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  1. Not bad for $100. Don't know anything about it
  2. Don't think so. Bought it used
  3. Doin a semi tear down of my onan p220 for a decarbon kit. The pistons are pretty coated with carbon/oil I guess. As I turn the motor the pistons leave a film of oil on the cyclinder wall.I know more than the basic avg Joe but is that normal ? Do I need a ring job?? Thanks
  4. 20 horse crankshaft?
  5. Hi does anyone still sell new onan p220g cranks? Thanks
  6. Yes it looks that good!
  7. Ya thanks man. Just a lil frustrated after finding this out. Was waiting for the weather to break to finally dig into it and I get this bad news. Not a good day. And it's such a clean machine too
  8. $600. Rebuilds kits $1200. But think cyc is too scored
  9. no next to the grill
  10. the bad 520 is next to grill the 416 will be the donor and that's an old 312 against the wall and another 312 with the plow
  11. I ran the numbers it a 97
  12. Ya it should bolt right up correct? Wiring and all?
  13. I have a 16 horse onan??? But It just mentally won't be the same ha The Cyclinder is pretty scored up
  14. Got a nice low mileage 97 520h from Craigslist. Guy said it had a lil miss. Shoot at idle a bit then throttle up and it ran fine so I bought it. Got it home and tore into it a little to adjust the valves and saw they were full of gas and junk! So figured I'll pull the motor and saw the other piston wasn't turning with the crank!!!! Well live and learn I guess
  15. hi I have a 91? 312h with a new fuel pump new lines new filter new gas cap. after it sits for a few days ill have to blow in the gas tank to get it started again any ideas why?