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  1. Firewood season

    Just bought a new house. No fireplace or stove. I'm planning on redoing a room in the basement and putting a small stove there. My whole family burns wood and I miss it. My other hobby is saws and I haven't used them much this fall. Of course a wheel horse makes a great tow tractor
  2. Wheel horse October fest

    We put on a big October fest at my cousins every year. Lots of family and friends, and now lots of kids. Tons of food, bobbing for apples all that stuff. And a hay ride. Started small 5 years ago when I had a simplicity broadmoor lawn tractor pulling a little dump cart. Kids loved it. This year the party got bigger so I had to as well. Planned on pulling my utility trailer (4'x7') made a couple quick benches for it. I was concerned if all the kids were at rear of trailer it might lift the rear of tractor so I put the cast iron in the wheels (painted them red too). Then I thought the toungue load might lift the front! So I made a weight bar for the front. Bolted to the frame, held 2 44lb weights. Well it all worked great. Pulled the trailer with kids and adults like it wasn't there. Every one had fun and nothing broke! put a pic of my tow vehicle in too
  3. Showing the boy some culture today

    Wow great stories! My intro to big trucks was in the early 80s. My dad would take me to the shop on weekends. Get to go for a ride in the IH "straight jobs". I rember being 4 or 5 asking him what that red button was on the gear shift? 30 years later nothing has 2 speed rears anymore. I like the trucks and tractors as much as him I think. The older stuff is awesome. Overbuilt, easy to work on and a ton of character. New fiberglass, skirted cabs and auto trannies may get better mileage but as one who has operated those trucks that's alll they have on the older stuff (maybe more comfortable too). But the new diesels suck with choked up emissions, the trucks are ugly (imo) all look the same, good luck working on one, I doubt they will be on the road in 30 years and the auto trans make these trucks dogs. Hit a grade with any load and watch the speed drop
  4. What have you done on your WH today?

    Hauled the last of the loam out. Then we layed down some straw
  5. What have you done on your WH today?

    Made stripes
  6. I finally got one: 520h

    I'm hopefully picking one up this week. Older one without swept axle
  7. Custom mount heat shield

    Headlights went on today, and the rear rockshaft came in yesterday. I'll order the chains and cables from the sponsor.
  8. Showing the boy some culture today

    Gets him out of the house, these kids need to see theirs more out there than iPhone and computer screens. My dad and uncle always had me and my cousins around trucks and saws and stuff. We still love all that today
  9. Worcester sand and gravel has a truck show every year. I go there quite a bit to get materials for work and my house. It's cool in general because they never really retire any of their equipment so you never know what you'll see. You will always see Macks though. Good assortment this year mostly older stuff which is what you want to see anyway. The little man loved it and what else can you do for $2?
  10. Boat seats?

    I'll have to check the catalog
  11. Custom mount heat shield

    Thank you. My 3-15 had the bosses tacked to the muffler. I'm pretty sure the dealer I bought it from removed the black shield, along with some other parts. i just found a rear rock shaft for it and I'm picking up new headlights tomorrow.
  12. 418-C

    What year did they pressure lube them? I thought the last year of the c195 (84?) had full press lubrication.
  13. Custom mount heat shield

    Normally I'm not one for vanity over function. But I have always liked the black or stainless heat shield on the Wheelhorse mufflers. One of the many details that make these tractors standout. I found one used off a 5/20, about an inch longer than my 12hp muffler but that didn't bother me. I marked the mounting location for 4 of the 6 holes. Then I found the spots and tacked on 4 8-32 bolts. Next I put the shield on and cut the excess stud off. I left enough to put nuts with lock washers and brass acorn nuts on. I think it looks pretty good. Now I just need a 520 swept axle and reduction steering👍
  14. Plow Mounting

    Good info here. I had mine mounted all wrong as well
  15. Wheel Horse 246-H Update

    Tough looking tractor