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  1. While I was waiting on the axle seals got busy with the blast cabinet and sander.
  2. Got it all stripped down to the frame. Removed the frame from the tranny/hydro. Stripped the frame down to bare metal with the sidewheel grinder with 80 grit flap sander and a needle gun. Couple of coats or itching primer and decided to do something different and went with gloss black. Thought it came out pretty good
  3. Pulled the battery and was able to get the wiring harness out (after I labeled all the connections) in one piece. Should be able to make a brand new one when the time comes. Hood, fenders, running boards, PTO, belt guards all pulled. Today was TOO hot to mow (96 deg) and the finish on the moulding for the room downstairs needed to cure for another day so..... Today was bath day. Soaked everything down with Oil Eater (great stuff). Let it soak for a while then attacked it with the power washer. Forty years of grim gone in 30 minutes.
  4. Looking for a K91 air cleaner assembly

    In the words of the God Father,"make me an offer I can refuse" LOL
  5. Looking for a K91 air cleaner assembly

    You mean like this?
  6. Picked up this C-160 a couple of weeks ago from Joe out in SW PA. It had been on the Classified page for a while so I went out for a look. Got her home and got a new battery, new plug, new plug wire and some fresh gas. She purrs like a BIG kitten! Drove her around the yard a few times and put her on the lift. Got some of the parts I am going to need at the BS and some more from Jay in GA. Wife told me I have to finish the all the trim work in her "home theatre" in the basement so......... I do get a few hours in. After all, "Ya gotta let the finish dry between coats"
  7. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Actually I use several cut-offs like these. They come in real handy for painting. I made some"lazy Susans and set the cut-offs on them. Great for painting wheels, hoods, fenders etc Just my 2 cents, your mileage may vary
  8. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Thanks. I saw a while back he was laid up but hadn’t heard anything else. Hope he gets better. (I had a short list of stuff he has)
  9. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Close. What model did that one come from? The cut out in the front is different.
  10. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    No mine has the gas tank under the hood and it lifts up and to the rear like a Raider or Charger
  11. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    That looks like a newer model. Mine is the kind wher the whole seat pan pivots up
  12. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    As a side note: Does anyone know if Glenn Pettit will be able to make the show?
  13. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Looking for a rear fender for a 75 C160 Auto (60’s-70’s Raider orCharger looks to be the same). Could also use the “toolbox”. I have two but both have cracks at the bolt holes and boogered up holes for the pivot bolts
  14. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Sent you a message on your web site
  15. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Are they "tin" signs or???