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  1. Good price for a 257h

    Thanks for the info, I'll post what ever I make on it.
  2. Good price for a 257h

    I have a 1989 257h wheel horse that I want to sell with 353 hours on it, it has a kawasaki model fc540v engine with electric power. Everything works and it still has the hub caps. Does anyone know what a good asking price is, I've accumulated to may tractors and need some room, thanks for any info.
  3. 257 h oil light

    The pto wasn't engaged, I took the gauge panel off to adjust the steering and after I reassembled it it turned over with the key? It must have jared something when I used a big hammer. Now I just have to get the mower deck adjusted to cut even.
  4. 257 h oil light

    No help needed, got it figured out
  5. 257 h oil light

    I recently just picked up a 257 h and it won't start unless you jump the starter solenoid, the oil light flashes but it is full. Does anyone know why it won't crank when you turn the key, once you jump the starter everything works fine but the oil light still flashes, any help would be appreciated.
  6. 1979 d160 axle seal leaking

    got the hub off and learned to use the biggest gear puller you have because the small ones break.
  7. 1979 d160 axle seal leaking

    Thanks, I just flushed the the oil in the case due to some water getting in it due to a crack on the dipstick tube and now one seal is leaking. Its never a dull moment playing with the tracktor but I'd never give it up.
  8. im looking for size or part number if any one has it and how hard are they to replace.
  9. Looking for some info

    Thanks, the site worked well.
  10. Looking for some info

    I have a bronco 14 with model 10423 7 & serial 855532 and I am trying to find what they mean
  11. does anyone know the distance between the upper lift arms to the lower lift arms, I made the lower lift arms and i'm also making the adjustable connector and need to know the distance between the upper hole on the upper arm and the hole on the lower lift arm
  12. clutch not catching

    After looking for a replacment bushing at several part stores I was unable to buy a exact replacment bushing but I did find a 3/4od /1/2id brass bushing that I sanded down and then cut to fit the starter shaft. I put super glue on all the cracks on the magnets and then put it back together and on the tractor and all is good now. There is no hesitation when starting at all, the only thing left to do now is figure out how to rebuild the electric pto, it only partualy engages.
  13. clutch not catching

    Thanks to all for all the info, I took the starter apart and it has a cracked magnet and a bad bushing in it, I have local small engine repair guy seeing if he has any starters to replace it with and if not he said you can buy replacments I just don't know how much yet. I only paid $50 for the tractor so I don't mind putting in a little more money, it just needs a little tlc.
  14. clutch not catching

    I put a new battery in my bronco that I picked up last fall and I got it running but the starter doesn't always turn the engine over, it seems like it's really hard to turn over somtimes and other times it turns over easy. Any ideas why it is doing that? The other problemI have is the electric clutch is trying to engage but it won't catch and it only turns a couple of inches when you turn it on. Is there a way to rebuild them? Any help would be appreciative, Thanks
  15. snow blower

    Does antone have a good way of making snow not stick in the shoot on a snow blower, it goes on my d-160 and also will putting rubber pads on the single stage auger help throw snow farther and help stop plug ups.