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  1. What did you take home from the Big Show

    II need that banner to go with my pace car.!! One day I hope I stumble across a Indy 500 special to go with it. I gotta get to the show next year it’s been to many years since I’ve been .
  2. Rm 367 deck rebuild

  3. Rm 367 deck rebuild

    I totally agree. I do the same. Thanks for the info. !
  4. Rm 367 deck rebuild

    Hey guys so I was awaiting the last of my. Bearings and finished assembly tonight with all but the back bracket for the wheels and a couple of carriage bolts that I was awaiting until everything went together. These are like a little puzzle but neat how everything falls into place once you figure it out. One question for you guys how much grease would you guys pack on the gears. It seems like they just spin a lot off. From what I can remember. So do you really have to pack these things or just keep them coated??
  5. Ok folks so after some good old fashion elbow grease this is the final product
  6. Kohler 181 runs strong but pops alittle

    Just cuts out if you turn to bottom out or unscrew all the way. As I said it runs strong on all rpm range but when it gets to mid to high. It’s as intermittent, pop pop pop. It diesnt slow the motor any. But I really don’t have a load on it. Points look really worn. Wondering if I should get a set. I don’t know if that would really help with a new spark plug. I cleaned the carb thoroughly today. And It’s clean as a whistle. I wish I could post a video.
  7. Kohler 181 runs strong but pops alittle

    I just pulled the spark plug it’s fouled pretty bad. And looks like a lot of build up inside. I never thought about this probably because when I bought it. The head was cleaned and looked like a brand new head gasket. I pulled it out and the spark plug is a j19LM. I thought these were j8c? Well I thinking know to pull the head just to see what she looks like.
  8. Hi guys. As I’m going through this tractor to get everything mechanically set. I’d figure I ask you about this. The motor runs very strong. It was sitting for a long time before I got it did the normal carb kit adjusted to book specs then tuned. Replaced fuel lines filter. Just didn’t put points or plug in as it fires right up. Actually I’m impressed right now because I don’t have to choke it on a cold start in the ct summer. But when it runs on any speed from idle to high rpm. It’s sporadically has little pops. It’s really more of a nuisance really I’d like to have it cleared up. I can say it’s definitely not starving for fuel. And the throttle arm stays put it doesn’t surge. Any little tricks or recommendations would be very helpful. thanks, Chris
  9. Thanks guys just figured I put this up Incase anyone wanted to try it. This is the paint I used
  10. So I required this steering wheel not too long ago. I got it cheap. It was very straight but had some cracks and the middle was out of round but I don’t know how round they were suppose to be all the ones I’ve had were alittle oblong. Normally I just use compound and try to get the shine back on but this needed some work. So i got a little creative. First I used a heat gun and got the plastic to mold alittle by heating and stuck a flat blade into the back slits to get it somewhat round again. Plus it had a piease of plastic sticking out when someone tried to pull off the shaft but couldn’t. Next I used jb weld epoxy and filled in the cracks and any where to get it smooth like a skim coat. I sanded it. Then used dupli color vinyl gloss black paint with the clear vinyl primer. This paint I find works well because it won’t run off on your hands like a normal paint. I still need to scuff and put another coat or so but this is where I’m at
  11. Rm 367 deck rebuild

    Update. So I got the blades for a good price. If I went through my dealer I could of bought three sets lol. I’m almost done with the assembly. I just have to put the shafts and thrust bearings in. Also I have to tweak the back wheels somebody was riding it and made a big groove into the shaft. No big deal. I also ordered some decals from redo your horse. Back in the day I used to order my decals from a place called beginning with a m it was their last name. For the life of me can’t remember. But they used to be at the big show in pa. If anybody remembers I’d like to know.