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  1. 1970 Charger 12 model 7251

    I guess I should have been a little clearer in the first post. Yes I have everything on engines and transmissions for the Charger. When I did the C121 I guess I got spoiled with the great manuals that were/are available The exploded parts diagram for it and the Raider leave at lot to be desired as far as clarity. But maybe its just me? I guess I was just hoping that there was a shop/service manual that was a little more detailed. Thanks for the response!! Bob
  2. I am wondering if there was ever a Service Manual for this particular tractor. So far all I have found are Owners Manuals (one came with the tractor) Since this is my first attempt at a HW with a Hydro I am probably going to need all the help I can get Any help will be appreciated Bob
  3. hey,  Bob do you still have that suburban deck?

  4. With the help of the folks on Red Square I got my 68 Raider 12 running again. But I never figured that the guys would send a QA Inspector to evaluate my work
  5. Raider 12 wiring has me stumped

    I guess that's what I get for making an assumption. I would have thought that the outer case acted as the ground and the hot wire went on the terminal. Hooked the wires to the CORRECT spot. No sparks and she turned over Put the gas tank back on and installed a new set of points. A couple of coughs and sputters and she took off running!!!! Guess I didn't "smoke check" the coil after all So a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for all the help. You guys are GREAT!!! Bob
  6. Raider 12 wiring has me stumped

    I disconnected the red wire as per g-west. Tried to connect the ground wire to the battery (slowly). Got a spark. Got out the wiring diagram and went wire by wire and connection by connection three times now According to the diagram everything with the exception of the wiring at the condenser(???) is the way it should be. Is it possible that a bad ignition switch could cause this kind of problem???? The green wire on the battery terminal goes to the rectifier. The old clamp had the additional wire to use for the rectifier so rather tap into the new cable Iran a wire from the battery terminal
  7. Raider 12 wiring has me stumped

    I went out and used the tester between the ground cable and the negative battery terminal - got a light. I had pulled the shroud and flywheel off just to see what was really there so I will have to put that back The rest will probably have to wait till tomorrow afternoon assuming the wife doesn't snag me for something. Have to go visit with the doctor in the morning
  8. Raider 12 wiring has me stumped

    Let me ask a question first. Is there a way to check the coil to see if it is still good? Like you mentioned earlier if the coil got "smoke checked" and they are NLA, I/we may be beating a dead horse so to speak. On another topic, I went out back and checked a 68 Charger 12 that I got in a "package deal" that I was going to rebuild for the wife. It HAS been converted and it looks like they used the same ignition switch?? Did they do it wrong??
  9. Raider 12 wiring has me stumped

    The red wire goes to the M lug on the ign switch. Which I THOUGHT that was the way it was wired when I got it. But then again it wouldn't be the first time I have been wrong. Well maybe wrong is not the correct term. Powerful confused would be more accurate I see that the coil is NLA so I guess a conversion is probably the way to go. Is there anything under the flywheel that I will need to change???
  10. First some vitals: 1968 Raider 12 Kohler K301 model # 47147B Magneto ignition 10 amp stator (according to the manual, I haven't as yet pulled the flywheel) Background: I bought it last fall. It ran. I even mowed the yard with it twice while our Cub Cadet was in the shop. It has been in the shed until recently when I got the new throttle and choke cables to replace the ones that were in really sad shape. When I went to move it out of the shed the battery was dead. Bought a new one and had to change the cables as the new batteries no longer have a "post". I got a real good look at the wiring and figured that since I had the gas tank off to get to the cables I might as well replace ALL the wiring since I had everything apart Now I want to make one thing clear I am not the greatest when it comes to wiring and circuits. But I figured that if I was careful and did one at a time it would be OK Got everything back together. The last thing was connect the ground wire to the battery. Lots of sparks were there shouldn't be and smoke coming from the cover for the points! Got the wiring diagram out and double checked everything. Then got to looking at the parts manual. I had replaced the condenser but there is no condenser listed for the #47147B model This is what to looks like: (wire to the points is disconnected) Now I am wondering just what exactly I have since I had found a couple of "nonstandard fixes" (read shade tree) on the tractor. Any ideas??? Thanks Bob The closeup is what I did. The distant picture with the odd exhaust setup is the way I got it

    Found a close candidate at NAPA #RS1000

    Yep. Sure are! Thanks!!!
  13. Has anyone found a substitute for the rocker switch (part #7184)? Any help greatly appreciated Bob
  14. 1960 Suburban

    I have a Suburban deck that I am not going to use
  15. Well in my book if "as is" was dud you would be getting a check in the mail.