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  1. 310-8 for $300?

    For sale on CL this morning...... Don't know much more. Gonna call now. Is it worth it with no attachment? Sounds like a great value if it runs well.
  2. C161 with loader

    Still shopping for my first Horse and I'm going to look at this machine this morning. Asking price is $600. Machine is not running and looks rough in photos. Seller says he's gotten many calls because of loader but there is work ahead. Would it be foolish to pass on this deal? Which 6 speed tranny was used in this tractor? And I'm hoping it has the Kohler motor. There are a lot of you gonna look at this I'm sure. It may be the wrong project for me But I gotta go look. It's only a half hour away!
  3. Tractor won't move

    Hello Moe1965, the spring is a band inside the diff . There are some good threads on the LS diff which you'll have to search out yourself as I lost track of them. There is also a manual on 1968 Transmissions in the manuals section that covers the 5073 and the 5060. LS trannys. I've only perused them quickly myself. Hope you find what you need. I guess these "springs" are NLA and the doffs operate find as open doffs when the spring finally gives it up. At least this is what l gleaned from various posts I've read. See pfrederi's post above.
  4. Tractor won't move

    Thank you for your replies. I've got questions for the seller before I drive three hours to look at it but if I do something drastic you'll hear about it. And thank you gentlemen for your service! 🇺🇸
  5. Good day all. My first post in my efforts to get into a vintage Horse that will have to work for its keep. I've found a Raider 12 6 speed that won't move and in browsing the tranny forum have found many refersences to broken hub keys or drive, pulley keys as potential culprits. I believe what I read implied that a broken hub key will stop the tractor dead yet I don't see how one sheared key causes the axle to stop turning . And wouldn't the other wheel keep driving? I'm missing something big here obviously. I will keep reading and browsing but I'm not finding my answer here. That would be a great find as replacing keys sounds easy enough. The ad also says a ball joint keeps falling out. Are the parts required to keep a Raider 12 going readily available. The motor is an M12 which I guess is basically the K301 with electronic ignition which most posts say is a fine motor. This tractor comes with a mower deck which needs work, a 48" plow, wights, chains. They're asking $500 which seems high for a not moving tractor with the wheels falling off. But would this be a comfortable starting point reasonably competent mechanic at the right price, say $300. I know that guestion is subjective but I may be needing advice as well as encouragement if I move forward into any Horse in the future. Thank you to all respondents and I hope all your projects are going well. Happy Labor Day, Peter