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  1. That is a 1960 suburban. Weather it's a 400 or 550, that I can't tell ya with out it having the original motor.
  2. Inside wheel weights

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. My Saturday haul

    Sounds like ya got a good deal!
  4. Show transport

    That works to! I think a lot of us got a show cruiser. Definitely beets walking and it also makes sure you always got a seat.
  5. Show transport

    looks like a good worker to have around
  6. It's just the vinyl decal and as previously mentioned check out www.redoyourhorse.Com Vinylguy has got all the decals you will need plus more.
  7. Custom rim color

    I like the grey. I am using a touch of grey myself on a build I'm doing now.
  8. This is definitely a wild machine! Can't wait for a video!!!
  9. A Sobering Day

    Wish your son the best and all prayers to him and the rest of your family during this all.
  10. D-series Oliver style

    I plead the 5th
  11. Rest in Peace JimD

    Sorry to hear this. Rest in peace
  12. Prayers for Brrly1

    All prayers and best wishes to him and family.
  13. D-series Oliver style

    @Tankman Well I guess it's time for me to admit I might have a obsession with tractors. Cause I didn't even notice the dog.
  14. 14HP B-80

    Those heave been there for somewhere around 15 years. From the days of doing some dirt track racing
  15. D-series Oliver style

    This popped up for sale locally and I figured I would share the creation someone made from a D-160