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  1. I have a feeling this one is in pretty bad shape internally. I will probably just run it til something else breaks and keep it for a parts tractor
  2. This should be the one!
  3. I just saw the $85 price tag for the gear and the tractor Isn't worth spending that much on it. Where did you get your new gear?
  4. Wish I could!!!
  5. Yikes!! It's just an old rust bucket so I guess I'll drive her til she gets tired!
  6. Other gears are fine! How much damage will it cause if I just drive it with the other gears?
  7. Scored a 606 for free. Got it going tonight and there is no 3rd gear. If you force it and let off the clutch it just grinds. Any suggestions??
  8. I actually got the tractor for free as well!! Haha I'm gonna hang on to it! I'll get it running this weekend. Is it the Pennsylvania show?
  9. Well I scored a gently used Briggs 900 series to repower my new 606! Doesn't have an air cleaner cover for it so I zip tied the filter on after I cleaned all the junk out of the carb and it ran good. Now it will rev slow and die after it idles a second. I'm guessing there's some more gunk in the carb that I either missed or broke free??
  10. Got the new seals in and everything back together! Looks like the set screws just came loose overtime. They tightened back down nicely with no play in the hubs!
  11. That's what I'm afraid of. There wasn't a whole lot of slop but I'm curious to see how they are when I get them back on. Would it just be a drill and tap for a second set screw?
  12. The no rust part is also a plus!!
  13. My old crusty 606 that I rescued from a fence row has been puking gear oil all over the place so I decided I'd pull the hubs off and take a look at the seals...... welllll the hubs were already loose!! turns out the gear oil has been seeping between the hub and the axle shaft. All I had to do was back off the bolt on each hub and they slid right off! I never get that lucky!
  14. Well here it is! Decided to go rear mount. Complete with wireless remote winch! Gotta add some front weights next haha
  15. That's awesome!!