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  1. Generation Gap

    Get yourself a bag of gypsum. It counteracts the calcium chloride the towns spread and gets on the grass. Spread it like you would a fertilizer
  2. Generation Gap

    Sears now or any craftsman made in the last 20 years are box store quality. I had a 1987 GT18 that I bought for the engine. That tractor was pretty rugged. Had a horizontal opposed twin I/C Briggs (others had Onan and kohler k and magnums). Not near as heavy duty as the horses, frames were thinner and an aluminum cased rear. But the aluminum was thick and it has a 2 speed rear. If this tractor was made today it would be just below the top of the line gt deeres and case. Quality and box stores parted ways a long time ago. Occasionally I go for light bulbs and spray paint. Hardware, lumber, tools and equipment I purchase from local independent places. Look at craftsman tools now, years ago all the power tools were house brand, made in USA and were good quality. It's all my Grampy bought. Then DeWalt showed up, dremel, and others too. Then the little tag on the craftsman didn't say made in Chicago it said China. But the price didn't drop. The hand tools held for a while. First the combo wrenches went to china, I never thought they'd sell out the socket sets but they did with the pliers and finally the screwdrivers. Blame harbor freight Home Depot and Lowes. They sell cheap junk. $20 for a 90 piece socket set it hard to compete with. And they can claim their stuff compares to snap on or s-k but that's all bs. The tools are surface hardened and fail under less than severe load. You could probably sell a "classic" Wheelhorse today. First there's almost no competition, I know there are z turns and scuts. Market it commercial, dealer only who knows? Wouldn't be a huge seller I'm sure but there is a market for quality tools for guys who miss them
  3. Finally, Spring has arrived.

    Yeah we are in for 5-8" more tomorrow. It's got me in a jam since I have everything ready for the swept axle swap but I need the tractor for plow duty
  4. Introducing my C-125

    Man that's a story all right. Yelled at my wife twice for interrupting me. Glad you made it. Terrible accident
  5. I have all the parts to do the swap. Do I need to change the steering wheel shaft as well or can I keep the 3-12 shaft and run 520 parts from the reduction forward?
  6. Round one of this Nor’easter is done!

    We had 20" here (added 3" after the picture). 5 miles away, the school I work at had 14". Cleared that last night and this morning. I'm on hour 36 now. It was light at least.
  7. Some Work Ahead for the Snow Horses

    Ugh. It's fun and all but I'm ready to put the mower decks. 16" and going
  8. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I had to finish up the tractor today since we are getting another 12" tomorrow. I needed to mount my facet pump. I had made some brackets for another project and never used them. Just a piece of 3/16" with a 2" 1/4"x20 bolt wedded thru it. I cut in half, and drilled a 5/16" hole in it to mount one of the cable tube bolts thru. Not pretty but it works. Now it will be out of the way of the rock shaft and dip stick. Now I just need the cable and chain.
  9. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Started installing my rear rock shaft. Still need the cable. Also need to relocate my fuel pump but that's no problem
  10. Some Work Ahead for the Snow Horses

    First pass. About 3", at least it scrapes clean cause it's so wet. But it's heavy. I plowed the sidewalk up hill no problem fully weighted (150 in wheel weights and another 180 in suitcase). I won't be able to push 14" up hill though. I'll have better pictures tomorrow
  11. Some Work Ahead for the Snow Horses

    We are in for a foot of wet snow here. I'll have some tractor pictures later I'm sure
  12. Some Work Ahead for the Snow Horses

    Weather men in mass had us in for total white out, severe nor'easter, 10"-12" blah blah blah. I had my doubts. Even took a gamble and didn't bother mounting the snowblower on the bobcat at work. We got less than an inch and it melted before noon. I swear these news networks forecast for ratings. As someone who is on call for snow removal I rely on weather predictions. This year it seems they have been really bad. I trust NOAA and the radar 12 hours out. TV weather not at all.
  13. Why buy an older tractor? (wheel horse in particular)

    Chain it between 2 horses
  14. Why buy an older tractor? (wheel horse in particular)

    I think that husky is a "GT", it does have the 12" wheels and a heftly price tag I'm sure
  15. Why buy an older tractor? (wheel horse in particular)

    I did 2 scrap loads on Friday. I always snoop for stuff. No horses yet but, I did find a nice older Stanley USA crow bar and folded corner Jackson wheelbarrow. Those went into the truck. Ive heard of the newer tractors mowing uneven due to the operato getting off the tractor on the same side too many times and bending the unibody