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  1. 1990 Wheel Horse 520-H

    I got a 1990 Wheel Horse 520-H that I bought from the original owner. Original paint and has factory Wheel Horse hubcaps on it. Also has the original 48 inch mower deck on it. It has about 1,151 hours on the tractor and about 750 hours on the transmission that I put in it. It was fully serviced with all new filters in October 2017. The transmission cooling fan was also replaced with the transmission. The trans and mower deck belts replaced in October 2017.
  2. Toro 7-25 & Cub Cadet 107

    I got a Cub Cadet 107 that has no mower deck, no engine, and could use a lot of work, or taken apart for parts. Price is $50 negotiable. Also available is a Toro 7-25 that has been repainted but does not run{not pictured} Make offer on the Toro.
  3. 520 Wheel Horse Buy or pass?

    Ok thanks
  4. 520 Wheel Horse Buy or pass?

    Hey there, Thanks to WVHillbilly520H, I was able to figure out that the tractor was a 1990 model, not a 1986. Is there any parts dealers that I could try to contact to see about a new axle shaft for the transmission? The number on the tractor is still 111201. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks
  5. 520 Wheel Horse Buy or pass?

    Hey everyone, Sorry I had taken so long to give an update on my 520H. Been busy. I ended up buying the tractor on 8/14/2017. It was not in as good of shape as described to me, but i got a steal on it. I talked him from $225 to $100. It indeed did have a broken axle on the left side. But on the bright side, I bought it from the original owner, an 82 year old man who bought the tractor new in 1986 with a 48 inch mower deck and factory wheel horse hub caps. It has 1,146.8 hours and runs great. But now I need to find the correct axles to fit this tractor. I got a couple of spec numbers of the tractor. Stamped into the transmission was 111201 with a 9A below it. The tractor ID number on it is 4120OE01 10261 It has a 20hp twin cylinder Onan engine in it. I attached pictures below if anyone is interested. If anyone has any info I can use, I'd appreciate it.
  6. B-100 Auto Wheel Horse fix it or part it out?

    I think i'll try to sell it at the WHCC show next year
  7. 520 Wheel Horse Buy or pass?

    Im goin to look at it next monday. They tell me it is in excellent shape. I'll be sure to let you know if I buy it or not
  8. B-100 Auto Wheel Horse fix it or part it out?

    Thanks everyone! I'll have to see about putting a little money in it to get it running. Or if it's too much of a pain in the butt, I'll just sell it at the Wheel Horse collectors club show next summer.
  9. 520 Wheel Horse Buy or pass?

    Thanks everyone! I'm sure i'll be asking more questions about it. I don't know much about these late model wheel horses. I'm more into 60's and 70's Wheel Horses.
  10. B-100 Auto Wheel Horse fix it or part it out?

    Yea. How much is a running and driving B-100 Automatic worth?
  11. 520 Wheel Horse Buy or pass?

    Ok. I wish I had pics Should I try to talk him down on his price of $225?
  12. Hello Again, I have a 1974 Wheel Horse B-100 Automatic tractor that I'm not sure what to do with. It was given to me as a "Basket Case" tractor. the guy I got it from used it as his grass cutter until the transmission went up in it. The guy had manual transmission B-100 Wheel Horse that had a bad engine in it. So he took the engine out of the automatic tractor and put it into the manual transmission tractor. So the automatic tractor sat in pieces in his garage until he moved out of his house and he gave the tractor to me. Right now, the general frame of the tractor remains together while the engine sits on my workbench. I have no intentions of keeping it, But I was interested in knowing if it would be better to part it out or to fix it up and sell it as a complete tractor. The paint and sheet metal on the tractor is in excellent shape. If someone could give me their opinion on this, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  13. Hey everyone! I'm looking at buying a 1987 520H Wheel horse. But i'm not sure if i should buy it. I haven't seen the tractor yet but the owner is an 84 year old man who ran it as his grass cutter until the the transmission "broke". I assumed that he was the original owner and it might be in pretty good shape. He wants $225 for it. If someone could give me their opinion on it, I'd appreciate it.
  14. 1965 1075

    Hello everyone! I have a 1965 Wheel Horse 1075 that I have restored after it sat out in a cattle pasture for about 30 years. I have brought it to the wheel horse show at the South Mountain fairgrounds in Arendtsville, PA twice so far.
  15. Yeah, i have been looking for that oil pan for a while. Thanks for the information.