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  1. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    mkk Jim Demery, 1961 Wheel Horse 701 Jim Demery, 1961 Wheel Horse 701 with 10" Brinly Plough
  2. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Jim Demery, 1961 Wheel Horse 701 Jim Demery, 1961 Wheel Horse 701
  3. My 704 Update

    Tractor turned out very nice Don.
  4. 1961 701

  5. 1963 633

    1963 633 with tricycle custom front end. I added the custom weights and mounting bracket on this machine .
  6. 1977 B-80

    This tractor had a complete restoration done before I acquired it. I was fortunate enough to buy it as you see it with the exception of the hubcaps.
  7. 1961 701

    This is my 61 701. I recently restored it for the local tractor shows.
  8. 2017 Bushnell Tractor Show

    Our town and country antique gas engine and tractor show is on Aug 26th with the festival parade on the 24th. My wife and I will be on our 68 Allis Chalmers B112 promoting the upcoming show and parade on the 26th. Here is the ole girl in her parade attire.
  9. And I thought I only need one tractor.

    Thanks for the kind remarks Wrencher. I'm sure yours will look awesome too when you get er done.
  10. lawn tractor lift/work table

    HF lift table with 2x10 wing extensions make it 36" wide so it'll handle almost any mower/tractor. Very nice table!
  11. New old guy here

  12. That has the high-low transmission so it was made from 75-77 I believe. The carb on that 8hp Kohler is a piece of cake to rebuild and you can get a kit for it at your local Napa Auto Parts. There's several videos on YouTube that'll walk you through it also. Hope this helps you and good luck with the ole girl.
  13. No Idea What I'm Doing!

    The tractor alone is worth more than that! And that's with me not knowing what model it is. A fair offer for all the stuff I see is around $2500 !
  14. And I thought I only need one tractor.

    Nice tractor! I have a 77 B80 that's been completely restored.
  15. What have you done on your WH today?

    Installed the parade flags on my 701