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  1. 522xi Electrical Problem

    Since this sensor is epoxy sealed do you think its the sensor itself or the wires/connections leading to it? When I put pressure on the wires with my finger the light goes out. Im thinking about trying to release the wire connections from the bottom(unsealed half) of the sensor and redo them? Has anyone tried this? Tom
  2. Hi All... I have a New Holland GT22A (Toro/Wheel Horse) 522XI lawn tractor with an electrical problem. The check battery light started coming on (and staying on) most of the time. It does go out for short periods of time. I checked the battery with a voltage meter and it is charging. I checked all the wires around the engine and found that when I press on the wires entering a small plastic box(or module) mounted on the fire wall(next to the relays) the battery check light goes out. It must be a broken wire or bad connection at the box. Can anyone tell me what this box(or electrical module) is used for? I don't want to go cutting wires if this is a important or hard to locate part. The module has 4 wires entering from the bottom 1 orange, 2 red(connected together, and one black. The top reads: 1902 EV2 Thanks, Tom