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  1. my 417A won't start

    Not sure on that horse ? I know the B-80 has a clutch safety .
  2. my 417A won't start

    You have power in ? Check the Grounds First !
  3. So I went to pick this B-80 up for parts But Man it is in Nice shape as the one I have ! The Block is Cracked from a broke rod But I am Sure I can fix it. The Main Reason I got it was for the deck as it is like New !! YEHA !! That is the only bad part on my other one. Now I ask you guys. Part it or re-engine it ? I want to swap the deck,seat,head lights onto my other B-80. So Anyone wants a Real Nice roller let me know . OR I will put a 16hp V-Twin on here ? OR I have a Yanmar single Diesel looking for a home ?? Just thought I would post and ask you guys your thoughts ? Thank you up front.
  4. mower deck needed

    I am in Lower PA. What are you asking for the deck ? Is it Ready to Mow ?? If he is not interested let me know as I am . Thank you
  5. Saved a one owner B-80

    Well Changed the oil . Put a Battery in it and sprayed 2+2 up through the Main jet and WALA ! She Fired rite off ! No Smoke , Noise or rattles !!! Had to just see if it would Mow and did the Whole Yard Did some Minor adjustments to the Brake and PTO drive and sprayed some Degreaser on Her and Looks Great for her age !!! It is a KEEPER FOR SURE !!!
  6. Rear discharge deck or shell

    I will try and get some.
  7. Rear discharge deck or shell

    Just picked up a real nice B-80 but the deck is rusted out. Looking for another deck or good shell . loser to Hanover PA the better . Thank you
  8. Cub Fire

    Been There Done That ! Had Leaves get up on the muffler on a White rider and before I could back up it went up. Plastic hood Went up and so did the Plastic Intake and then the Gas tank that was Rite there !! Went to the ground !!
  9. Mower deck

    You Still Have this Deck ?
  10. So I was on Face book looking at junk for sale and This Pops up ! Plus it was Close to me !!! So I went to look at it and find out it was this boy's Grand fathers Who Passed away . He Bought it New and was always in the Gurage . The engine has a oil leak and the deck has Bad Rust out. ( Note looking for a deck !) When he told me what he wanted for it I loaded it in my truck ! Don't see this kind of Original paint very often. Want to mow with it but Keep it as you see it Just Cleaner !!
  11. A-800 parts & wheels

    I have an A-800 that still has good parts left if anyone is in need of parts.
  12. 1" axle gears

    I found a Hole trans on e,bay like yours for $199.or Best offer . The ad #: is 122750004120 Maybe it is the way to go ? I looked and I don't have one . Hope this helps
  13. Anything 854

    Ok that's fine.
  14. 1" axle gears

    Can you post pic's of the trans ? I have some of them apart but need to know what trans you have. If I see it I will know if I have what you need.
  15. 400 Suburban fenders wanted

    I have a Complete 1960 400 for sale ?