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  1. Good snow tire?

    Good question....I believe the wheels to be 12x8 tires 23x10.50
  2. Good snow tire?

    I have the same tire, although I pushed snow this year with vbars and chains
  3. What happened to my horse

    Oh it does, and I’ve been doing my fair share of wood splitting lately, unfortunately I process all my firewood off site from my home. I just have so little time lately with my son and sports I was just aggravated as it felt like time spent with no positive results thanks
  4. C-160 parting

    Pm sent
  5. What happened to my horse

    I believe I used 400g, but point taken....I was just getting a bit frustrated. I’ll hit them with acetone later when I get a chance thanks for all the pointers
  6. What happened to my horse

    Everything new, or wires I’ve touched as gotten the dielectric grease treatment does anyone have a pn for new switch, I might as well just replace that
  7. What happened to my horse

    Well, oddly enough I just checked for spark again by turning over with key and found strong spark....put plug back in and she fired off right away. I’m confused!
  8. What happened to my horse

    Even though turning the key to start? The ignition switch is sending the signal to at least turn over, but you’re saying a bad ignition switch can potentially lead to no spark?
  9. What happened to my horse

    Ok, ran jumper wire as suggested and have strong spark.... points new today coil replaced last week, I still have one removed although it wasn’t more than a year old condensor replaced this past fall
  10. What happened to my horse

    No sorry I forgot i spent 3hrs today seeing red....wasn’t thinking clearly
  11. What happened to my horse

    Points brand new, been in a sealed bag since purchased prob 2yrs ago i did clean with emery cloth.....nothing
  12. What happened to my horse

    Ok, after camping down and having a beer, I am still no better off. Points seem to be gapped at .015, spark hash on flywheel seems to be online with mark at the point when points break....but have no spark at points when turning over. Every once in while the tractor willshow signs of starting and begin to fire off, but it’s only brief. Any other suggestions? this is so discouraging
  13. What happened to my horse

    Ok, I’m going to vent a bit here. I’m trying to set timing using a digital multi meter, first off my meter doesn’t have a 1k setting, but has 2k so I tried that. THIS IS A BS TASK!!!! I saw no changes on meter when rotating engine clockwise as instructed. I cannot maintain gap when try to tighten set screw....even though I am using an additional slotted screw driver as instructed to hold gap setting. When I tighten set screw the contacts F’ING move every damn time. I do not have more than 2 hands. I do not have a third hand to hold feeler gauge while the other 2 hands are occupied try to maintain gap with 2 slotted screwdrivers. I cannot get tractor to fire. I cannot get spark at the points. I cannot get any positive results in timing as per above instructions. My tractor is on the trailer still in my driveway, come get it, it’s yours!!! Points S@CK rant over
  14. What happened to my horse

    Thanks again for all the info got tractor home today and couldn’t even get it off the trailer...died again. I have a new set of points in inventory and will try to replace and time according to aforementioned steps above...if I have time in between my sons soccer games this weekend
  15. What happened to my horse

    Spent 5min this morning, new coil-no spark, new plug-no spark. So I moved onto the points. And to be honest I do not know what I was looking at because I’ve never actually ever set my hands on a set of points before....but cleaned the contact surfaces with sand paper then wala....got spark and she’s now running, loaded on trailer and will get it home to fine tune the points once I figure out what I actually need to do to them