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  1. 520 pedal kit install instructions

    Thank you for the help. Eric
  2. 520 pedal kit install instructions

    Thank you! Got it. Eric
  3. 520 pedal kit install instructions

    I did send him a PM. I never received a reply. I think he is a busy person. Eric
  4. 520 pedal kit install instructions

    Hi everybody, I bought one of mattd860 pedal kits for my 520 and the kit did not include a set of installation instructions. Can someone who also bought a kit please scan and send me a copy. My e-mail is erictarby88@yahoo.com. Thanks. Eric
  5. 520-h

    Have you checked Ebay?, I believe there are a couple listed now. Eric
  6. 520 two stage snow blower crank support

    Thank you again for the reply. I may have more questions as I mount the blower this week. Eric
  7. 520 two stage snow blower crank support

    Thanks for the reply. Eric Yes, this is a great help. If I can't find one I will make one. I do have a question, I noticed that in some pictures the crank rod goes through the support and in your set up you have a bracket that mounts to the support tube and the crank rod attaches to the extra bracket. Can you tell me why? Eric
  8. 520 two stage snow blower crank support

    Ok, I bought a two stage snow blower and it did not come with a chute adjustment rod support tube. Does anybody have any leads on one of these? Eric
  9. Snow blower questions

    Thanks Garry, Everything you said is a great help. Eric Thank you. You have a good looking collection. Love the two stage.Eric
  10. Snow blower questions

    I have another question. I am looking for a two stage snow blower for my 520 with the swept forward axle. Do I have to find a blower that came off a 520 with the swept forward axle or will others fit? Eric
  11. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    Here is an update. I bought and installed a 60" deck and used it today, I'm so glad I upgraded. I am happy that I found a deck with wheels on the front of the deck. I attached some pictures of the before and after. I do have a question, when I lift the deck it seems like it's not going up level. The front of the deck s higher then the rear, It's not level. I had the same thing happen on the 48" deck that came with the tractor. Any idea's. Now I need to replace the hood assembly. Eric
  12. I finally got one: 520h

    You did good on that buy. If you don't have room to store it I would be happy to use ......sorry I meant store it for you. Eric
  13. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    So it's safe to say this is why they added the louvers on the hoods. You would think they would have added some type of air duck work to the cooling intake just to get cleaner air away from the mower deck.
  14. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    Thanks for explaining why some decks have front wheels. Thanks for all the replies. One thing that I have noticed while mowing this weekend is the Onan cooling intake loves leaves.
  15. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    Sorry for all the questions. I attached two pictures, one is the front axle, is this a forward swept axle? I also attached a picture of the ID plate. The serial number is going to be a challenge. The tractor has a 48" deck now. Any thoughts on the HC deck with the wheels mounted on the front? I would think it is a better deck compared to the standard deck. I would like to find a two stage snow blower if anybody knows of one. Eric