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  1. That rally car is awesome, blazer looks very realistic with the 40yr old patina i have an axial yeti and wraith for my son and I to tool around with. It's been awhile since we've used them though....yeti has a brushless with 4s lipo, waaay too fast for my 8yo. The jeep I can't seem to find the right combo of speed and crawling ability where he doesn't get bored with it. Also can never seem to keep it running. He been bugging my to fix it, perhaps this weekend is the time
  2. IMO chili should be synonymous with beans, just wouldn't be the same without now that being said I make my beef chili with red kidney beans, chicken chili with white navy beans. As an earlier post said prob never made the same way twice. My friends and I used to host a chili cook off for bragging rights, it's been about 15yrs since our last. Time to rekindle the challenge good post
  3. Do you have the proper amount of trans fluid, if not too it off is there perhaps belt slippage. Try changing belt
  4. I've used those same ends and soldered, comes out really nice. In my case I couldn't find red 4g at the time so I used red heat shrink to cover the solder joint and to identify positive
  5. I just order me a set of 23-10.50-12 off amazing, they had the best price Sorry to get off topic, I'd love to do this to my tractor. J imagine it greatly increases traction. How does it affect turning?
  6. I'd love to hear the spooling of a turbo when putting around the yard
  7. I'd love to see one of those printers in action in real time
  8. Insurance of any type is just a fraud. Their big dollar conglomerates with law makers in their pockets im a contractor, and have been plowing snow as a sub contractor for the town I live in for 9 seasons. Every plow season I adjust my auto policy as required by the town to commercially cover me in case of incident.....this spring my general liability insurance is now up for renual, after being with this company for 13+ years, part of their new vetting policy is to ask if you plow snow. Now I'm required to carry snow plow coverage for the entire 12 months, although I'm pretty sure I do not plow snow in July and August, but who am I to say. I still can't get a clear answer as to why I need this 12mo coverage and why all of a sudden I'm required to carry it after 9!years of not having to. From my experience and by required by town, all they require is the proper auto coverage. They create policies in which they say you MUST subscribe to or else your dropped for being a liability they ALL can kiss my A$$
  9. How about overhead (loft) storage for the tools
  10. time for a diesel swap
  11. Can you build a lean-to off side of garage?
  12. ^what he said. Great product
  13. I sharpen once a year using angle grinder with a flap wheel. Just need to use caution as you can remove material fast. I just make light quick passes over the cutting edge. Prob not the preferred method but works for me
  14. Ha, sorry to insult the Skiff
  15. If the c160 is on the table, I'd like to get in on the bidding!!!