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  1. Fuel pump boiling fuel!

    I'm using the clear pvc type line. I just thought it was weird that it ran fine again after it cooled off
  2. Fuel pump boiling fuel!

    I thought maybe it was just air. I need to get an infrared thermometer. The air cleaner was scalding hot when I brushed against it though
  3. Fuel pump boiling fuel!

    I was mowing with my C165 today and it sputtered and stalled like it ran out of fuel. When I looked at the fuel line coming from the fuel pump to the carb, the fuel was boiling!! Do I need to change the exhaust route or ? IMG_2929.MOV
  4. 12 horse short frame?

    That's awesome! I'll have to check it out
  5. 12 horse short frame?

    Awesome thank you!
  6. 12 horse short frame?

    Thinking about putting a K301 in a short frame such as a 606. Curious if anyone has tried this! Will it fit?
  7. Gt14 package deal to good to true??

    Yeah I'm assuming the seller doesn't know what he has.. hmm I'd be willing to bet it's the same tractor! Still no reply on the add
  8. Gt14 package deal to good to true??

    I became a member of the group before it became secret apparently
  9. Gt14 package deal to good to true??

    Someone has it set as a secret group for some reason. I'm not sure how to join honestly
  10. Gt14 package deal to good to true??

    Facebook.com/groups/119400231742340 Try this and see but it says only members can see group
  11. Gt14 package deal to good to true??

    Wow that's odd! Maybe that's why no one has bought it!! It's a secret group!!
  12. Gt14 package deal to good to true??

    Here is a screen shot of the listing. It's also posted in the Facebook "marketplace" if you change your area to Noblesville you should be able to find it quickly! Still no reply from seller
  13. Gt14 package deal to good to true??

    I've tried contacting the seller two different methods with no reply. Guess it was too good to be true
  14. Gt14 package deal to good to true??

    I just feel like there's something fishy! It's been for sale since may at that price
  15. Gt14 package deal to good to true??

    It's for sale on the "Garden Tractor Junkies" Facebook page. Located in noblesville Indiana. Thanks for your input Dave! And the pulley I got off of you worked perfect! I'm gonna have to think on this one and see. Gotta make some room in the stable if I wanna bring anything else home!