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  1. What is it???

    Very cool machine. Thanks for posting this. Cause as much as i love my horses, it is still fascinating to see the oddball machines out there and especially the homemade ones. Its amzing the contraptions that people build with just what they have and how well it last and stands up to time. thanks again
  2. Winter traction

    They got pretty good traction when i used them. They fit on my custom 702. But that has a wide axle set up.
  3. The color scheme is the same as a old copar panzer. But that horse looks pretty stout regardless. Also I'm liking the front end loader idea.
  4. Those proud moments!

    In the summer he does his mowing but he purchased a snowblower for it and he hoped it would perform as nice. But he said he cant get traction with any setup he tries. I do believe the coating of ice under the snow is what allowed for his incident to happen.
  5. Those proud moments!

    I was tempted to have one of my kids or the boss lady video it. But i figured that would be kinda rude to the poor guy, You could see he was not very happy that his pride and joy let him down.
  6. Those proud moments!

    I did not get photos or video in which I wish I would have. But we got about 12 to 14 inchesof snow last night. So I went out this morning and fired up the old 60 suburban 400 to plow. Well she did her job amazingly as usual. But as I'm wrapping up my last couple swipes to the dog cage, I hear someone calling my name. So I turn to find a close by neighbor asking if I could help him quick. So I say sure and to my surprise he got his John deere stuck in the snow. He was so proud of this investment during the summer. It's a gt 235 I believe. Either way he's got a snowblower and weights on it and it was buried. Well instead of firing up another tractor. I hooked a pull strap to the back of his tractor and to mine. And the old girl pulled it out in first gear about half throttle. I was laughing inside pretty heavily. But he was amazed on the power of the wheel horse. I drove away smiling. I get inside and my better half says you enjoyed that way to much, I could see you grinning from three houses down.
  7. FEL Build for 520

    Good job! Definitely learning and pondering some ideas of my own now for a build. But it's definitely looking good and I'm excited to see the rest of this project.
  8. CL something different

    I caught that I was just saying what I said cause I have always truly admired and have been fascinated by the naval ships. But it was never a thought of joining the navy for me. I was hard charging in the direction of door kicking and ground pounding. But regardless thank you for your service and thanks to all the other veterans on here. And most of all I'm loving the OD Green machines!
  9. CL something different

    I wasn't in the NAVY but I was in the ARMY and I will say naval ships are some very impressive machines. And my hat is tipped to the ones who ran them and maintained them.
  10. CL something different

    I think the controls are coming through a cut out area on the front of the right hand rear fender.
  11. 701

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. Lets see the snow rigs!

    This is my main plow tractor. Honestly it's a beast in the snow and also a blast to play in the snow with.
  13. Winter traction

    My main plow tractor this year is a 1960 suburban 400. I got weights on all 4 and if the snow gets real deepand wet, I got roller chain for the front tires and chains for the back. And for the 2 times this year I had to use the chains. They worked fantastic. Had no issue steering and no issue with traction.
  14. CL something different

    The Grey is pretty sharp looking.
  15. I picked up a round hood this summer that had some homemade floor boards