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  1. The city saying they will fix the side walks last year to keep people from tripping where the tree roots have caused them to heave. I have only seen one spot on the east side were I live that Lansing's Public Works has done anything too. All they did was to put asphalt on both sides of were it heaved. Starting last year I put a edge marker in on all 4 corners of were the sections of side walk has raised allowing me to ease up to and lift the blade the blade over obstruction. I also do along gutter in the street since city plows either fail to come through our area or stay 3 to 4 feet from the curb and use markers to show were the trees have pushed the curb to cause same obstruction but from the side.
  2. That was what I thought when I looked at it.
  3. Dozer Blade Angle Handle

    Mine was bent when I got it and hit the brake pedal so I reversed the bend to clear it. Then some time later last fall T-MO needed help with making one for his. I posted drawings I made with measurements to his post asking for help. He then did 3D drawings of it. So I would suggest you contact him or look for that thread to see if that would work in your case.
  4. NOS Decks for Sale

    I just double checked put in wheel horse as 2 words it does not show up using wheelhorse.
  5. NOS Decks for Sale

    First Secondly this thread is from 2009 and as I read through it I don't think he bought any of them. I did happen to see this on CL last night if it is along what your looking for check Grand Rapids of west Mich CL.
  6. Big show adventure

    No problem I was glad to be able to hook ya up. I even had a nice visit with Glen when I ran them out to his house.
  7. Big show adventure

    Did you get with Glen Pettit?
  8. got a freebe tonight!

    WHeelhorseman1000 sells the flag check vendors section.
  9. Rubber for RD Decks

    Like I said previously I don't need you to pay me for them. But since Glen Pettit offered to bring them to the show, I would appreciate you getting him something cold to drink for his time and trouble. So far with PM I got today I may only be cutting 2 for you. Thinking I may cut some for my bench top to protect it when I have parts I'm working with on it. I did notice in one of the pictures I posted today the end with it mounted looks like it split where I cut the relief. It did not split I made that cut all the way through to hold end of chalk line for marking a line to follow when cutting the relief.
  10. Rubber for RD Decks

    I worked on this project a couple of times in last week. I decided to cut one for my mower deck at 7 inches leaving it 3 foot wide. Being as thick as it is I figured cutting a relief for flexibility to allow it to droop down would be a good idea. If you view the pictures you will see that the fibers embedded in the belt are closer to one side than the other. I choose to leave most of them intact only cutting to a depth that would leave at least one layer of them for strength. After drilling mounting holes (yes 2 holes are off by 2" ) I used 5/16 x 1" carriage bolts, flat washers and lock nuts for mounting. This first attempt didn't give me the desired droop I was looking for. Today after taking care of couple of other things I had some time to get back on this project. I removed piece I made and decided to cut to a depth that cut through all the reinforcing fibers to see if it had the flexibility I needed. It now drops down which will divert grass clippings towards the ground and did not catch on the tires when backing up. I would like to cut the required number I need to fulfill any requests in next week while we have a number of rain days that will keep me from doing outside projects. elcamino/wheelhorse and Whishin4a416 were the only 2 to state interest when I first posted this thread last fall. I will cut the 3 pieces to fulfill their requests tomorrow. I would like to clarify I am only cutting the strips the drilling of mounting holes and cutting of relief will be responsibility of each member to fit their individual needs. I will give these helpful hints for cutting and drilling. If cutting through entire thickness ( incase you don't want it 3' long or 6" instead of 7" ) a jig/saber saw with coarse blade works best. For cutting the relief a circular saw with blade set to a depth of 5/16" worked for me. As for drilling holes if you have a spade style wood bit like one I added picture if drill from side fibers are closest to till you just poke through other side then flip part and drill through to open hole. I used a 25/64 (1/64 larger than 3/8) regular drill bit for first holes I did and pushing bolts through was to much like work. Any other members going to the Big Show wanting a piece of this material please let me know soon so I can get them cut and packaged for transport.
  11. To raise the shaft up I would remove the inboard bearing mount (this is a bit of pain in the). When i removed mine to reposition it I used my both standard and right angle die grinders with both cut off wheels and carbide burrs. I was careful to only work where it was welded on at since this would give me a few points of the original edge to assist in relocation. In your case be careful to save any of the radius that goes toward the drum of the housing. If you look at your newer thrower there should be large holes with the 3 smaller holes already located for mounting the inboard bearing in the upper location. I don't remember if both sides of that frame work on back of blower has small holes if it does it could really help when remounting when one you need to remove. Once you have the mount removed or if you have questions on this e-mail me you need more info (life is busy right now so I don't check in here as often). I will address cutting hole for drive chain and locating the bearing mount once you have mount ready to reposition.
  12. Garry is correct it will fit, but the drive may not work without some modifications. I have modified a vertical shaft snow thrower to use on tractor with a horizontal shaft motor. It was a bit of work and a couple of hundred dollars in parts to complete. I enjoyed the project and it did nice the 2 times I used it this winter. This being said I will more than likely not use it again. The reasons being are my feet got cold setting on my butt clearing snow, and dressed exactly the same way I stay toasty walking behind either of my smaller snow blowers. Also I only own 1 tractor and want my blade on it in winter. I also have limited storage space in the winter since I store my car in the winter. Lastly I have no desire to own a second tractor just to be able to run the snow thrower. Guess I'm neither a collector or a hoarder simply the owner of a worker.
  13. 06-37SK01 Snow Thrower is for a vertical shaft engine powered tractor.