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  1. K341 governer/throttle adjustment

    I was thinking that could be a possibility. I can hook up a volt meter to it I reckon and see what happens. The coil has a pretty big rusty dent in it from the previous owner
  2. K341 governer/throttle adjustment

    I checked the bowl and it wasn't the cleanest but not bad. Sprayed everything down with carb cleaner and no luck still. Here's a video of it running while driving. I've tried adjusting the carb with no luck. IMG_2761.MOV
  3. K341 governer/throttle adjustment

    I'm hoping that's the issue!
  4. K341 governer/throttle adjustment

    That makes sense! I did reset the governer arm on the governer shaft last night. Didn't seem to make a difference
  5. K341 governer/throttle adjustment

    Thank you Garry. I will mess with the high speed adjustment tonight and see what happens and also check the bowl for debris. Is it possible I don't have the throttle linkage between the carb and the governer at the correct length?
  6. K341 governer/throttle adjustment

    It runs great if I open the throttle on the carb by hand!
  7. K341 governer/throttle adjustment

    Got the new Chinese carb on my k341 and I'm still having issues with it. When I open the throttle all the way with it not running everything opens as should but when it's running the throttle shaft on the carb only opens half way. As in the governer isn't functioning correctly or a spring is warn. It surges terribly and almost dies when you drive it. Definitely frustrating!!! Here's a video of it running. IMG_2755.MOV
  8. Switching to electric fuel pump!

    Perfect thank you!
  9. Switching to electric fuel pump!

    Waiting on the eBay electric fuel pump to show up for the C165. Only thing I'm not sure about is what to do with the old mechanical one. Do I just leave it in place or do I need to make a cover plate with the a gasket and remove it?
  10. 42" sd hanging uneven

    Tires are good on pressure and the rear deck wheels look straight/square. I'm almost certain now that the deck is twisted
  11. 42" sd hanging uneven

    Can't seem to find anything on here about the front wheels. Are they supposed to be rolling when mowing?? Or just there for antiscalp purposes
  12. Still can't get my 42" SD to cut even. It appears the right side of the deck is hanging lower than the left side at the highest 2 levels. And out of the 3 front deck wheels only the right one touches the ground when im parked on the concrete. Which hole should the lift rod be in?
  13. Haha I hope this fixes it!! Not really sure what else it could be here's a few more pics I took after we messed with it a little last night. Hard to judge by the pics though
  14. The quadrant is not even bolted on straight. It looks like the carriage bolts have started to pull/tear from the deck. So I'm gonna have to do some reinforcing I think
  15. Well I got the spindles greased up everything seems tight and straight. We got to looking at the deck wheels and I noticed the adjustment bracket is wayyy bent. Hopefully the pics are good enough to show. Now I have to figure out how to straighten it. The detent spring and pin fall out of the respectable retaining hole!