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  1. Added another Cub to my collection

    Just picked up this 1968 105 Cub Cadet
  2. 1967 125 Cub Cadet
  3. Recently picked this handy little workhorse up.
  4. New Horse in the stable

    Not sure. I have everything I need to restore it. It came with a complete set from Redo Your Horse.
  5. New Horse in the stable

    Thanks Garry, that's what I was thinking too.
  6. New Horse in the stable

    C-120 Wheel Horse, not sure of the year yet. Runs nice, motor was rebuilt about 5 years ago. Needs repainted but came with complete new decal set.
  7. Tractors that got away

    Now that's a great story!
  8. Tractors that got away

    My biggest problem is storing them. If I still had them all, they'd be sitting all over my small yard. I'd rather send them to a good home than see them sit outside in bad weather. Very nice original! 1962 ? I let one of those get away too!
  9. Tractors that got away

    Have you ever gotten rid of a tractor and found yourself wishing you had it back? These are a few that I wish were still with me!
  10. Which horse is your favorite

    Me too!
  11. The children put away for the winter

    This is my favorite child tho!
  12. Which horse is your favorite

    My favorite is definitely my 701 !
  13. New addition to the garage family

    I want to thank everyone for their kind comments. Most of you know that I have several different brands of garden tractors and I really try not to have any favorites. They are all awesome in their own way. It's really more about keeping AMERICANA alive and well and showing pride for what sometimes seems to be a fading past time, American engineering and quality.