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  1. New horse in the barn!

    My c161 has the big plastic fender pan. The 161's look much better with the streamline metal pan.
  2. Go to" I save tractors.com" aftermarket carburetor and much cheaper. The carb for a 14 hp Kohler should have a number "30" in it when looking in the venturi behind the choke plate.
  3. mower deck

    Thanks for the help, anxious to see how this tractor mows. The twin briggs runs very good.
  4. mower deck

    I have a 79 c161 with a 42mr01 rear discharge deck, I can,t find the old belt, it was shot anyway. If I could find the belt size or number I might be able to pick up a new belt. TIA.
  5. Lawn sweeper

    Those sweepers origionally came with a rope you could pull while sitting on the seat, no need to get off when dumping. That is in amazing shape for it,s age.
  6. Acres per Wheel Horse ..

    I have 3-1/2 acres but 2 acres is mowed by a 4 leg hay burning horse. No gas or oil required. C161 could mow the other 1-1/2 part.

    this is the c161 wheel horse that I bought last year for $50. It has the briggs engine and runs very good, hydro trans and hyd lift.
  8. Wheel Horse Airplane?!

    There is a video on youtube of a 1930's Fordson tractor with the tank/screw drive used to deliver mail in the high Sierra mts in California. It looks like it is as fast as it was on wheels.The tractor is in the Hedrick ag museum in Woodland,Ca.
  9. Panel Dimensions Needed

    Terry: I can lay those parts on some paper and trace around them. My wheel horse is a 161 hydro. I don't have your address anymore.
  10. The gas tank is from a simplicity/allis garden tractor B110-112 around 1965-67. they have 4 knurled bolts holding the hood on. Tank has dent for left side rear bolt.
  11. Wheel Horse Fire Engine

    JimD thanks for the offer on the shop manual but I have had one for many years. I still have a couple of 59 Fords.
  12. Wheel Horse Fire Engine

    1959 Ford front bumper with license plate bracket. I have a couple 59 Fords
  13. ACR-spring K301S ?

    A couple of years ago my jd dealer did a dealer search and got a new compression release spring for me for a 12hp 301.
  14. 1277 starter/generator problem

    Those 2 big flat head screws hold the field whindings to the inside of the generator case. There is 2 long bolts on the brush end of the generator pull them out and remove the end plate, that where the brushes are.
  15. What brand wheel weights?

    T-Mo: I picked up a C161 that was on Crraigslist about 5 months ago. The add said stop by Starbucks and bring me a $20 gift card. It is rust free and has a replacement short block. The only attachment is a mower-deck, I bought a battery and the rubber gas tank bung. It seems to have plenty of power. Someone did a great job on the Christmas decorations on Red Square!