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  1. Plastic wheel weights

    That's a great idea👍😎 those drums alone are 20lbs
  2. Diamond plate foot pads

    The bed liner was an afterthought. The original plan was just the black paint. Then after I painted it I found 2 cans of bedliner in our cabinet. So it's extra protected. I did the underside too to protect the tractors finish. I just did the same thing making my plows cutting edge. I found it harder to file the thinner diamond plate than the 3/16" I made the cutting edge with.
  3. The sand paper foot pads worked fine on my 3/12. I did like the look of the later style rubber pads that partially went up the rear fender. We picked up a bunch of 4'x8' sheets of 1/8" diamond plate in the mill clean out last month. Most will be used on my GMCs flatbed. There were some smaller pieces and I had wanted to make diamond plate pads for a while. I didn't think the steel was any thougher than the 3/16" I had just used but I was wrong. Was harder to cut and drill. I cut 2 pieces for each side. A 12"x6" foot pad and 4"x6" rear piece that I welded on at the same degree as the fender. Next I filed the holes square to take the 5/16" carrige bolts. They will be held on with 3 per side. Finally I primed and 2 coats of gloss black rustoleum followed by a coat of truck bed liner. I could put them on now but I've slowly been replacing all the hardware with stainless and don't have the bolts yet. Should look cool
  4. First snow plowing

    Plowed it again this morning after getting in from plowing the school out all night. A south facing house and driveway is nice in the winter
  5. What do your Horses have to clear in the Winter?

    Wow that is quite a grade you have there
  6. Big Kid play time

    Nice tractor
  7. First snow fall

    Real nice 195. It's one I'd like for sure. Had snow here too. Makes work fun
  8. My 48" blade is in good shape, but last winter I know the cutting edge was worn out and the paint was faded a bit. First I gave it a wire brushing and light sanding. Primed some bare spots and brushed on some regal red. The cutting edge was a little mre work. I had some leftover 3"x3/16" from my frame repair last winter. I cut it down to 48" then drilled out 5 3/8" holes for my new carrige bolts. The time consuming part was filing the holes square. Finally primed it and three coats of gloss black. Tried it tonight and what a difference
  9. First snow plowing

    I put the 3/12 to work this afternoon pushing the first snow this winter. Also first winter at our new house. Last year I ran it with the cast iron wheel weights and chains on turfs. This year I have the ags on it and no chains. I'd like to keep it that way since I just put that drive way in a month ago. I have a 2" hitch that I made and a hanger that goes into it. I have 6 44' suitcase weights that I can load on if I need more traction but it pushed the snow up hill no problem today without them. Was too easy plowing my drive so I did most of the culdesac sidewalk and one neighbors driveway
  10. Another one pulled out of crusher...

    Nice 4-14. Magnum 14hp, 8speed and likely the bigger axles
  11. Happy thanksgiving

    I want to give the yard a quick cleanup before company came. Dusted out the hard to tractor areas then put the bagger on and vacuumed it up. Of course I forgot I took the bag mount off last year and I then had to remove the 2" hitch because that hit the bag frame. After 40 min it was ready to work.
  12. Happy wheelhorseoween

    So around 8pm we wrapped things up and I told the wife I have to bring the tractor in. Get to it and no key. I took it out so no one would get hurt. But I couldn't find it...looked everywhere finally found the spare. Key turned up in my work jeans. Here is last years
  13. Happy wheelhorseoween

    Did my annual tractor/saw massacre. Went over big as usual. For those into saws that's a 1984 craftsman/poulan 3.7 "thin ring". Surprises a lot of people
  14. Busy hauling metal

    Yeah, some of the stuff made us sad to toss. I know the cat was put aside, unfortunately no one wanted the equipment. I didn't get pics of the 4000lb planer, they don't make stuff like that anymore and most people are scared from anything that requires some thought and physical ability The mill sold, a guy is going out Saturday to take it apart and it's huge. 52" blade run off the same cat that's in the truck (that was a spare)
  15. Busy hauling metal

    Me and my dad didn't want anything but ray insisted, we spit 25% for the 2 days we worked. I let them use the truck this week to haul the i beams and the cat. Luckily the scrap yard was only a mile from the mill