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  1. They are 9 1/2” I also need the ball for the inside and outside if you have that as well. Thank you,
  2. I made a boo boo yesterday on my ol horse! No worries though I have some parts on the way to make her all better again! Btw if anyone has any c120 tie rods let me know the price. Thank you!
  3. Tecumseh

    Why wont they run? I would buy one of the ignition module if one worked. I have a HH120, but have not really needed any parts for it. It does some a little and has a tiny knock.
  4. Tecumseh

    Did you ever figure out if anything on them worked?
  5. I finally got mine put back together and running! Did a little mowing and dragging at my deer camp this weekend! Ended up with a stripped double pulley and bearing on my deck!
  6. Parking paul/pall

    Yes it is locked up like I thought. I am going to do a little work on it this evening! It is a 1976 C-120 Auto with a 12hp tech. Thanks for the help! I didn't know what it was called!
  7. Brinly Slot Hitch Adapter

    is this still available?
  8. '76 C-120 Wiring Help

    sure it may take me a couple days but I can get it done. I believe there is a wiring diagram in mine.
  9. is the pulley on the parking lever suppose to turn with the belt?
  10. '76 C-120 Wiring Help

    I have a Owners Manual and Parts Manual for the C-120 automatic. If anyone needs one. 1976
  11. Dealer List

    I have all the original Paperwork and even a few letters the original owner wrote to the company to get a parts manual! I will post some pictures tonight when I get home! A lot of interesting things! A 2 star General bought the tractor new down in South Texas. Back then a parts manual was $1.00!
  12. New Wheel Horse Owner.

    So when my tactor idles down it tends to want to smoke really bad, but when i idle it up and start mowing it doesnt smoke any. Would that be a ring or valves?
  13. New Wheel Horse Owner.

    Ha yea!!! Now that I have one she needs one for me to ride around on.
  14. New Wheel Horse Owner.

    I would like a disc plow but I am not sure how to raise and lower it. I think I am going to buy a snow plow from him next weekend. I am going to ask if he has the linkage for raising and lowering implements in the rear. I have not had mine long and have been eyeballing a couple. I almost got one in Oklahoma the other weekend but it was a little too far for me to drive. I want another one for sure!!!