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  1. RJ58 belt slipping and grinding

    Yup, sorry, I meant a 29.5" belt, but I jumped the gun on that anyway....the belt guard solved it. Thanks everyone for the help! I see where the bottom edge of the belt guard dishes out a bit towards the engine/trans side, so I see what you mean about adding washers to the spacers, which will push the guard out and give the belt a little more room on the bottom of its path. I think adding some washers are the right next step since the marks the belt left on the guard are all along the bottom and up into the trans pulley a little. I assume the ideal condition is the belt only contacting the guard when the clutch is in, but that may be tough for my old tractor and a brand new belt.
  2. RJ58 belt slipping and grinding

    I stand corrected! I don't fully understand the physics of the belt guard. Just did a rough fitting of the guard after making some spacers and I can shift without grinding now, although there are a few weird noises from under the guard when I engage the clutch which I need to figure out. I see where the belt rubs on the bottom and rear of the guard, so I guess that's a good thing because it forces the slack up around the engine pulley? So, lot's of progress, I went from the belt slipping and the tractor going nowhere to almost flipping the tractor the first time I put it in 2nd under higher rpms.
  3. RJ58 belt slipping and grinding

    Well, my new A27 belt got delivered really fast and once installed, the belt certainly isn't slipping when I put it in gear. But I also need to go back and readjust the brake, because now it likes to take off as soon as you put it in gear. I worked with the engine pulley some, but it's too pitted...I'm just going to order a new one. I'll keep working with it but I don't have high hopes of the belt guard helping much when installed. I'm betting a 27.5" belt may be worth trying.
  4. RJ58 belt slipping and grinding

    Thanks for the feedback! New belt is ordered.
  5. This new to me RJ58 has me feeling like I'm a special kind of stupid. Tried to put a new belt guard on it, wouldn't fit over the pulleys. Found the engine was pushed all the way forward in the frame. So I loosened it up and pushed the engine all the way towards the back, which let the belt cover fit over the pulleys. I messed with the brake rod a bunch, too, making sure the idler pulley tops out just under the belt guard top . So now at this point the belt is slipping so much the tractor will barely move and the trans pulley is still spinning when I'm pushing on the clutch as hard as I can, causing it to grind when shifting. But this is all happening without the belt guard on - I still need to get bolts and spacers. I've read and been told the guard will help with that, I imagine because it pinches the belt so that there's more gap around the pulleys and lets them slip more? Also, the pulleys are rough and I know they need polished out. Finally, the belt on it is an A28, which is 28" inner and 30" outer. I found threads saying a 29" belt is needed - is that the inner or outer measurement? I would hope it's the outer because that means my problem is simply a too-big belt.
  6. Snow plow for RJ58 in Chicago area

    Looking for a complete one, ready to bolt on and push some snow this Winter...cosmetics not important.
  7. C100 for sale w/ plow

    Found an RJ58, so this needs to go. New sparkplug, condenser, points and just cleaned out the carb yesterday. Just changed the oil, too. Runs pretty good. Small leak out of rear, will leave a tiny spot when it sits. Has all 4 hubcaps and comes with an extra set of wide JD rims with ags. Lights work. Choke works fine but choke cable needs dialed in. I suppose the carb probably needs dialed in too, because it will backfire when you quickly decrease the throttle. Throttle down slow and it's fine, though. It's dirty and had a repaint at some point. Includes 42 inch plow and all correct parts to attach (plow is currently mounted). Will sell without plow, too. I understand that if you want the plow, you probably want the wheel weights, too, but I would really like to keep them if I could! Pics and a few more details here:
  8. 54" plow $100 - SOLD

    Model # 6-4112. Scraper blade is welded to the bottom of the plow. Has everything you need to hook it up. Came with a C100 I bought, but the arm used to angle the blade is not right for the tractor. I already went out and got a 42" blade, so need this gone.
  9. Thanks, guys. I did try flipping the handle around so it bends inward instead of outward, but that did not work. It still gets in the way of the pedal. Finally found an old thread where someone had the same problem...I definitely need a new handle and a smaller blade, so might as well just start looking for a whole new setup.
  10. I bought a C100 that came with a model 6-4112 mounting frame and a 54" blade. Looks like the 6-4112 was made a few years before the C100 was introduced. I think I've got 3 problems: 1. The index angle lever bends outward on this model frame, I don't think there is any way to get it to work without it being in the way of the C100's brake pedal, correct? 2. I think the 54" blade is probably too big for a C100 plowing snow 3. The bottom of the blade is pretty shot - the scraper bar is welded to the blade. That's a bummer because I wanted to screw some thick rubber to the scraper bar and it's going to be a bunch of work to get that done on this blade. I'm just looking for a second opinion....assuming I can find a 42" frame and blade for ~$150, I should just buy it and take the easy way out, right? And I need a model that has the 2 90 degree bends in the angle index arm, right?
  11. 1961 or earlier tractor near Chicago

    Looking for my 1st Wheel Horse, preferably a 1961 or earlier to cruise around the yard and maybe pull a trailer. Doesn't have to be pretty but preferable running and driving with only minor fixes needed. Not looking to break the bank, a little rusty and repowered is fine.