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  1. 69' / 70' Bolens 1254-01 - PTO Coupler

    So I order the 1"-15 spline yoke, I assume the Tube Assembly 48" Driveline, and the standard cross and bearing kit? Would you recommend the pre-shipping assembly? What does that mean exactly?
  2. 69' / 70' Bolens 1254-01 - PTO Coupler

    Great information! Thank you!
  3. Hello all. I have a Bolens 1254-01 that Im taking out of retirement and putting back to work as my snow throwing machine. I got it in a trade and it came with a good deck, snow thrower, wheel weights, and chains. I love the spline shaft accessory hookup as I think it will churn up snow better than a belt driven pto. Not to mention the Wisconsin 12hp is in its final stages of life and recently started sending out smoke signals when first started until it warms up. Might as well run it until she quits and rebuild. That being said, I am missing the coupler that attaches the PTO Shaft to the gear box of the attachments. Its a female spline to univeral joint attachment and looks like this. Here is the tractor. I recently gave it a sand/prime/paint but no decals yet until I decide on the modded hood staying or going. I took the pic from the Sam Bolens website. Im looking for a cheaper alternative. Thanks for any help!
  4. Onan 16 (516-H) Fuel in the crankcase

    Well this could have something to do with the sluggish feeling and lack of raw power, a dead piston with a snapped connecting rod. To rebuild or to repower! THAT is the question! In the meantime.... Keep your beach, this is where I forget about blown Onans!
  5. Onan 16 (516-H) Fuel in the crankcase

    Sorry for the late response fellas. Can't thank you enough for all the awesome input. Haven't had time to run through everyone's advice and formulate a game plan. So far from what I read I'll be buying an electric low presure fuel pump and a two pack from Ebs. Can't hurt to have backups! From that point it looks like testing to further diagnose the problem assuming the pump doesn't fix it. I will also put up another pic if ericj's response didn't already clear up your question 1995? I promise I will post an update and more pics. Been so busy lately working on a Bolens 1254 I picked up, as well as a Grasshopper 721 Zero Turn. I'll tell ya, I'm liking this TRA-12 Wisconsin! Strong motor! Thanks again all! Updates coming!
  6. Onan 16 (516-H) Fuel in the crankcase

    Interesting you say that Ed. That's exactly what the fella thought it was that I got it from. I put no stock in it at the time considering he muffed up a perfectly good plow by welding brackets on it because he couldn't figure out how to mount it. So, clean the carb and get a new pulse pump? Can I rebuild it?
  7. Onan 16 (516-H) Fuel in the crankcase

    Good morning gents. Picked up a 516-H the other day and finally got to tinkering with it. Keep in mind it was a sub $400 purchase so the plow and the fact that it runs at all is a good thing. Now when the air filter cover came off it was dripping with a mixture of gas and oil. Seems like it was blowing out of the breather maybe? Then after the old oil was drained (or should I say the 30:1), new oil was added and it was run for a few minutes. Oil was drained and it reeked of gas. Any suggestions on how to tighten this up? Motor need a valve job and rings? As always, your input is valued and appreciated! Here's some pics of exterior motor. Thanks again!
  8. R-26 with 5.5hp Tecumseh No Spark

    Thanks Garry. I have since downloaded this manual and it's definitely provided good insight.
  9. R-26 with 5.5hp Tecumseh No Spark

    Update: As usual you guys were spot on. Dirty points was the culprit. I have to be a straight shooter and admit it took another RS Member to get in there and give them a proper cleaning before we had her sparkin away. So thanks Josh! Also, an extra shout to Howie for the additional information regarding the points and condenser. It's those little tidbits of information that add to your knowledge base and make you a more efficient and capable . Appreciate the info!! That little thing is fun to kick around on. Looking forward to getting the deck mounted. Missing the rear deck hanger. Thanks again!
  10. R-26 with 5.5hp Tecumseh No Spark

    I wish Garry. I just saw the pictures of them on a tractor forum while I was researching. I will try and reach out to the fella and ask if I can have a copy. I will certainly scan and email/upload them if I can find them. At the risk of sounding like a water-head, where would the points and condenser be on this? It's definitely not like a k181 or k301 where the points are on the lower left under the governor arm. I'm thinking the points are on the magneto under the blower cover about centerline top of the Flywheel? Not sure it would even have a condenser if it's a pull start? I'm no mechanic, feel free to set me straight if I'm talking nonsense. I love to learn.
  11. R-26 with 5.5hp Tecumseh No Spark

    By the way, anyone know if we have these in the manual section? I'm not real technologistically inclinated. Thanks again!
  12. R-26 with 5.5hp Tecumseh No Spark

    Awesome. Thanks guys. I'll let you know how I make out.
  13. Hello All. Picked up this little feller here a couple days ago and just got around to wrenching on it last night. I cleaned up the carb, put a new plug in, new oil and fuel, and it doesn't want to fire. Checked the spark and I don't see anything. Ran fine 2 years ago the guy said and I have every reason to believe him. I guess I have two questions: 1.) What is on this, magneto? Where can I buy one to replace? 2.) I have a Trailblazer 7 with a 7hp Tecumseh pull Start. Think I can pull that magneto off and use it? (Assuming it is indeed a magneto). As always, Thanks for the help!!