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  1. Wheels/ Tires

    greater Cleveland tire!
  2. 312h dying

    please help cant figure out why my 312h sputters like its going to die when it hits a big bump? checked all my connections anyone else ever have this problem?
  3. new slow plow

    will this model number slow plow from a year 2XXX fit a 97 520H? Model # 79481 it has the extension on it already but I was the newer models Thanks !
  4. onan crank trigger

    fixed! it was in fact the crank trigger! 2nd one ive known to go bad
  5. onan crank trigger

    I have a 416h with the 16 onan just pulled her for off for a carbon and gasket job. finally got her back together and started and purred like a kitten 20 sec later she dies, let her sit for a min or 2 and starts up runs and dies again.. new plugs wires fuel lines filter pump. now my buddies 20 onan was doin the exact same thing and we replaced the crank trigger and that was the problem. now is there any way to test the crank trigger? hate to spend all the $$ on a new one???
  6. Preferred snow plow blade edge?

    my drive has a few cracks so I got an old tire cut to length drilled holes and mounted as a blade works awesome
  7. onan 16 hp intake bolts

    ya it all makes sense now thanks
  8. onan 16 hp intake bolts

    I'm reassembling my onan 16 horse after a decarbon job. I only can seem to find 3 outta the 4 intake bolts... I know the one bolt holds one of the covers on also, correct? are they all the same length? thanks maybe someone has a pic?
  9. 94-520-h

    Hey guy. I'll sell you a nice 1997 520 for $1300 and a smack in the mouth
  10. 314 barn find

    Not bad for $100. Don't know anything about it
  11. Onan rings?

    Don't think so. Bought it used
  12. Onan rings?

    Doin a semi tear down of my onan p220 for a decarbon kit. The pistons are pretty coated with carbon/oil I guess. As I turn the motor the pistons leave a film of oil on the cyclinder wall.I know more than the basic avg Joe but is that normal ? Do I need a ring job?? Thanks
  13. Onan crank

    Hi does anyone still sell new onan p220g cranks? Thanks
  14. 520h. Rip off

    Yes it looks that good!