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  1. The decal is available. Check out Redoyourhorse.Com or vinyl guy in the vendors section of the forum. And as far as a picture goes, I will dig one out when I get back from vacation. The tractor now resides in Nebraska with a new owner.
  2. @953 nut LOL I agree kinda confusing, being there's no clutch switch. I only knew that was the decal cause the 701 I had and the 551 I had both had that decal on them and the 701 was 100% original.
  3. The decal your missing would have said ( Depress Clutch when Starting ) Also it looks pretty good so far.I am a firm believer of saving the patina! Can't wait to see it some more pics.
  4. C101 Mysterious Part

    If its the part in the photo. Then yes it is a cable guide for the lift on a rear slot hitch.
  5. c-85 to c-145

    You can use that machine for a snowblower the way it is and it will do ya just fine. The transaxle will be just fine with a upgraded engine and as far as a engine upgrade I'm not sure of it being a exact fit. But anything is possible, may just require a little fab work. Others who have more experience with that model will chime in soon. But best of luck to ya.
  6. @ebinmaine Not a problem. Hope it helps get the answer your looking for.
  7. I just measured my 76 b80. It is 45.5 from center to center and the frame is 37.5 from the back of the transmission plate to the front of the frame.
  8. These are inner wheel weights for Allis Chalmers 15in front rims. Weight model number is AM3199-1. I have no use for them. Someone spent some time and drilled two holes in each weight and bolted them to 12in garden tractor rims. Each weight is 75.8 lbs. I already have weights for my tractors or I would use them. I can ship if needed at purchasers expense.
  9. This weekends haul

    You most definitely got your hands on some goodies! Must say that's a very very nice haul.
  10. 40in midmount grader blade

    I appreciate that. Gives me a better idea of what exactly to look for.
  11. 40in midmount grader blade

    After some research I agree. Definitely for a lawn ranger. I'll have to check around were I picked it up at and see if it's there somewhere or just build one.
  12. So I picked up these parts to a 40 in midmount blade. I believe it's a MB405 model. But not exact. So if anyone has some pics of what is missing and any info on this it would be great.
  13. 1976 B80

    Changed Status to Closed
  14. 1976 B80

    Wheel horse B80 fires up and runs good with no smoke. 8 speed transaxle is good and works as should and clutxh works as well. Just needs some cosmetic and a general tune up and would be a good machine for someone. 20180514_105138.mp4
  15. Todays Barn Find / Holy Grail (for me anyways)

    Very nice find!!!
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