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  1. C120 PTO belt

    36" Rear Discharge
  2. C120 PTO belt

    I need a PTO belt for a C120 but I don't know the length or part number Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Wheel horse model

    Thanks for the information the links are very useful.
  4. Wheel horse model

    I have been given a Wheel horse but not too sure what model it is If anyone could help identify what model and year it is that would be great I have attached some pics
  5. New wheel horse

    Thanks, I'll have to double check on the hp though. Also could anyone tell me what model it is?
  6. New wheel horse

    Hi I'm thinking of purchasing my first wheel horse, it has a 13hp Kohler and runs well. Here are the pictures. what do you think.
  7. Wheel horse brakes

    Yes it did have an ornament
  8. Wheel horse brakes

    Im not sure what year it is but thanks for the info
  9. Wheel horse brakes

  10. Wheel horse brakes

    It has happened gradually
  11. Wheel horse brakes

    I need help on how to fix wheel horse c120 brakes. When I press the brake pedal nothing happens.
  12. Wheel Horse Mower Deck

    Thanks thats a real help
  13. Wheel Horse Mower Deck

    Hello can anyone please help with my query. I need to know how to put a mower deck on a wheel horse c120