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  1. Loading Shovel

    I watched that build and it was very well done on your part. Very awesome machine you fabricated and looks really good as well.
  2. Radio model 8-6911-6

    Changed Status to Pending
  3. Radio model 8-6911-6

    Changed Status to Active
  4. Radio model 8-6911-6

    Hope this helps @hcminis
  5. Speedex S18 and Swisher Ride King

    Here's the progress on the Swisher. I'm super happy with. The way it's turning out.
  6. I love my Kohler engines, but the old Briggs engines are pretty darn good as well. Im thinking it should do the trick for you guys.
  7. I love it. That looks really sharp! Great job
  8. Wheel horse

    Very unique and I think a pretty cool custom.
  9. Man Collects Tractors From Around the World

    Very Cool thanks for sharing
  10. Welcome and I know there decks out there for sale. But if ya post some pics of were ya fabricated, some one here will surely have some more sound advice on getting you squared away.
  11. 1077 99% complete

    Looks GREAT!! You did some very nice work to that machine.
  12. Lets see the before and after pics!!

    Here's one of my 60 suburbans and a 1961 701 and 401. None of them were full restorations. But all were tore down to nut and bolt. Mechanically gone through and patina saved.
  13. Seat 'n' Saddle Sunday

  14. Great Job! That is a amazing transformation and a very sharp machine...
  15. Tobacco Road GT14

    Absolutely amazing save! Great job