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  1. RJ25 Info

    I would say it is a 1960 suburban 400 as well.
  2. Can anyone help identify my horse?

    Very nice suburban ya got and best of luck with the restoration!
  3. 1963 633 Wheel Horse

    I just recently sold a 633 with a plow blade. Everything was repainted except the hood and plow. It also needed decals. And that got sold for 5. It sold jn just a couple days.
  4. My very special Horse finally found its way home

    Congrats!!! Seems like it ended up in the right hands.
  5. What wheel weights are these?

    They look some cub cadet/ IH weights. If they are they will usually be stamped somewere with a IH
  6. New to me rj35

    Very nice!
  7. Tecumseh HT55C-3089 5.5 HP

    I'm only waiting cause that's when he's available.
  8. Tecumseh HT55C-3089 5.5 HP

    So I am trying to get a ball park on a fair value for a Tecumseh HT55C-3089 5.5 HP. I have some time. I can't go look at it until first week of October. But the owner says it runs and came off of his father's 552. Says all sheet metal and so on is with it. Also said he will throw in what's laying around wheel horse related. But the engine is more of what I want. Just not sure of a fair value on one. Any help would be great.
  9. RJ35 Questions

    I would say it's worth getting. I honestly think $100-$150 absolute max would be good.
  10. RJ35 Questions

    I agree on it being a 1960 suburban 550 and on miller tire. Got several tires from them and no complaints. But overall looks like a nice one for restoration. Good luck to ya with it.
  11. Allis Chalmers wanna be.

    I'd say it's a suburban that has suffered some crazy mods and altering of sorts. With some mix and match parts also.
  12. I don't remember the make of them. But recently purchased a set of them on ebay. They cost me just under 55 and that was with delivery.
  13. 701 Black Horse

    WHX12 that is a 1960 400. And Jim thanks and the tank I actually did a bunch of sanding to smooth it out and then just hand polished with purple polish.
  14. 701 Black Horse

    Well your 701 looks great! I got a 702 I just finished up earlier this year. It was a custom project me and my boy did.
  15. 701 Black Horse

    The seat and fenders are in great shape. I have a square pan I can use for the restoration. And I'll probably see what I can do about locating some original fenders and brace. I'll just hang those fenders on the wall for another project.