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  1. Parts needed

    Good evening horse owners.Looking for steering wheel and center cap for a 753. You can pm or text #720-987-2338 or email quietgiantjohn@yahoo.com Thanks Big John
  2. Snow blower maintenance

    Well,Last Sunday I had a blast blowing snow at work.Carbon sparks blowing out of mufflers.Must be the last owner didn't run it hard.Now I to get my windshield done.
  3. Snow blower maintenance

    Almost ready for the snow.
  4. Snow blower maintenance

    Well digging threw all those manuals,found the answer.It is plain old multi purpose grease.We are getting snow maybe this week.Hopefully a foot or 2.It might be a teaser.Later big John🌠
  5. Question of the day.I purchased a d160 with a 50"snowblower.I have found any spec what fluid or grease you use in the gearbox.Can one of you people that know let me know?Thanks and all you tractor people have a happy holidays

    Brad great person,nice chatting with you.I'm back in Denver.Have a great week.Big John

    crazy horse, interested buying your finish mower.Call me Big John or pm I'm going to be inChippawa,Wi. Saturday picking up a tractor .720-987-2338.Thanks Big John
  8. 1978 D-160, 48" deck, blower, back blade

    Well I talked to the owner headed to his house after Sturgis to purchase it.Big John
  9. 1978 D-160, 48" deck, blower, back blade

    This great price for this machine with all the attachments.Give me a call. 720 987 2338. Thanks Big John.🇺🇸😅🚜
  10. That is great price for that machine with all those attachments.

  11. wanted pto shaft for d160

    I need a pto shaft for a finish mower.It runs from the mower to the tractor.thanx's big john Call 720-987-2338 or text
  12. Who will make the big show?

    Well,just rolled into my hometown Corry,Pa.And I have missed all the storms coming across from Colorado.So I will be early tomorrow to see the big show.Good night to everyone.Big John.
  13. Long Range Weather Outlook

    Rain or shine,you wil see me show up on my motorcycle.Hope to see many nice horses.Big John
  14. Who will make the big show?

    I'll be showing up for Friday"s show .I am riding out on my motorcycle.I am on my way to my niece's wedding out in N.J. Looking for parts to ship back to Colorado.Big John
  15. lawn mower deck issue

    Thanks for the reply slammer. Big John