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My interest in Wheel Horse tractors began when I was about 12 or 13, my parents next door neighbor had an 856 that he kept very clean & on occasion would let me drive.Not long after that my father found a nice used 401 that we used for pushing snow in the winter or pulling a cart around the yard.The Wheel Horse's were very popular in the subdivision I grew up in a several of my friends fathers had them.Those red tractors allways stuck with me, later in life when I bought my first home & friend offered me an 855 that his parents had left him.He didn't want it or was planning on keeping it.It was a project tractor that needed some TLC, I found parts on ebay & met some local Wheel Horse collectors buying parts on the bay too...(before bidders were anonymous & I knew people collected them).So as the story goes the collecting bug hit & I started to look for a 401 like I used as a kid.I found a 401 & a few others.I enjoy going to the tractor shows & swaps, seeing some of the extremely well done restorations, & meeting other collectors.My favorite activity with Horse's is hunting for the next "one", useing them, wrenching on a broken down abused Horse & bringing it back again.I've been a member here at Red Square since 12-06 and I've been learning & meeting new people since.