and disconnect the power source at ignition harness and go directly from battery as you said. My only fear is that it took me several months to muster the gumption to get this far, it could be a few more before I make the change. I'll try to give a whirl this weekend rhanks for the tip
  10. rewiring 73' C series help

    Finally got around to rewiring the lighting circuit. I ran all new home runs from light switch back to the fixtures, including the power lead from main harness along with new 30a inline blade fuse and holder. Installed led bulbs, which turn out they flicker when machine is running. Anyone have any solutions...perhaps a resistor. Not sure if it's worth the hassle and expense or should prob just install the appropriate halogens. Headlight bezel cleaned up nicely but disappointed with how the "chrome" paint finished up
  11. New sneakers

    Finally mounted my ag's this weekend in between rain storms. Carlisle tru power 23-10.50-12 on what I believe to be 8" wide rim. I never measured the width but assume they're 8" for that's what came on the tractor when I purchased it. Had wheels blasted and powder coated for $50. i really like the way they look and I'm sure will function just as well
  12. Any R/C car guys ?

    That rally car is awesome, blazer looks very realistic with the 40yr old patina i have an axial yeti and wraith for my son and I to tool around with. It's been awhile since we've used them though....yeti has a brushless with 4s lipo, waaay too fast for my 8yo. The jeep I can't seem to find the right combo of speed and crawling ability where he doesn't get bored with it. Also can never seem to keep it running. He been bugging my to fix it, perhaps this weekend is the time
  13. Chili with or without beans?

    IMO chili should be synonymous with beans, just wouldn't be the same without now that being said I make my beef chili with red kidney beans, chicken chili with white navy beans. As an earlier post said prob never made the same way twice. My friends and I used to host a chili cook off for bragging rights, it's been about 15yrs since our last. Time to rekindle the challenge good post
  14. C160 Hydro question.

    Do you have the proper amount of trans fluid, if not too it off is there perhaps belt slippage. Try changing belt
  15. Great tip !

    I've used those same ends and soldered, comes out really nice. In my case I couldn't find red 4g at the time so I used red heat shrink to cover the solder joint and to identify positive