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  1. Haha I hope this fixes it!! Not really sure what else it could be here's a few more pics I took after we messed with it a little last night. Hard to judge by the pics though
  2. The quadrant is not even bolted on straight. It looks like the carriage bolts have started to pull/tear from the deck. So I'm gonna have to do some reinforcing I think
  3. Well I got the spindles greased up everything seems tight and straight. We got to looking at the deck wheels and I noticed the adjustment bracket is wayyy bent. Hopefully the pics are good enough to show. Now I have to figure out how to straighten it. The detent spring and pin fall out of the respectable retaining hole!
  4. I got to thinking last night and looking at the pics of how it was cutting and I think this is problem! Seems like it is a tilt issue with the deck! I'll have to check the mounts tonight!
  5. One of the spindles is squeaking too so I guess that gives me enough reasons to take it off for a full inspection
  6. I don't think it's a uneven blade issue. It cuts even if I make one pass. But if I make I second one it doesn't line up with the first pass. Maybe it's just more noticeable after 1 pass?
  7. Sorry pics are terrible. Best I can do tonight. Has a total of 7 wheels with 2 of those being the adjustable ones on the rear. Am i not using the adjustable wheels and the adjuster knob for the lift handle correctly?
  8. They are all there and seem to be sturdy. I'll have to get a pic when I get home
  9. I'm used to messing with the narrow, rear discharge decks. The deck on my newly acquired C165 doesn't seem to cut evenly with multiple passes. It cuts great with one pass but if I make a second pass the grass is super uneven! What do I need to adjust to make it cut consistently? Here are some pics after 2 passes, in the same direction
  10. Thanks! I've got the transmission soaking in an array of fluids right now!
  11. Hmm it's definitely a FrankenHorse!! 3 speed rear is currently locked in neutral. Won't shift into any gear.. so I'm gonna most likely sell the Kohler off of it.
  12. Hmm... very odd! It's got a kohler on it haha. Now I'm really confused
  13. Just scored what I believe to be a c120. But I'm not sure. It has the 3 speed unidrive, which I know is incorrect. Not sure if it's been swapped or if something else is out of place. It looks the serial number plate was stamped twice!?
  14. I agree!!! Just takes time and patience!
  15. Thank you, Major! It's definitely a good feeling! And another lesson learned!