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  1. Looking for Pictures of ORIGINAL 953 Please

    Hello. Have these pictures from an original Norwegian brochure my grandfather got when he bought his 953 back in the 60`s. Hope this helps. Best regards , Christer
  2. Suburban dimension

    Hello. Never heard back from you Charlie, so I bought the Surburban from E-bay. Expensive, yes, but I just got to have one. I belive it`s called WH-fever Anyway, I have a question as well: Does anyone have a list over ball/needlebearings needed for a 953 transmission? sizes + number. would be of great help, more easy to order.If anyone can help me I`ll be grateful. In the same time here is a couple of pictures of the 1054 with a sweepster. Regards, Christer
  3. Suburban dimension

    Hello Charlie. (sorry for late respond, been on a modelairplaneshow this weekend) Have you found/seen a gutbrod 2500 for sale here in Norway?? I looked it up on the net now and could`t find any.(only other types) Found an old ad from 2009, where one was sold for 12000kr , thats about 1900$.They are pretty expensive. Regarding the suburban I must say I`m interested. Does it have a mowerdeck with it? As for engine I have a kohler 91 I bought last year, with a suburban in mind. How much for tractor and hood? And how much for shipping to Linden New Jersey? A picture of it would be real nice. Thank you for wanne offering me a WH,appreciate that! Thanks, Christer
  4. Suburban dimension

    Thank you for the dimensions Lord Hellmutt. I just couldn`t find them on the net. Yes charlie, I would like to have one sent over the pond, if I`m able to get one. there is one at E-bay now for 800$ . I have a shippingadress in Linden New Jersey, it`s a freightforwardadress. It`s 800 for tractor , maybe 200-300 for shipping us, and there is 370 for shipping to Norway. Thats about 1500$ total Have to think about that.........
  5. Suburban dimension

    Hello. Are there anyone who can give me the dimension for a suburban 400/550?? Need the height , Length , Width and weight. Thanks, Christer.
  6. 1054 pictures from Norway

    Hello everyone, and greetings from Norway! Just want to share some pictures of my 1054 tilling in the garden, and a few pics from last winter when the snowblower was in action. Summer has finally arrived here, so now it's just to enjoy beeing outside and use the Wheel Horse. Hope you enjoy the pictures. A good result the tiller is a RT367 if I remember correct A little modification to the idler/tensioner? had to be done since the tiller was not ment for the 1054. The snowblower works great, and is a lot of fun to use! Everytime it snowed outside this winter I would get a smile on my face, knowing there would be some Wheel horse seat-time!! There arn`t many Wheel Horses or equipment for sale here in norway, but I been lucky to get what I now own. So when looking at redsquare and see all the wheel horses some of you have, and reading how easy you get them...........I almoste want to amigrate, lol Also have a 953, snowblade and a sweepster. (post pictures later) Best regards Christer.
  7. 1054 tranny modification

    Thanks Charlie!! Now it gets a lot more easier for me to find one. Christer
  8. 1054 tranny modification

    Hello. My name is Christer,I`m from Norway and a proud owner of a 953 and a 1054. Been a member of RedSquare since aug 2009. A very good forum, helped me many times. This is my first message her on RedSquare(hope it comes out) Problem: differential house is broken on my 953, ( I didn`t see it before I got her home )because of worn out needlebearings. charlie write on his drawing that any differential out of a hydro or a unidrive will fit.(with 1 1/8 inch axle) So, will a differential out of a 520 hc fit?? (on sale on E-bay) Hard to find parts here overseas, only place to find parts are e-bay. Thanks, Christer.