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  1. No, it's a crowbar, and that's for pulling the WH over the engine...
  2. FINN-HORSE Digger, any info?

    Yes, finding the other one would be great, however I have no clue how .. I've talked to several people around, showing pictures and all. None of them have ever seen such thing... Even if Sweden is a small country, it's not small enough to search manually. Perhaps there are more than two of them, but since they where made in the seventhies, maybe there are only one... After all the original pictures looks like from a junkyard...
  3. dial a height

    My C-120 is lacking the some details on the "dial a height", anyone want to post a picture, perhaps I can fabricate the missing parts myself?
  4. Hey Vinylguy, I live in Sweden, but cannot get a picture of the shipping cost for a complete decal-set would cost from the website. Spending 55 bucks for the decals is ok, paying 100 for shipping is not...
  5. Latest purchase

    Even in Scandinavia, wifes in general allow themselves to have twenty purses and 40 pair of shoes, and still thinks two tractors is at least one too much...
  6. C-120, 8-speed, drum axle leak

    Ok, Toro dealer is avalible, Napa is not, since I live in Sweden. However SKF is "Svenska Kullager Fabriken" meaning Swedish Ball bearing Factory... I think bying a "SKF 7410" should be doable... Maybe, when the transmission is filled up, the play is unnoticeable?
  7. Ok, so I've found out just where the oil is leaving the transmission on my C120 8 speed from around 1974. Removed the brake "drum" and discovered a thin ring around the axle, is this part of the seal and can this be replaced without tearing the whole transmission? I found several posts & youtube videos about replacing axle seals, but none about the brake axle seal... Since this is the lowest axle, the oil-level is to low to determine if axle seals are bad too... I'm uncertain of what transmission I've got so trying to find the manual for it has been hard, someone who can help? Yanking the axel I can just about feel a play, is this OK, or should I replace the bearing too?
  8. FINN-HORSE Digger, any info?

    Seems like transmission case cannot hold the oil inside, does not appear to be leaking from the axles, I guess the gasket between the two half's done. Only way is to split the transfer case or anyone have easier way?
  9. FINN-HORSE Digger, any info?

    Ok, Lars have convinced me that I should not attempt to weld new teeth on the steering gear, he just offered me the part to a very favorable price. Thanks again, Lars Btw, the other day I separated the tractor from the digger, pretty easy with just the coupling bolt holding it an quick release om the hoses. However, joining them again will be trickier, trying to align the whole thing....
  10. Hi Lars,


    Steering the tractor to a work site for the digger is ok as it is but if I where to detach the digger unit and use the tractor alone, a correct amount of teeth in the gear would be preferable...


    I thought welding could be a way but if you have the part thats better. 


    What kind of money are we talking about, for part resp shipping to the southmost of Sweden?




    Rickard alias Horse Digger 

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    2. Lars
    3. Horse Digger

      Horse Digger

      Paypal går bra, vilken mailadress ska jag sända till och hur mycket?



    4. Lars


      Hei Rickard..

      jeg skal sjekke med posten hva det koster men det var fra 289 til 350 som jeg fant ut på nettsiden til posten..

      men hvis du vil så kan jeg få sjekket det eksakt..



  11. FINN-HORSE Digger, any info?

    Hi, Steering gear, two teeth missing. Finding a used in Sweden seems hard, anyone tried to weld onto the sprocket and axle? Seems like it is welded from start, so it should be possible. I'm thinking of building up new teeth and grinding them to shape. Perfect is hard but just preventing jump over is enough for me... When the digger is on, steering is limited by the digger frame but still jump over is possible at the ends.
  12. FINN-HORSE Digger, any info?

    Forgot the tin can and drove to Legoland a couple of days, now I don't have to worry about that anymore...
  13. C-195 steering gear..

    Hi, I have a similar problem, two teeth missing. Finding a used in Sweden seems hard, anyone tried to weld onto the sprocket and axle? Seems like it is welded from start, so it should be possible. I'm thinking of building up new teeth and grinding them to shape. Perfect is hard but just preventing jump over is enough for me... Sorry for the picture, sent from the phone... If you wonder about the orange part below the frame you might want to look at my gravedigger.
  14. Custom grader/belly blade

    Yea, great idea, here in Sweden I have never seen much implements för the WH, so finding a grader seems impossible. I made me a snow plow for my small tractor a couple of years ago. Perhaps I should try making a grader, the design looks pretty simple. Attachment should be on rear axle, and hight control at the same lever as used for mower deck, right? Anyone have a picture with dimensions?
  15. FINN-HORSE Digger, any info?

    Understand your profession now, sorry for the misunderstanding. Google translate actually have a bad reputation here in Scandinavia, being joked at for changing the whole meaning of a sentence... The digger, looks like there are a lot of them more or less looking the same, but you said your friend built it. Are there some kind of a kit that can be bought to put together these, otherwise I wonder why they are all alike. Looks like power is not the issue, but weight (and counterweight) often is. On my digger power is more of an issue, and movement too... Your digger can easily be moved simply by using the arm. When I want to move mine, I have to swing the tractor around, park the bucket at the front, raise the platform and then drive the tractor. Despite the weight of the barrel, almost all weight sits at the rear wheels, so turning sharp or climbing even small slopes is hard. I've got 8 holes in the platform where I can run spears in the earth, have not been using this yet, but I got three spears with the machine. I guess this improves stability much, but it makes moving even harder (or more time-consuming).