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  1. Hydralic front loader

    Just wondering if it would be possible to ad a loader to a 1973 10 automatic tractor?
  2. Engine knocking

    Well I went out and adjusted the valves the these settings but unfortunately it didn't change anything, the crazy thing here is that the engine ran fine with the .010 and .019 settings ran a lot quieter than before then after I adjusted the points to the .020 the engine started the knocking
  3. Engine knocking

    I'm telling you man I rolled the engine over slowly by hand and there was zero movement between the points Yes that is what I meant .009 and the engine is the k 241 model
  4. Regulator rectifier

    The sparks are coming from the mount plate for the regulator rectifier and voltmeter
  5. Engine knocking

    I went out today to give my engine a little tune up and now it seems to be running worse than it was before, i set the engint to tdc and took the valve cover off and set the intake to .090 and the exhaust to .019 then i went and set the breaker point to .019 now before i did all this it would start and run but it was extremely loud and there only about .010 clearance in the exhaust valve the intake was pretty good and the points had zero gap now after starting and letting it run it has started to get a small knock and i really understand why anyone have any ideas? Also the throttle seems to over rev the engine at only about a quarter inch lift on the throttle lever
  6. Regulator rectifier

    Ok I tested my stator the other night because I didn't think I was getting any power and out of it and it's working fine now I hooked it back up to regulator rectifier this is one that is installed in the lower dash and when I start the engine it's throwing out a lot of Sparks and was wondering why it would be doing this and how to fix it?
  7. Tractor won't start

    Ok I figured out that when I unhooked the older solenoid to have tested and when I recommend it I didn't hook the ignition with to the right pole and then was not getting any power to it to turn over the starter
  8. Tractor won't start

    Yes I have an ignition coil screwed to the front of my engine next to my carb and the point is enclosed on the bottom front of the engine
  9. Tractor won't start

    953 nut what is wrong with the m the original had one what does it do? The original has s a g m , the newer one doesn't have one it has s b r a i
  10. Tractor won't start

    Well I went out to the toro wheel horse dealer with the original ignition and they couldn't find one with the same letter pattern 😖 they sold me one that they said is for most wheel horse models so I'll try it
  11. Tractor won't start

    Well I tried the bypass and it still won't start, I'm going out tomorrow and going to try and get a new key ignition
  12. Tractor won't start

    I went out and checked the foot pedal safety switch and it was bypassed already there aren't even any wires running to that one anymore so I know that one isn't the problem
  13. Tractor won't start

    My 1973 wheel horse 10 automatic won't start, it's something that has got to do with the electrical system I went and bought a new husky 420cc battery from my local tractor supply so I have plenty of power to crank the engine over I tested the solenoid by connecting it to a battery and it did click and I have started the mower by connecting battery directly to the solenoid and I did run but when I remove my screwdriver from the solenoid leads the engine will just stall out? and I also bought a brand new starter for it and cleaned all the wires and ground for good contact I took my 5 terminal ignition switch out and had it checked and they said it was good but I'm still thinking that is the issue it's not the original switch it is out of an old polaris colt snowmobile do idk if that matters or not, I have not seen any fuses on this unit either so unless they are hidden somewhere that I can't see them I don't think there are any on this mower and the only safety switch on this is on the manual pto lever at least that is what I think though lol, about a week ago I was plowing my driveway and I parked it for the night got out the next day and turned the engine over and the battery was to low to get it to do anything other than get the solenoid to click and have the starter make some noise attempting to turn over the engine so that's when I went and bought the battery and hooked it on and got nothing and that's where I'm at for the moment if anyone has any thoughts on what could be wrong any help would be appreciated thanks.
  14. Mower Deck issue

    I have a 1973 wheel horse 10 automatic with a 42" cut and i am having a problem where the engine is bogging when the mower deck is engaged i bought a new belt I took off the deck and greased everything I took off the carb and cleaned and tuned it back to factory and now i am out of ideas on what is wrong
  15. mid mount grader blade

    did you sell this ?