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  1. Drilled and pinned arms for my c195 loader project and checked level, slow going with my job always keeping me away.
  2. Was out mowing tall grass and the bearing on the v groove pulley came apart, looks like the bearing is part of the pulley will I need to replace entire pulley? Does anyone know the part numbers for both pulleys and a source for them? Thinking may as well do both, if 1 went the other may not be far behind.
  3. May have a chance to pick up a d250 with pto tilller for a good price but don't know if it's something that will be more trouble than it's worth, in nice shape runs good. I know people say it's not a true wheel horse but if they let them badge it as one was it money or because they considered it worthy?
  4. Had to renew membership to upload pic, didn't realize it expired.
  5. Well I decided to go with carlisle Trac chief 27x8.5-15, could've gone with 28x10.5- 15 after seeing them but they work great in deep mud plus they weigh about 3 times what the turf tires did at 38lbs each but putting 6 ply tires on with portable tire changer is not easy.
  6. Found these tires finally any thoughts on width being smaller, has 27x9.5x15 New lugs are 27x8.5x15.
  7. Thanks for the replies, didn't realize it would be this hard to find tires, on the 7.6x15 what is the aspect ratio, I don't mind narrower tire and would like to find something to fit without to much modification, love the D series will have one someday.
  8. Hello everyone, spring is finally here and I think it's time for lug tires on my c195 (a lot of wet muddy ground), my problem is I can't find 27x9.5x15 tires and am at a loss as to where to go, anyone with suggestions (tire source, alternate tire or rim size etc.)would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, can't wait to get back on the horse.
  9. The pics in the woods are of 25 acres of land Amish logged across the street from me, not swamp but wetlands, New owner let me have as much wood as I want for winter and the horses are a lot of fun working.
  10. Waiting to get to work.
  11. Find a local welding shop they should fix it for under $20.
  12. Thanks! I guess it's both, I looked at a lot of pictures and found a drawing of the rocker with dimensions here from an old post and used it to judge the dimensions of the other parts.
  13. Thanks, wasn't as hard to do as I thought once I stopped over thinking it and just started making it. Now what implement to start on.
  14. Finally got it done, might need to shorten lift arms but will use it for a while to see, the disc's are an old set I got free, now I need to start making attachments will post drawings after some use and mods.
  15. Just finished hydraulic hook up and tested, all good, now wait for paint to dry, get a top link and put it to work. Will add drawings with dimensions soon.