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  1. RM364 deck for sale

    Yes, I know that is what the picture is I posted as that is the deck I have to trade.
  2. RM364 deck for sale

    Would this work on a 606 w/o modification? If so would you be intersted in trade for a lawn ranger deck?
  3. Thanks Garry, Looks like I need to replace the parts on top portion of the deck for the proper mounting hardware.
  4. I have seen these 36" gear driven decks on short frame tractors and lawn rangers alike. And I happen to have one off a lawn ranger, but have a 606 I'd like to put it on. Is this possible? Or do I need some substantial modifications? Thanks!
  5. Wausau, WI to Leesburg, IN Nov 4th

    Wish I could, but I have my nephews birthday party that day. At any rate I'll be having cake and Ice cream too!
  6. Wausau, WI to Leesburg, IN Nov 4th

    I'm lucky enough to be meeting 2 red square members on this trip! Should be a hoot.
  7. I'll be traveling from Wausau, WI to Leesburg, IN on November 4th. I will be making a stop in Janesville, WI on my way back. If you need something along this route hit me up and we can work out the details.
  8. Electro 12 engine pulley

    Thank you @953 nut.
  9. My coworkers father has an Electro 12 with the 12 hp kohler and would like to put a mower deck on it. The problem is he is missing the pulley that comes of the right side of the engine that would drive the belt for the deck. Does anyone know a part number for this pulley? Thanks!
  10. 606 w/ plow

    Wheel horse 606 (franken). Was repowered with a 7 hp tecumseh and has a replacement hood. Needs a carb rebuild, was running and driving earlier this summer. Missing a choke cable. Comes with tire chains and a nice snow plow. Also have a 36" mechanical drive mower deck that I can throw in for the asking price. (I've seen them mounted on tractors like this but I don't know how to). 400.00 OBO I will be traveling from wi to in may deliver. Update------- New carburetor purchased and will be installed.
  11. C-185

    I'm swring the batteries are 90-150+ each. Anyone know if you could use 3 12 volt batteries?
  12. C-185

    It takes 6 batteries, so 6 volts each? Where do you get your batteries and what is the cost?
  13. C-185

    Does this take a standard 12v Marine deep cycle battery?
  14. C-185

    Looking at a road trip to IN to pick this up for $250.00, anything I need to know before I buy? It will be my first electric horse.