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  1. Did you get that plug of yours loosened up? Or did you have to drill it out?
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I don't have any diesel around so I just put the new oil in and figure I'll drop that out towards the end of summer and see what it looks like. Diesel flush the common plan for cleaning it out?
  3. Old plug came out without much incident. Put PB blaster on it a few times over the last few days which couldn't have hurt. old oil was well past due being replaced. Used a brass replacement that sticks down more than the orig but has protection from the draw bar and the plow support bracket so I don't think it will be a problem. Thanks guys. Here are a few pics.
  4. I have a bunch of firewood to move and want to use the 414-8 for that this summer. In preparation for the work I went to drain the transaxle and put new fluid in but found that the drawbar has been rubbing on it. I don't dare remove it until I have a replacement. I'm guessing it is a standard plug but was hoping someone has the size to be sure I get the right one. I'm surprised the drawbar moved enough to hit the plug. The limiting pieces of "tube" don't look worn, but I added a piece of copper pipe to restrict movement so it doesn't happen again. Hoping that in trying to remove this worn plug it cooperates as I'm pretty certain the oil in the transaxle is original and well due for a change. Advice is always appreciated. Thanks in advance,
  5. Received one of these from you last week for my 414-8, and it is working great. Used brake cleaner to prep and had a tube of the Permatex Motoseal Ultimate gasket maker open and used that as the adhesive and seems to have worked well. Thank you!
  6. Thanks. Got it a heck of a lot closer today. I think I've had this chain and trunnion off the tractor 4x and each end of it on and off a 1/2 dozen times each. In all, if I get it so that the bump stops are actually touching the foot rests upon the lift latching, I have to pull incredibly hard on the handle. Actually had to pull the handle and hit the button down with a mallet to get it to release. Back it off one turn on the trunion, and now the lift feels and latches in an appropriate manner, but hangs down 1/4 of an inch from the bump stop on the left side of the tractor. From the wear I see on the rear deck tire for that side, this seems common. In all, I think that's about as close as I can get it without rebuilding the lift mechanism as there is some play with the latch pin (#2 in pic). Also, I flipped the end on the trunnion due to wear. Is that still an easily obtainable part for replacement? I'll save a bit slop right there with a new one. Thanks, pen
  7. Played around with the lift chain and trunnion, but just can't make that deck rest up on the bump stops. I'm thinking wear in the catch for the lift itself is the culprit. As I pull the lift as high as I can, the deck will rest up against the bump stops, but when it settles in to the catch for the lift, it's 1/2 inch down. Thanks,
  8. I just played around with the chain lift connection. It has been connected in the rear of the two holes. I tried bolting to one link up, and I couldn't latch the handle at the top of the lift. Move it to the forward of two holes on the lift rod, and it seems a bit better, but no matter how I adjust the lift knob, I see the handle moving but can't get to mower to rest on the bump stops at the lifted position..... I'm missing something.
  9. Thanks for all the help. You guys are outstanding! I took a stab at it at the parts store today and came home with a Gates 6896,,,,1/2"x96" . It worked but I had to have all of the adjustment out of the mule drive to get the belt on. After running and adjusting a few times over the course of an hour tonight, it's settled in to about 1/4 of the way through the adjustment path. I can see how 98" is the way to go. In all, this mower did an amazing job. I'm very impressed with the cut. In setting it up for the mower, one thing that surprised me was the at the height I'm used to cutting my lawn, my back wheels are dragging even when the deck is in the lifted position. Is that normal? When dropping the lift, only the front of the mower goes down and not much. In all, I supposed it just doesn't lift as high as I was accustomed to. I did adjust that screw in the back which seemed to lower the front some and really gave me a nice cut, just not sure if things are as they were intended to be. Thanks for sharing the manuals, going to grab a beer and start reading through those now.
  10. I believe so, with a recycling kit or shields perhaps added. Here's a shot underneath. Not sure if I needed a shorter belt or hooked it up to the machine incorectly, where it didn't sit back as far or some such thing. Thanks... What concerns me is when lifting it won't come up to the bump stops touching. I tried shortening the chain,, then I didn't have enough room to lift it all the way to the catch. So if it really is mounted right, now to figure out what size belt.
  11. Evening folks, About a month ago I was lucky enough to find a well used but well maintained 1986 414-8 that came only with the dozer blade. Kids and I had a blast using the old girl to put some new gravel down in the driveway and was simply planning on plowing with it mostly. However, a friend of mine found out about us getting the 414 and gave me a 42 inch recycler deck and a mule drive that he had laying around. He used these 20+ years go before switching to a side discharge on a 312-8. Long story short I brought the setup home and did my best in mounting it. However, the mower drive belt seems too long. The belts are old and should be replaced, but I want to make sure I have things setup right before buying new belts. If you would, please take a look at a few of these pics and how I've got things set, and let me know if I have it mounted wrong or really do just need a shorter belt since this is a 414 from 1986 and the tractor it used to be on was a 312 that would have been from 1990 or so. Thank you for for the help,