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  1. Bought a ruger 308 m77 tactical several years ago with the idea of getting into some distance shooting.....think I shot it once
  2. My wife says I have expensive hobbies. Another that's not in a pic is guns, but have turned more into a collector as opposed to using them for I just haven't made time to get to the range that's 1 mile from my house For some reason I cannot upload any more pics
  3. I have a 48" dozen blade along with angle lever. But am in search of the angle control rod which connects the blade to the bottom of angle lever to facilitate angling of blade pls pm if avail
  4. I thought I had read somewhere those rear ends are "open" diff, although I do not have enough experience yet here to be definitive in my statement. I have a 73 16h hydro....and would love a limited slip option as it would help tremendously with traction
  5. Not sure what area you're from, but a lot of electrical contractors out this way have become a Generac certified "dealer/installer". I'd start with the internet and check out generacs website to see if they can provide any contractors in your area. Next you'd need natural gas service in her neighborhood, or have a propane company come to install a tank to fuel the system. I think cost maybe around 5-6k or so. as mentioned a battery backup would prob work well to get you thru the power outages as well and be a lot cheaper alternative good luck
  6. I just acquired 3, 3" od solid cold rolled steel bars. They're approx 24-30" long. I suspect they weigh around 75# each. I'm thinking of taking a spare 2" hitch tongue and welding it to one of the bars. This will be mounted to my hitch once I receive it from Tom the hitch guy. This could also do double duty as a rear bumper.....I think this will look pretty cool. Pics to come once motivated
  7. I think I read somewhere that excessive weight on stock hitch applies unnecessary "point" force on the underside of transaxle which could lead to failure. I think some have added wider pieces of metal to hitch where it contacts the case to distribute the weight over a wider area. i too am waiting on one of toms hitches and think I may try 100# of lead for the additional weight. As I cannot disagree with remarks concerning added wear on seals and perhaps bearings, I don't think 100# is too excessive. I will however be sure to keep the weight as close to tractor as possible as well as ensure it is tightly secured as to not bounce around and cause any potential damage due to being loosely secured
  8. Any suggestion on how to inspect said valve for proper function thanks
  9. My 7yo first time pushing snow, only got about 3-4" her in RI before it turned to rain. I still gotta get my weights and chains on but he did damn well for his first time out Sorry don't know how to rotate
  10. His phone number is somewhere in this post, I believe you're best trying that to contact him
  11. I can also confirm a backspacing of 1-1/2" on my 73' 16h hydro. I recently purchased a set of wheels and they accidentally sent me a set with 2-1/2" bs.....not even close to working. Backspace is measured from the wheel mounting surface to the back edge of wheel try if your looking for wheel spacers
  12. I also just received said tach from India, and thought I had more room for mounting options on the consol/dash area....but the closer I look there's not much real estate. I'll have to try to come up with something creative I suppose. I'm fairly handy with 12v systems but would prob have never figured out how to make this work. Thanks for all your work and diligence
  13. A 3-light clearance bar should be pretty cheap money, why not install one to have for additional safety for night driving. I like lights, so the more the merrier....especially these days where every other person I pass has their eyes glued to their phone
  14. i have a 73 no name 16h hydro....reverse is very lethargic, slow to react and not much speed there at all. the tractor does creep sometimes, so i know i will need to adjust for that, will this adjustment have any bearing on reverse speed/power? forward seems to be strong, and have even put the front of tractor up against my foundation and got wheel spin on asphalt without problem fluids have been changed along with filter, and there is the appropriate amount ATF as i just checked the dip stick. i believe i put in 5qts i havent taken the belt guard off, but there seems to be slop in the belt when running, not sure if this is normal? and input? thanks fellas