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  1. Tractor year unknown

    Thank you, my tractor is a 1989
  2. AG tires wanted

  3. Tractor year unknown

    its a kohler magnum 14hp. Where would i look to find this model number?
  4. Ag tires or pulling rear tires

    size 23x8.50-12, 23x9.50-12, 23x10.50-12
  5. Tractor year unknown

    I was given a wheel horse 414-8 tractor and fixed it up but I still don't know the year of my tractor. How can I find the year?
  6. Tire size help needed

    ok, do you know how much the tire will bulge out on each side of the rim?
  7. AG tires wanted

    I am looking for a pair of AG or pulling tires to put on my tractor for pulling.
  8. Tire size help needed

    okay, thanks
  9. Tire size help needed

    I have two 23x8.50-12 rims and want to put Carlisle Tru Power AG tires on them. I want to put a 23x10.50-12 tire on these rims for a wider foot print but, I don't know if I will cause any damage to the tires. Help needed. Max.
  10. 877 needs starter gen

    How many horse is the engine and How many speed is the trans?
  11. I have a tire size question.

    1. muz123


      whats your question? 

    2. WH Fabrication

      WH Fabrication

      if I could put a 23x10.50-12 tire on a 23x8.50-12 rim and be ok?

    3. muz123


      Hmmm, never tried that. Maybe possible..others may have tried it.