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  1. 1963 model 633

    Hello just wondering Im looking for the snowthrower setup for ny tractor think its a st 324? Just looking for some pro input, where can i find one if anyone has a idea would be awsome ty .
  2. Single stage snowblower for sale

    Hi that would go.on a.1963 i think rite? If i paid would u ship to massachussettes ty
  3. 1963 model 633

    Hi anyone no.where i could.find a.single stage snowblower to fit my tractor? And what.model would i need ty
  4. 1963 model 633 kohler kt141-29102a

    Thankyou welch plug ok happy new year
  5. 1963 model 633 kohler kt141-29102a

    I cant figure out what this plug on the side of my engine is called so i can get one,it almost looks like it could be a freeze plug and running it withput it the engine spits oil outa this hole wich is about 7/8 round ill see if i have a picture in phone,any help is appreciated the engine is on my 63 wheelhorse thank you its a model k141t kohler