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  1. wisconsin S7D

    You ever come down to southeastern indiana? If so I have a fairly complete s7d sitting in the shed I would sell cheap.
  2. IH Thoughts ?

    982 is fairly sought-after, never had a super but a lot of guys seem to love them.

    I don't have any pictures of the one dad owned but I his 1948 willys was the first car I ever drove. I was driving it when I was nine.
  4. Added two more rjs

    At least someone got them that will enjoy them. I'll get an rj one of these days.
  5. Added two more rjs

    Once again a day late and a dollar short that's what I get for dragging my feet. Saw the add for the rj35 last night.
  6. cub cadet 104

    She cleaned up pretty decent also.
  7. Engine test run stand

    Speaking of dynos I have a prototype brand kart dynos I bolt mine to. Even though it's designed for kart engine it works well and I can put a load on it if I want.
  8. A little advice for a newbie

    Look at what new junk from a big box store cost. You might get 5 years out of one if your lucky. A horse will last a lifetime.
  9. cub cadet 104

    Went out to visit dad today and he had been going through old pictures. He found this and gave it to me, that's me setting on it when I was about three years old.
  10. Restoration Poll

    I didn't vote cause I like and appreciate them all restored, custom, or original. I have some in different stages of refreshing and pretty nice original. I think it all depends on the story behind them, some have sentimental attachments that restoring would ruin in my opinion. My late grandpa's cub cadet 104 is one that I'll never restore just try to preserve the best I can.
  11. I bought a deck off karl a couple of weeks ago. Nice guy with some nice tractors. I was right down the road in Greensburg most of the day today.
  12. Reminiscing

    Dad had a cub cadet 106 that he still mows with sometimes and grandpa had a cub cadet 104 that is now mine.
  13. Wheel Horse?

    Not a horse but cool.
  14. Need help

    Been sitting awhile but should start 400$
  15. Anyone ever see any White Yard Boss tractors around?

    On Facebook vintage garden tractors buy sell and trade there's one for sale, or at least I believe it's one but it's in Illinois, a bit far for me and I'm closer than NY