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  1. 8 speed won't go into neutral

    I noticed the plow frame seemed to have some vibration to it... looked underneath and the crossbar for short frame tractors was still in the plow and hitting the brake band when the plow was lifted up problem solved!
  2. Its absolutely freezing here in Indiana and I've been plowing some snow with the C165. I've noticed some grinding when driving it and when I shut it off in neutral and go to push it it grinds even worse and the tires are fighting each other. The input shaft doesn't turn when I push or pull the tractor in "neutral" which is good.. Is it possible the shifter screw is loose?
  3. Electric rear lift success!

    Thank you! Needs some reinforcements but it's pretty solid as is
  4. Electric rear lift success!

    Thanks! I will snap some tomorrow. I made brackets that attach to the plow bracket on the top side of the axles housings.
  5. Well I scored a free 4" linear actuator from a combine so I went ahead a built an electric rear lift. It's not the fastest thing but it definitely beats manually lifting! Right now it's just set up for my grader blade but I will be getting my cultivator and disc to work with it as well. Blade lifts to almost 5"
  6. Rear lift cable electric actuator

    Alright I'll look at the 6" then!
  7. Rear lift cable electric actuator

    The down pressure would definitely be nice!!! I might try to go outside of the tank bracket. Is 4" of travel plenty ??
  8. Rear lift cable electric actuator

    I just finished reading your thread! I love your setup! Definitely gonna try something like that! How's your holding up?
  9. Thinking about setting up an electric actuator for my rear hitch on my C165. I was wondering if I could put it up under the belly of the tractor and hook the rear cable to it and leave the manual lift handle for the mower deck. Would a 330 pound capacity actuator be enough?
  10. Fuel pump boiling fuel!

    I'm using the clear pvc type line. I just thought it was weird that it ran fine again after it cooled off
  11. Fuel pump boiling fuel!

    I thought maybe it was just air. I need to get an infrared thermometer. The air cleaner was scalding hot when I brushed against it though
  12. Fuel pump boiling fuel!

    I was mowing with my C165 today and it sputtered and stalled like it ran out of fuel. When I looked at the fuel line coming from the fuel pump to the carb, the fuel was boiling!! Do I need to change the exhaust route or ? IMG_2929.MOV
  13. 12 horse short frame?

    That's awesome! I'll have to check it out
  14. 12 horse short frame?

    Awesome thank you!