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  1. Junk yard save!

    Nice save
  2. Happy Anniversary Red Square !

    Congrats on the 11 years. I most definitely am glad I found this sight. Funny you should say that, cause depending on my better halfs mood. She calls it my tractor Facebook or tractor porn.
  3. Whats your Winter Project

    My winter project is 1958 Copar Panzer T55. Made a post in other brand area.
  4. Got some old Briggs engines today

    Well I got the complete 5S running and got the Y model running today.
  5. Veterans Day

    I will also say THANK YOU to all veterans past and present. Thanks for all you do and the hell you endure to keep this country free and safe. ( FREEDOM IS THE SURE POSSESSION OF THOSE ALONE WHO HAVE THE COURAGE TO DEFEND IT )
  6. 1958 Copar Panzer T55

    The whole story of the Copar Panzer is very interesting and midpack is correct on the rearend, They searched junkyards for them And from the history ive researched the rearends were either Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth or AMC. There is i believe 9 different style brake shoes used in the rearends. Because of the diversity of rearends used.
  7. Which horse is your favorite

    Well I would have to say I love all my old tractors. But my favorite would be my Junkyard Dog 702. Because me and my son built it and it was all from parts laying around and collected parts from junkyards etc.. So that one has a special bond and place in my collection.
  8. Where are your winter Horses??

    Here's mine. 1961 701 with a 6-2211 snowblower. Just got to put the weights and chains on. Then a 1960 Suburban 400 with a reversible snow blade from a 1948 Wards walk behind tractor. Customized to fit the suburban.
  9. 1958 Copar Panzer T55

    So here's my winter project. I bought this from the original owner. He has had it since it was brand new and was definitely proud of this machine. He had it in is garage/barn since the motor blew on it. I got the original Clinton engine all tore apart and in boxes. But I'm gonna repower with a k91. He seen some previous tractors I've brought back to life and I guess was pretty happy. He told me I needed to come over, that he had something pretty rare and he never thought about getting rid of. But he said he thinks he could let me take it and he would be happy with that. Only request was let me take her for a spin when you get it done.
  10. Stained glass wheelhorse sign

    That is very nice! Very good craftsmanship for sure.
  11. My 701 journey

    Glad you were able to use the belt guard. I'll still keep my eye out for a proper 701 belt guard for ya.
  12. Rear Weights Value

    I'm in NY between Rochester and Buffalo and I see them listed for a average of about 150-175. But there has been several times i've seen them listed for almost double that. But at the end of the day id say the value is in how bad you need or want them.
  13. Ya that one is off a 702 and I've replaced shifter boots with out removing it.
  14. This pic should explain the piece your talking about.
  15. 1960 550 suburban

    The serial number should be on the little metal plate between the choke and throttle. Roughly a quarter of the way down on the plate, starting from the top. Also we want some pics!?!?!?