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  1. That's a nice looking tractor
  2. I'm gonna go for a kinda modified 633. I'll keep the photos coming. The frame and transaxle was cleaned up and blasted between last night and today. Now is all primed.
  3. Welcome to the addiction! Oops I mean WELCOME TO REDSQUARE!!!
  4. So got the word the motor can be saved. But I also got a call from the previous owners father. The original owner of the tractor. Apparently the tractor is originally a 633. He said he has the original motor for it. I will be going to get that later. But he said he cracked the plate that mounts to the transaxle. So he purchased a 753 with a blown transaxle from his neighbor at the time. With intentions to use the frame and also decided to use the rebuilt k161that was on the753, instead of the k141 that was on the 633 originally. So that explains the battery box on the frame and some of the confusion I was having.
  5. Looks like a great start!
  6. Pretty much tore down. Now just got to check everything over and decide what to do with it exactly. Overall it was good for the price. But theres a lot of hack jobwork done to it. I'm getting the motor checked for cracks and the bore measured tomorrow.
  7. Serial is 698374 / spec no is 28626E / model is K161S
  8. The Grey on the motor is someone's rattle can job of trying to paint the engine a aluminum color. And all the rest of the tractor has about 4 layers of differ reds.
  9. Well I tore into it already. The motor was a little to free, so I checked it out and it's got a broken connecting rod. So tomorrow Ill dig deeper to see if it's worth rebuilding or what the verdict will be.
  10. Picked this one up today. Overall not to bad. Im pretty sure its a 753. Either way for 80$ I thought it was a good purchase.
  11. Thanks guys. I seen the plow and couldnt pass it up. Figured it would work for the suburban and be something different.
  12. Thanks. I bought it from a guy who said he plowed for a little over 30 years on his horse. I just did some fab to fit the suburban. This is what it was when I first got it.
  13. Got all the fab work done and all painted.
  14. Looks awesome.. I would go With white seat though. But either way you did a awesome job.
  15. OK second guess. Maybe a seat switch or safety switch of sorts for a 953/1054? Or possibly a original rear light bracket for 953/1054?