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  1. You guys got me thinking (always a dangerous thing). I just happen to have a 74 C120 that I bought for parts. Took some tools out to the backyard today and now I have a 15 amp stator and the correct flywheel and rectifier all blasted/cleaned and painted that will get installed as soon as everything dries
  2. Interesting idea. The trigger is fine but the tab on the coil came apart in my hand when I was taken it off. Not sure how the had it together but there was a small piece of bailing wire involved.
  3. Yep. It does snow and get cold in Pekin
  4. Restoring a Charger 12 with a breakerless ignition to breaker ignition. My theory is .....its only a matter of time before it goes bad so change it now while everything is apart. The question: There are three wires coming from the stator. Two go to the rectifier and one goes to the breakerless coil. What would be the proper way do do away with the third wire? Just cut it off? or ??? The book doesn't mention conversions. Thanks Bob
  5. Wildlife Habitat

    We have tried each and every one. Sometimes what worked one fall/winter won't the next year. The funniest was one time a mouse got his tail stuck on the "sticky paper" under the kitchen cabinet. Sounded like two wildcats having a fight
  6. Bob

    When you get a chance and feel up to it I am going to need another set of lug bolts and nuts. There is no hurry!

    Just let me know how much and I'll send it along



    1. rmaynard


      Completely out of stock. Will let you know when I get more stock in and make up a few more kits.


      FYI, cataract surgery went well. Amazing how bright things got, and how brilliant the colors became.

      I drove up to Littlestown PA today to fill up my 5 gas cans with ethanol-free gas. I asked the girl pumping if she could lift them into the back of my truck since I had just recently had cataract surgery, she said "sure, but where's your old man sunglasses?"    sg-small1.png.4b0617478c165ceae0556f12eb4f98b9.png We both got a good laugh.



    2. RJ Hamner

      RJ Hamner

      Funny!  It used to scare the hell out of me to see a little old man/woman driving a big ole "land cruiser" and wearing those glasses.  Now I have a pair.:D

      Real gas????? What station??

    3. rmaynard


      Breighner's Tire & Auto
      1705 Hanover Pike
      Littlestown, PA 17340
      M-F: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
      Saturday: 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM
      Sunday: Closed
  7. I recently picked up a 1970 Charger 12 to bring back to life. The engine sounded real good and didn't smoke. The hydro didn't have any problems but the mower deck looked like it took a direct hit from a RPG. I had restored a 42" deck for my Raider so the deck was not a real problem. I also had a 1968 Charger 12 that the guy said I had to take when I picked up a 74 C-120 (I wanted the engine for a spare) Now I had a "donor" for the 1970Charger In the process of taking the 70 Charger down to the frame I found that a mouse had made a nest on the box for the motion lever and associated parts. I found nuts, a fair amount of bedding material and what was left of the mouse. As I started to put everything back together I needed a part from the 68. When I took the cover off - this is what I found. This guy worked REALLY hard building a nice warm place to spend the winter My Charger project despite a setback or two is coming along.....one piece at a time
  8. 1970 Charger 12 model 7251

    I guess I should have been a little clearer in the first post. Yes I have everything on engines and transmissions for the Charger. When I did the C121 I guess I got spoiled with the great manuals that were/are available The exploded parts diagram for it and the Raider leave at lot to be desired as far as clarity. But maybe its just me? I guess I was just hoping that there was a shop/service manual that was a little more detailed. Thanks for the response!! Bob
  9. I am wondering if there was ever a Service Manual for this particular tractor. So far all I have found are Owners Manuals (one came with the tractor) Since this is my first attempt at a HW with a Hydro I am probably going to need all the help I can get Any help will be appreciated Bob
  10. hey,  Bob do you still have that suburban deck?

  11. With the help of the folks on Red Square I got my 68 Raider 12 running again. But I never figured that the guys would send a QA Inspector to evaluate my work
  12. Raider 12 wiring has me stumped

    I guess that's what I get for making an assumption. I would have thought that the outer case acted as the ground and the hot wire went on the terminal. Hooked the wires to the CORRECT spot. No sparks and she turned over Put the gas tank back on and installed a new set of points. A couple of coughs and sputters and she took off running!!!! Guess I didn't "smoke check" the coil after all So a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for all the help. You guys are GREAT!!! Bob
  13. Raider 12 wiring has me stumped

    I disconnected the red wire as per g-west. Tried to connect the ground wire to the battery (slowly). Got a spark. Got out the wiring diagram and went wire by wire and connection by connection three times now According to the diagram everything with the exception of the wiring at the condenser(???) is the way it should be. Is it possible that a bad ignition switch could cause this kind of problem???? The green wire on the battery terminal goes to the rectifier. The old clamp had the additional wire to use for the rectifier so rather tap into the new cable Iran a wire from the battery terminal
  14. Raider 12 wiring has me stumped

    I went out and used the tester between the ground cable and the negative battery terminal - got a light. I had pulled the shroud and flywheel off just to see what was really there so I will have to put that back The rest will probably have to wait till tomorrow afternoon assuming the wife doesn't snag me for something. Have to go visit with the doctor in the morning