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  1. Engine Overhaul

    It is finished and ready to go to work
  2. Engine Overhaul

    Hi All I am back from 7 days in Cabo with my family. On my door step was a box with the parts I ordered ( Yea! ). Here are the photos of the piston, in the cylinder and the engine going back together.
  3. Engine Overhaul

    Holy smokes that left a mark, maybe the governors was set too high🤔
  4. Engine Overhaul

    I think that the piston to bore being at the upper limit and the ring end clearance in to spec should be an improvement over what I started with .020 of piston clearance and .054+ of end gap. I will post my first start after I get back from Cabo.
  5. Engine Overhaul

    Here are some more Pic's The compression ring end gap was .057 and it should be .010-.020 the wiper ring end gap was .139 and also should be .010-.020
  6. Engine Overhaul

    Thanks for the reply I used a Starrett telescoping gauge with 3"-4" mike to measure the bore and I am very confident with the measurement. A .010 over setup will get with in .004 would that not be a improvement? The puzzle I have is the piston measure 3.370 to 3.368 OD ?. I believe after boring out the cylinder they used the stock piston My intention is to hone the bore change the piston/rings and get thru the season. Spring time I will do a complete overhaul on this engine. This Kohler is definitely worth the time and effort to rebuild.
  7. Engine Overhaul

    I started the tear down Look at the oil on top of the piston and the small divots in the piston I measured the bore and it is round at 3.389" and straight at 3.389" What piston size should I buy?
  8. Engine Overhaul

    Hi All Well it looks like I get to overhaul or re-ring my Kohler K301 I will start today and take lots of Pic's
  9. Wheel Horse rear wheel weights

    Will they fit a 12" rim?
  10. Wheel Horse rear wheel weights

    How heavy are they? and will you ship to Nevada?
  11. Here Goes the C-160

    I restored my C-121 and enjoyed the process. Wheel Horse made a good product and of the dozen of so tractors I have work on WH is the best. Post lots of pics. Here is one of mine after I finished
  12. Wheel Horse C-121 Restoration

    Hi All I installed my new 7374 belt yesterday with outstanding results. My new belt was delivered in a bag instead of a cardboard sleeve. I believe that the sleeve will cause the belt to take a set in the location of the radius and then transmit a slap to the guards of my Tractor. In the future I will try to buy belts ina bag
  13. Wheel Horse C-121 Restoration

    Hi All I installed a NAPA 5L820 Vee Belt on my tractor and it slaps how do I prevent this from happening, is there a difference in drive belt design that would cause this to occur?
  14. Wheel Horse C-121 Restoration

    My deck wheels are a product that my company produces for the experimental aircraft market