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  1. Ok so I have everything set pretty much on the snowblower chain is on, chute cable is good and belt is now on correctly and it runs good. The only thing I noticed is the auger has about 1/8 inch of play side to side any ideas?
  2. I'm also having trouble with the chute cable. I've read the directions in the manual. It states that to begin routing the cable the chute has to be rotated to the right 90 degrees. But is it to the right standing behind it or in front? I've been routing the cable with the chute turned to the crank side of the blower
  3. ok thanks I will try that
  4. Hi I just mounted the snowblower and went pretty easy but the belt hits the front axle so bad I won't run it like this. Do I have the routing wrong seems like it only goes one way ? That bottom pulley is loose in the pic but was wondering if there's any adjustment on these
  5. Idler pulley c 160

    Thanks Garry !
  6. Idler pulley c 160

    Hi anybody know the nappa number on the idler pulley ??
  7. Set screw completely stripped

    I was going to pull the engine drive pulley off the c160 because all of the bolts for the clutch plate are broken off inside. The first set screw was fine and was impressed how easy it was. Put the Allen in the other one and it just spins. What's the best route in removing the set screw and getting that pulley off
  8. Junk yard save!

    She runs not even a puff of smoke on first start up I'm impressed! I gotta get busy if I'm gonna put the snowblower on it ! It got saved from the junk. Good original engine and it's gonna be back to work again for this horse!! Should I start a new topic called resurrection?
  9. 1960's snow thrower

    Ended up getting 10 ft of #40 chain. I'll put new chain on the 42 inch as well. Does anybody have a diagram for this?
  10. Junk yard save!

    Nice I hate seeing these junked !
  11. Junk yard save!

    Well found out it didn't have points either no big deal and I found a brand new seal and gasket kit which is a plus but this doesn't look like I'll have an issue with that. I just put a new seal around the points. Also the guy broke every bolt in the shroud so I had to tap those out.
  12. Junk yard save!

    Is the engine shroud and starter the same on the 10 hp. This motor didn't come with a starter and the shroud is too far gone on the bottom I think I have a starter and shroud off a 10 hp in my shed
  13. Junk yard save!

    He puts 16 hp kohlers in sears suburbans so when finds a tractor with a k341 takes the motor and junks the rest but his father likes wheel horse so i don't know.
  14. Junk yard save!

    He model is 1-0380-9 year?
  15. Junk yard save!

    This help ??