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  1. 90 312-H Carburetor adjustment

    Well my WH project has slowed a bit but still tinkering... I pulled the bowl last year and checked the carb for trash and the needle condition, the PO said he had it rebuilt but didn't say when., all looked good. I did some adjusting last year posted above but it seems to be running on the rich side looking at the plug as well as the exhaust smell. My Walbro carb looks like photo #1 in this link http://outdoorpowerinfo.com/repairs/kohler_walbro_whg_adjustable_carb.asp This would be considered as Walbro Adjustable Jet series correct? If so the preliminary settings would be Low idle 1-3/4 turns out and the main at 1-1/8 turns out. The manual the PO give to me only shows the Kohler carburetor and not the Walbro
  2. Help with 312-H mower

    Standard threads, a short length of 2x4 will come in handy to wedge between the blade & deck when loosening.
  3. 90 312-H electrical clicking?

    Thanks guys
  4. I noticed the other night it was quite in my shop and wanted to test my headlight wiring so I switched the key on and heard a faint ticking that lasted less than 2 seconds and stopped, kinda like a old stop watch, after switching it off I heard it again. I could not tell if it was the relay, I'm thinking the hour meter? May be normal & it just happened to be silent enough for me to hear it. Any ideas?
  5. Well my winter progress has been slow but wanted to post my progress, did get the dash/harness back together and refinished the muffler. Much left to do this year
  6. 312-8 Fuel Filter

    IMO I think it's just cheap insurance, I've seen plenty of those screens rot away over time, the one on my WH had a tear in it but it also had a clear inline fuel filter on it that was full of small particles mostly bits of old fuel line which could had ended up in the float needle or jet, I washed out my tank and replaced everything for under $35, peace of mind I suppose...
  7. 418A what oil do I use?

    I changed mine twice because the PO used gear oil, I get the most accurate reading when it has set overnight and checked cold
  8. 418A what oil do I use?

    I found on a oil/filter change only about 3.5-4 quarts will come out the system, remember you have lines, the lift cylinder and the pump that will not drain out. So nothing you are doing wrong, I run into this when I first changed my fluid, I have drained it warm and cold overnight and each time got under 4 qts out. I'd cycle the lift a few times while running, let it set to cool and recheck, if it's still over full I'd drain some out
  9. 312-H muffler

    That's the paint I spoke to the Por 15 rep about this week, seems to hold up well on manifolds & headers after reading about it on automotive forums, 8 oz should cover the muffler. The guy with the welding shop said he's heat it up but wasn't comfortable being so close to the head so I may just sand/wire brush/degrease & coat it with the POR-15. I used the regular POR-15 on other projects and it's tough stuff actually the toughest I've seen yet but pricey
  10. 312-8 Fuel Filter

    Mine is behind the left rear engine bolt, easy to swap & see... but anywhere as said would work.I think the number I use is a Napa 3011 (1/4" line)
  11. 418A what oil do I use?

    I use Havoline 10w 40 in the 5 qt jugs and a Napa filter, suppose synthetic would be better
  12. 312-H muffler

    Yep, you right, one backfire & I'd be in trouble. I'm might as well be in the market for a new/used muffler either way. I looked under my model number 31-12KE01 and could not locate it for the M12 on Partstree but I may had overlooked it, I think it is a Toro 94-3739 same as the 312-8 with a hefty price of over $200.
  13. 312-H muffler

    I may soak it with PB blaster again which did free up the rusty clamp bolts which kept me from cutting it off, it's a eye sore considering how the rest of the tractor looks so far into my restoration. Now that you mention it the E-tank would be less aggressive than my sandblaster which would likely blow through the thin areas. If all fails I'll have to sand it where it is the best I can and apply the POR 15.
  14. 312-H muffler

    I have zero experience with torches but a guy I know does, I'll let him take a look at it. Thanks
  15. 312-H muffler

    That's the issue, I lightly hit it under the split area and its chipping instead of spreading open. Sorry but yes I meant remove, sandblast, paint, reinstall....