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  1. Why buy an older tractor? (wheel horse in particular)

    I think that husky is a "GT", it does have the 12" wheels and a heftly price tag I'm sure
  2. Why buy an older tractor? (wheel horse in particular)

    I did 2 scrap loads on Friday. I always snoop for stuff. No horses yet but, I did find a nice older Stanley USA crow bar and folded corner Jackson wheelbarrow. Those went into the truck. Ive heard of the newer tractors mowing uneven due to the operato getting off the tractor on the same side too many times and bending the unibody
  3. Cause this one was backed into and not that hard I might add. Not bashing brands.
  4. Lets see the snow rigs!

    We had a quick 6" dumped on us over night. Wet stuff so I added the cast iron on the back. Sun was out early and it cleaned up nice
  5. Picking up another one

    Well, the boy and I headed out early this morning to get the parts. Had to go early since we were celebrating his 3rd bday this afternoon and the boss lady had chores for us before the party. The guy had a great collection. (6) 520s one with a real nice quickway on it, a 417 and 418. I wound up getting the boards, tunnel covers and hood. The hood is off a newer anniversary 520 but it was cleaner than the other one. The parts aren't perfect but not bad and considering what's on it now I very happy
  6. Here's my 3/12 on 23x10.50 ags on 8.50 wheels. They are more round than the Carlisle ags. Great traction in the dirt and snow. Haven't needed chains yet. But it's loaded pretty heavy
  7. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I made my own impeller kit out of spare mud flaps off a truck. Put them on a toro 11/32 walk behind (same bucket, gearbox and impeller as the 44") and it threw the snow a country mile.
  8. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I used my 3/12 as a tow tractor today. My 36" walk behind has a bad drive belt and I'm taking it to work on Monday for its yearly total service. My yard is ice and snow so pushing a 400lb commercial mower was not a fun option. Chained up the front castor yoke to the weight bracket and away I went.
  9. Picking up another one

    Got some more good news. There's a guy 1 town over who has a good hoard of wheel horse mostly 520s too. He has all the parts I need including the hood, fenders, trans tunnel cover, and even the side panels for the dashboard. Possibly heading out tomorrow if not next Saturday
  10. Picking up another one

    Thanks Jeff. When I was doing my 1848 workhorse last year my dealer gave me the tip on removing one of the top trans bolts to vent. Took no time to fill that. Not pictured but the filter mount is broke, I'll have to weld or replace that when I get to that point. The fluids are clean as was air filter which is encouraging. But all will be changed with new filters and fuel lines. I have a line on some tins off another workhorse. My dealer has a graveyard, so at least I'll get the boards and fender. The hood I'll be repairing. I hope the tractor he's parting from is dead, I don't like pulling from a potential runner.
  11. Picking up another one

    Well boys I couldn't help myself and I took it to work today. After we salted the campus I had some time. First I took the 48" deck off. Aside from surface rust the deck is solid. The bearings and tight and super smooth. Next I looked under neath. Real grimy but not obvious leaks. Frame lols good and solid. Finally I did a compression test. I did the rear jug first and removed the battery. Maybr you don't need to for plug access but it made it easier. While it was out I got a good look at the wire harness all looks good. There is one random switch but I suspect it's for the lights, yet to confirm. I jumped the battery to the leads, didn't turn over as fast as I'd like but the result was good, 120psi. The front was easy and I put the battery back, it spun much faster and showed around 125psi. I'd say they both are. So the engine is nice and tight, the 422 hrs now seems likely.
  12. Picking up another one

    That's awesome! Thank you that also confirms what I suspected, that is a '94
  13. Picking up another one

    The sheet metal as seen is bad. Mechanicaly it's good...so far as I've seen but I do feel confident about that. The frame, axles, and hydro system are solid. Yes it will eat up some cash. But I paid $700. Even if I doubled my money in parts which I won't it would still be a good deal. In the northeast wheel horse is like stihl, no matter the model, or condition they are never cheap. Plus I am in no rush. I have a really cool 3/12 upgrade project todo and I have all the parts in.
  14. Picking up another one

    That is very clean. I have a couple places that might have what I need locally
  15. Picking up another one

    I was telling Jeff (WVhillbilly) I have to show some restraint with this one. The list of projects is growing quickly and I want to give it the attention it deserves. I am looking forward to digging into it though. And while I am a kohler guy the Onan does sound/run awesome