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  1. Wheel Hub Part numbers?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Wheel Hub Part numbers?

    I am in the process of restoring an automatic 12 and I thought i'd ask if anyone knows the part number for the hubs, or knows where I can get one because this is why I got the tractor for free because it broke
  3. I have a wheel horse c161 Hydro, and I want to put on a stack type exhaust as the muffler that is currently on it appears to be to large and burns the paint on one side of the hood, what will I need to do this job, such as pipe size and stuff. The picture is what I want my muffler and pipe to look like, it is not my tractor
  4. C160 Exhaust opinions

  5. wheel horse bushing

    I payed like 7 Bucks for 2
  6. wheel horse bushing

    It is indeed the clevis hitch and I was able to get the bushing/bearing pieces at ACE hardware, they arent factory but they get the job done, thanks for all your help guys
  7. wheel horse bushing

    I have a wheel horse c-161 automatic hydro, And I was plowing with it, there is a small bar under the seat that swings back and forth with the hydraulics and it is attached to a circular piece with 2 bushings that have a small flange on the end of them, they are both pretty much shot and the one flange broke off so I could no longer raise my plow because the piece holding the bar with the bushings popped out because the one bushing is completely shot, Anybody Know where I can get these small bushings?
  8. Proper belt for Wheel Horse c161 Auto Hydro

    Ok thank you
  9. Proper belt for Wheel Horse c161 Auto Hydro

    I have recently acquired a Wheel horse C-161 Automatic Hydrostatic, and I noticed what seems to be the drive belt is missing some chunks so I am wondering what is the proper belt to fit it, and if it is indeed the drive belt, It runs from where the shaft comes out on the side to the rear of the tractor,