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  1. Slot Hitches

    Do you still have any slot hitches left? If you do, do you know how much shipping to CT is
  2. I have a 417-A. Can I use any slot clevis hitch or are they different?
  3. Mid Mount idler shaft for front mower carrier

    Hi, are you still looking for that v-idler? If you are let me know and I'll send you some pics. Have a good day Chris
  4. mid mount idlers

    Hi, I'm looking for a mid mount idler for a tiller. If anyone has one or knows somebody that does pls get back to me.
  5. rpm

    thank you for your help
  6. rpm

    Hi, I have a KT17QS and I was wondering what the rpm should be at when it is idling and at full throttle?
  7. snow thrower

    thank you, for the answer.
  8. snow thrower

    Hi I have a 417-8 can I use a snow thrower from a c-sereis model # 6-6214 ?
  9. koehler 17

    thank you
  10. 417

    Thanks Jim I'll keep all that in mind
  11. 417

    Can anyone tell me if the 417-8 is a good tractor and what is one worth? thank you
  12. koehler 17

    Can anyone tell me if the series 2 kohler 17hp as any problems with them?
  13. attaching attachments

    Thanks for the tiller info. The snowblower link was just parts# and how to assemble it.Not how to attach it, like the tiller.I have a 42in side discharge So if anybody can help with the blower and the deck.I would be very appreciative thanks again
  14. Hi I just bought a C-111 with a snowblower,tiller and mower deck and I do not know how to attach them or what size belts I need. Help pls
  15. plow frame

    Does anyone know where I can get the specs for a long frame c-series plow. So that I can make one because I cannot find one to buy